Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Hamilton and Perez given grid penalties

2011 Indian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez have been handed grid penalties for the Indian Grand Prix.

Both drivers will be relegated three places on the grid for Sunday’s race.

The stewards judged both had failed to slow sufficiently when passing double waved yellow flags at the end of the first practice session.

The explanation for the two drivers’ penalties differed slightly. The stewards said Perez, “ignored double waved yellow flags at turn 16 whilst a car was being recovered in close proximity to the track.”

Hamilton’s penalty was for, “ignoring double waved yellow flags at Turn 16 whilst marshalls were in close proximity to the track.”

Both were deemed to have broken appendix H, article of the International Sporting Code. This says that under double waved yellow flags a driver must: “Reduce your speed significantly, do not overtake, and be prepared to change direction or stop. There is a hazard wholly or partly blocking the track and/or marshals working on or beside the track.”

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224 comments on “Hamilton and Perez given grid penalties”

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  1. @keith-collantine I will take that as a ‘YES, I am going to ignore the contradicting flags/lights and how dangerous it is to have marshals on the track when race control are not aware of it’

    its a bit of a cheap shot to pick up on the gramatical error of the session being re-started, I thought someone of your caliber would understand I clearly ment the session had been given the green light and would be more than capable of presenting a argument based on fact not cheap shots

    so…do you really think lewis choose to ignore the flag…or do you think its probable he didn’t see them as they were not clear and the yellow dashboard light had been turned off in error?

    1. I think you’ll find that @keithcollantine works.

    2. true

      breaking the rules is one thing

      not being aware of them due to poor marshalling is an entirely different matter all together

    3. It’s not a contradiction, for reasons I explained.

      Nor was my other remark intended as a “shot” of any kind, merely getting the facts right.

      The facts are Hamilton went past a yellow flag and did not slow down. Whatever was going on with other lights does not excuse that because it says in the rules (as quoted in the article) that when you see double waved yellow flags you must slow down “significantly”.

      You accuse the stewards of having it in for Hamilton, yet you seem not in the least bit interested in Perez getting a penalty for the exact same thing. That’s because it’s not the stewards who are preoccupied with Hamilton – it’s you.

      1. Whatever was going on with other lights does not excuse that because it says in the rules (as quoted in the article) that when you see double waved yellow flags you must slow down “significantly”.

        It was a single yellow (re-put out late and even later the double, he might have already past it by then, not 100% clear from the angle). Not excusing him though… and they have accepted it, Hamilton and Mclaren.

        See comment further down.

      2. but perez didn’t get a penalty for the same thing did he

        perez did his lap whilst the car was still on the track and the LIGHTS were still yellow. by the time lewis went by the lights were turned off

        if were getting personal I think your ignoring my point entierly, I have not even said lewis should not have a penalty, I am just trying to bring a little reason and logic into it and point out if what lewis did was dangerous the marshals are equally to blame but you are just ignoring this part of the argument for some strange reason

        if lewis was of the impression the session was running under double waved yellows he would not have done what he did, after all he has been accused of this before and proved through telemetry he had lifted. infact he had just drove around this very track under yellows for 10 mins and didn’t speed. this time he went flat out – therefore is it not right to assume or suspect or question whether he was aware of the situation or not

        if he was not aware of the situation…why was he not aware? had the lights on his dash been turned off as they were on the tv screen and the live timming screen as seen and said by the tv commentators?

        did the marshals leave the track then come back?

        did they radio the all clear to charlie? did they inform him they was going back on track?

        ALL i am saying is that there is more to this than meets the eye and it deserves some time exploring it

        as I said, race control not being aware of,failing to show yellow light is as big a safety concern as lewis driving past marshals flat out

        it appears from where I am that the stewards have ignored all this and chosen to give lewis a penalty, you would have thought they would have made some sort of reference to ithe light situation in their statement but they ddn’t – strange as it has already been broadcast over the tv just how controversial this decision was going to be and that could have cleared it up

        pre-occupied with lewis? rubbish…I just like to look at facts rather than jump in feet first with my personal opinion

        1. what I should have said is..

          there should not have have been marshals on the track without the yellow lights being on…it very very dangerous as this incident proved

          had the lights been on lewis would not have done it

          the marshals screwed up just as much as lewis and that should be taken into considoration…after all its not as if the flag was next to the track was it…it was some way off

        2. but perez didn’t get a penalty for the same thing did he

          Both got penalties for ignoring double waved yellow flags. As mentioned in the article, there’s a slight difference in the description of the circumstances. But the infraction was the same.

  2. Relax, everyone. Lewis will win the grand prix on Sunday. Unless, of course, the Stewards find him for – what will it be this time, having a picture of a dead musician on his helmet, who knows?

    1. Better than having the memory of a dead marshall

  3. I thought we will see a different Hamilton from Korean,hell no.I think the worst thing he did was he had his DRS wing open under yellow flag according to Steve Slater.

