Karun Chandhok, Lotus, Nurburgring, 2011

Missing home race will be “painful” – Chandhok

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In the round-up: Karun Chandhok describes his “huge disappointment” at missing his home race.


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Painful to watch race from sidelines: Chandhok (The Times of India)

“It will be painful to watch the race from the paddock. It is a huge disappointment.”

F1 trial: Gribkowsky ‘defused a bomb’ (Daily Telegraph)

“Although prosecutors are charging Mr Gribkowsky with receiving the bribe they are not charging Mr Ecclestone for paying it. Mr Ecclestone has admitted he gave the money to Mr Gribkowsky. He has denied that it was a ‘consultancy fee’, which is how Mr Gribkowsky has described it.”

Defence attacks ??one-sided? F1 bribery probe (FT, registration required)

“Two of Mr Ecclestone?s lawyers are also among the more than 40 witnesses due to give evidence at the trial, which is set to last almost three months. But defence lawyers said prosecutors should have interviewed and called other F1 personalities as witnesses, including Max Mosley, the former president of F1?s governing body; and Flavio Briatore, a former Benetton executive.”

This week’s real F1 action (Autocar)

“Seems difficult, on the face of it, to see how it could all have gone so catastrophically wrong. Or whether Gribkowsky was mad, bad or neither.”

India seeking road to redemption (The Times, subscription required)

Total Sports Asia managing director Suvrangsu Mukherjee: “This is about saying, ‘We have arrived, we?re on the map’. If you like, it?s a sort of redemption after the Commonwealth Games.”

India’s inaugural F1 race – speeding past the poor (Reuters)

“For critics, it is an example of skewed economic growth, an elitist event where even the cheapest tickets are unaffordable for most people and an event that has no roots among India’s 1.2 billion people.”

Formula 1 meets poverty (Joe Saward)

“F1 can do nothing about this sort of thing. F1 is in India to make money, but if in doing so it can contribute to a better life for all Indians then all well and good.”

Felipe?s Indian debut (Ferrari)

“This was not the only off-track activity planned for the two Scuderia Ferrari drivers. On Thursday morning, Fernando Alonso, in his role as a UNICEF ambassador, will visit a paediatric hospital in the Indian capital, bringing gifts for the children who are being treated there, to celebrate Diwali, the festival of light, which is one of the most important events in the Hindu religious calendar.”

Martin Brundle via Twitter

“[The Daily] Telegraph was wrong, I didn’t sign ??1m Sky contract today. Calmly working through it, will end up doing what satisfies me most professionally.”

FIA Institute selects 30 young drivers for academy shootout (F1)

“The shortlist is made up of young talent from 26 different countries, including competitors from Australia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Denmark, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, South Africa, UAE, UK and USA.”

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Comment of the day

Joel Holland on Karun Chandhok not getting to race in the Indian Grand Prix:

Maybe this is why Turkey never took off as a grand prix. Someone should have given Can Artam or Jason Tahincioglu a pity seat.
Joel Holland

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