Bernie Ecclestone, Singapore, 2010

UK government to review Ecclestone payment

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In the round-up: HM Revenue and Customs query Ecclestone’s payment to Gerhard Gribkowsky.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

HMRC to review Ecclestone?s ??27m payment (Daily Telegraph)

“The Attorney General?s Office and HM Revenue & Customs are understood to want to look at multi-million pound payments made by the Formula 1 chief executive to German investment banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.”

The BBC, two free Wimbledon tickets and F1 tycoon Bernie Ecclestone (Daily Mail)

“Mr Ecclestone ?ǣ who is worth about ??2??billion ?ǣ was given the tickets just two weeks before the Corporation struck a deal with the tycoon to share screening arrangements for Formula 1 with Sky.”

Indian Grand Prix video edit

Video review of the Indian Grand Prix.

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Comment of the day

Several people remarked on how long some F1 Fanatics had been following the sport for. Yesterday’s data revealed a number who’d started keeping track of F1 in the fifties.

One of our more experienced readers is Rob Godby and I believe this was his first ever comment on the site yesterday:

Sheesh, I feel old looking at that “What year…” graphic. Heck I feel old every time Vettel talks about his karting and meeting Schumacher.

The current crop of drivers and very close championships in past few years though makes me not doubt that the sport has attracted lots of new fans. And it’s nice to see passing again, regardless of how it’s getting done.
Rob Godby

From the forum

matthewf1 asks Should Webber retire at the end of this year?

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On this day in F1

Nico Hulkenberg claimed a remarkable pole position in qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix on this day last year.

Just as incredibly, he was dropped from their driver line-up for 2011. But Hulkenberg is being tipped for a race return with Force India next year.