  4. In my opinion, if you break the rules, you break the rules. Especially if the safety of marshals is at risk.

    That said, I think that most peoples problem is that they think that all of Hamilton’s penalties have been done maliciously. No-one is saying that Hamilton did this, or any other penalty this season, deliberately. It was an accident which he takes responsibility for. Fair enough. I know, as an Alonso fan in Britain, that any penalty or argument against your favourite driver is taken very personally. But, at the same time, the plaudits for success are far greater. Hence “most complete driver”, “world’s fastest driver” as soon as either Alonso or Hamilton go on a run of 2 consecutive podiums! Take the rough with the smooth, I fancy Hamilton will qualify 4th and win on Sunday anyway.

    1. Doh, sorry I screwed that up, where is the edit button

      Single Yellow,


      Double yellow and green light

      Still a penalty though.

  5. Actually Keith, if you read the stewards rulings, it wasn’t ‘exactly the same thing’. The car was still being recovered when Perez passed.
    Not to say that Hamilton shouldn’t have the penalty – just that he was a little more unlucky than Perez (who certainly saw no green light).

    1. As I said in the article. Let’s not split hairs.

      1. who’s splitting hairs?

        come on @keithcollantine , if he didn’t see the flags and the lights were green, including the one on his dash and as @BBT pointed out with his amazing picture link


        there may have only been a single yellow flag any way

        surely you have to admit that the decision could atleast be border-line at best…and that that could be a reason for only a 3 place drop?

  6. Hamilton should be banned for at least 2 races. This is just plain stupid of him. He has to calm down. Please don’t give that “pure racing drivrer” bs.
    This is too much. Every second race he’s involved in incident. Most of were totally his fault.
    Stupid. Plain, clean and simple.
    And I like him ( as a driver) :)


  7. quick question: should we make our predictions for where they’ll end up PRIOR to the penalties or AFTER they receive them? It’s like to make a difference in Hamilton’s case.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gT-Mhtl-ZmI

    interesting…i’m sure he goes to say i d (idn’t see them) – then quickly changes to i used DRS under waved yellows

    accepts blame? sure – means it? i think not

    poor lewis toeing the line again…good on him

    1. If anybody who should have received a penalty it was Jenson, because he passed under double waved yellow flags, while Maldanado’s car was still on the hook, with workers by it’s side. When Lewis passed by in the same area in which he received his penalty, both Maldanado’s car and the workers are gone.


  9. I can’t believe some posters on here are complaining about Hamilton’s penalty and saying it was only practice so he should have been let off.

    If there were mitigating circumstances he wouldn’t have received any penalty or it would have been appealed, but Hamilton himself has accepted the penalty and said he was in the wrong and it was all his own fault.


    It doesn’t matter if it is free practice, qualifying or the race the cars are still going fast and if there are yellow flags it is for a good reason, it is one thing risking your own life but another thing entirely putting other people’s safety at risk.

    I am only surprised it was a three place grid penalty as they usually seem to be at least a five place penalty.

  10. Very clear cut. This is not about someone being out to get Lewis; this is all about the safety of the marshals, nothing more. Coming from a racing/instructing background, when you see a double yellow, you slow down significantly (think ~70% pace – give or take), regardless of whether it’s during practice, qualifying, or the race (a marshall can die just the same in any of those sessions). Further, it is the drivers responsibility to watch for the flags; even if the dash is reading “green”; a waiving flag (esp. combined with a marshal in close proximity to the track) takes precidence. I’ve heard many fellow drivers argue “they just didn’t see a flag” but that’s still no excuse; it doesn’t change the fact that the marshals werew in danger.

    Can we all please stop arguing now.

    1. @snobeck you are correct this is very serious

      is it not therefore of serious concern that

      a/ marshals were allowed on track whilst race control were not either aware of it or were failing to show the correct track conditions to drivers

      b/ the marshals were not showing the correct flags?


      seems like serious breaches of safety on the behalf of FIA…perhaps a penalty is called for…maybe a 50,000,000 fine no?

    2. I originally thought it was clear cut and that was my stance, but I hate it when people don’t look at the facts, I missed the end of FP2 so watched it later I also watched FP1 again when I noticed there were no yellow flags where the car was being recovered.

      As Hamilton approached suddenly a single yellow was half heartedly waved (he was almost on the marshal point when it appeared), when he was level (possibly passed) it became a more frantic double yellow, it is very likely that no driver could have seen that given Hamilton’s track position when it belatedly appeared. That people, is the facts (unless there were double yellows in the preceding corner, although I have reason the believe there were not any)

      It WAS NOT as clear cut as I originally thought, and anyone that says it was clear have not looked at the actual facts, technically he was 100% guilty, which is why they probably didn’t fight the penalty.

