David Coulthard, Red Bull, Circuit of the Americas, 2011

“Everything on schedule” in Austin, says Tilke

F1 Fanatic round-up

In the round-up: Circuit designer Hermann Tilke says press is being made at the Circuit of the Americas.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Hermann Tilke says construction of Austin circuit is on schedule (Autosport)

“We are working on it. There are a couple of hundred workers on the site, a lot of machines, and everything is on schedule up to now.”

Maya Inc worked for F1; now use the clout to build hospitals (FirstPost)

“Whereas the Commonwealth Games were organised by a vast army of politicians, bureaucrats and sports officials, Formula One was driven by a small team of management professionals.”

Martin Brundle

“As F1 commentator I’m so pleased Virgin are changing name next year, I have a mental red alert every time I mention their car in close action.”

Step Inside the Circuit India: Join Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button’s Indian adventure (YouTube)


Don Foster meets with BBC over F1 (Bath Liberal Democrats)

Quoting a letter from the BBC: “It is our understanding that other broadcasters had the opportunity to put forward their own proposals to Formula One Management (‘FOM’). However, as we explained, the decision to award the broadcast rights rested solely with FOM.”

Formula One Fantasy – HRT?s Daniel Ricciardo (F1)

“Q: What current Formula One regulation would you most like to change and why?
DR: I?d like to give my car a bit more horsepower! (laughs) Honestly I think we?re in a good era at the moment and the racing?s been exciting so I wouldn’t change much. I would like to see the field closer together though. That’s one thing which would make even better racing.”

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Comment of the day

It’s fair to say there hasn’t been many positive comments anticipating next week’s race so far, such as this from PJ:

The 2011 regulations didn?t make Valencia exciting, and I doubt they?ll liven up this place either.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Adam Dennehey, Amadis, and one other person…

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On this day in F1

On this day in 2008 the FIA announced it would improved stewarding in F1 by supplying more information about penalties given in races:

In a significant change the FIA will ensure all video evidence relating to controversial moments is made available to the public via its and FOM?s websites.

Three years later and, with one exception, it’s hard to think of many occasions where they’ve carried this out.

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  2. “As F1 commentator I’m so pleased Virgin are changing name next year, I have a mental red alert every time I mention their car in close action.”

    I’m disappointed we never got a risque slip of the tongue – “And Kovalainen takes the Virgin from behind!”

  3. Hang on, it’s Keith’s birthday?!
    Well you know what this means don’t you…?

    For many years now,
    From his lounge, not his attic.
    Keith Collantine
    Has run F1Fanatic.

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    Keith’s simply the best.

    1. Ok I’m not going to even attempt to compete with that! You speak for all of us Mag ;)

      Haaaaappy Birthdaaaay Keith!!! :-D May all your wishes, dreams, aspirations all come true. You deserve the best, this is just the start of your success! To many more!

      Happy Birthday to Adam and Amadis as well :)

    2. You’re just showing off now… Trying to score another COTD, huh?

      *puts on Marilyn Monroe dress*
      *gets the hairdryer from the cupboard*
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      Happy birthday to youuuu.
      Happy birthday to youuuu.
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      Happy birthday to… Youuu.

    3. Happy birthday, Adam, Adamis and Keith!

      Thank you, Keith, for all your hard work keeping F1 Fanatic working well and helping motorsport fans across the world to be better-informed.

      Well done, too, to Magnificent Geoffrey for a fantastic poem to celebrate.

      1. @Fer no.65 May be not as with Schumacher he doesn’t seem he cared,he will be one of those driver who won’t care what happens on the other side of the garage & secondly we still haven’t seen Nico in a good machine so we are still not sure that how much potential he have ( though I believe he is as good as Hamilton) but of me he will be better then Massa.

  4. “Everything on schedule” in Austin, says Tilke

    I think people are a little too quick to latch onto claims that anything related to Formula 1 in the United States is doomed to being an inglorious failure. And I’d say that most of this stems from the USF1 debacle, which is really rather unfair because USF1 was not actually run by any Americans.

      1. Fair play to them, they go to the expense of doing it. I suspect the FIA might be happy for them to do so also given that the car they used is a weird bastardised amalgamation of a few cars!

  5. Happy Birthday Keith! And to Adam Dennehey and Amandis!

    Keith you run a great site, do brilliant work and have a fine set of fellow fanatics – a special ‘hats off’ to @Magnificent-Geoffrey

    I hope you enjoy a good day today. Look up tonight and when the sky is lit with fireworks, count them to represent our greetings!

  6. Are the commentary box windows on schedule? ;)

    Talking of commentators, the Brazilian GP would be a fitting occasion to get all the best Virgin jokes in, on air. Last chance, and what are the BBC gonna do, fire him?!

    Happy birthday boss, and Adam and Amadis too. Have a good ‘un!

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