      Not clear cut, a failing (not for the first time in a GP being run for the first time) by the marshals and a failing by Hamilton to put himself in such a position. Nothing is won by a fastest lap in free practise, love him or hate him another silly mistake which ever way you look at it.

  11. How something as simple as this can get 187 comments is beyond me.

    Fanboys, accept it. Lewis is not god. Haters, come up with something new for a change, Hamilton wasn’t the only one to break the rules.

    This is the first F1 race after two motorsport deaths. We have been reminded of how much the first priority is to safety. The drivers probably made a mistake, but that’s not good enough anymore (if it was good enough ever). But what I think more than anything is needed is not just these penalties, but a proper look at how drivers are notified of dangers around the track because this keeps happening again and again and again and no amount of penalties ever seems to stop it. This is as much the responsibility of F1 as a whole, Race Control, the teams, etc. as it is to the offending drivers and the weak links must be properly found out.

    1. Iam surprised that a mistake by race control or the marshalls ( logic dictates that one of them were showing the wrong track condition ) only gets 180 something comments, perhaps if Perez hadnt got a penalty we would have all the `lets put He`s head on a stake and march around New Dehli` trolls

      1. I meant ditto to Icthyes

        1. lol, reminds me of race control, but seriously, this opens the can of worms of, if flags have precendence then whats the point of the lights, are they now expecting drivers to spot two different colour indication systems and then decide what to do in the blink of an eye. Hamilton drove through waved yellows and so a penalty is just. But why was the light system and He`s steering wheel showing green.

  12. It’s unfortunate that Lewis decided to accept blame, for a badly called penalty!!!

  13. http://bit.ly/uP2OwL
    Double yellow, and green light barely 50 metres up the road. Not the mention the warning lights on the wheel were gone.

    The FIA have f.cked up, and blamed the driver for it.

    1. Not to mention Vettel wasn’t even reprimanded when he took a shortcut in qualifying 2 weeks ago, despite the fact that the drivers were warned not to take that particular shortcut even when they had spun.

      Your consistency sucks FIA.

  14. Having watched the clip, it is very clear the stewards punished lewis unfairly. Yes drivers have to respect double yellow flags but when the track status is showing green which will obviously be showing in his cockpit as green. Looking at fact it was a right hand corner, it obvious that he would see the flashing green light than the yellow flag flashing at that angle. Race control has to take some responsibility here. This is not about a Hamilton fan trying to put up a defence but surely giving such conflicting singals is just poor. Race control would have been satisfied that the track condition is safe hence the return of the green status.

    1. For all intents and purposes the track was clear and the marshalls were waving double yellows for nothing it seems, cause i’m yet to see a pic or footage with marshalls on the track with Hamilton passing by (at his last lap).

      1. I did think at the time, where`s the marshals?, why was the green given 20ish seconds before the area, why is the marshal flag station the opposite side of the car recovery split barriers. To Me it looked like the Marshals were unsure of the situation, so you see a single then double flag waving as a car rounds the corner `just in case`.

        1. Something definitely doesn’t look right. The FIA needs to clear this up!

  15. Forget hams penalty, what abot Massa`s wibbly wobbly wing, puts the RBR boing boing wing to shame ;-)

  16. I have just watched the first practice highlights and I would like to know why Button wasn’t penalised for passing the HRT under yellow flag conditions?

    1. The car in front of Button slowed down to quickly for him to not overtake, but the laws the law?

      1. Doh `not to overtake`

        1. I must win the award for so many double negatives that dont make sense…….or do they?

  17. After seeing the videos posted on online it seems quite clear to me why the stewards gave Lewis a penalty and not one to Jenson.

    In the case with Jenson and Narain, they’d both slowed down significantly and when approaching to the corner after the incident Narain had backed off to left Jenson through – this can be established by looking at the speeds they were doing in that area and leading into the corner after the incident. It must’ve proved that both had backed off and obeyed the double waved yellows. Where the case exonerates Jenson is that Narain may have backed off to let him through.

    In Lewis’ case he failed to make any attempt to slow down and in fact had his DRS open. In one of the replays it looks as if he clocked a PB during that lap.

    The situation is that Lewis acted carelessly in double waved yellows and Jenson observed the rule by reducing his speed. Narain slowed down to let him through the next corner – and it could also be interpreted by Jenson that perhaps Narain slowed to enter the pits and gave him the right of way.

    Now whether or not you Lewis fans accept this explanation or not is another thing. As Keith said, all these conspiracies about the stewards having it in for Lewis is starting to get a bit boring. You’re losing any sort of credibility that you might already have by making comments like those.

  18. Hey Keith, you must be loving Hamilton. Lots of screw-ups, lots of posts, lots of clicks. Advertisers must be thrilled!

    1. Lewis is the Michael Jackson of F1, freaky. Train wreck you can’t help but want to watch.

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