Argentina building F1-standard circuit

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In the round-up: A new, F1-standard circuit is being built in Argentina.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Argentina could return to F1 calendar (Reuters)

“Friday marked a ground-breaking ceremony of the 4.7 km Velociudad Speedcity circuit in Zarate, 100 km from the capital, which designers Populous said will be capable of returning F1 to the South American country.”

Rousing applause for Montezemolo “The best present I could get” (Ferrari)

Luca di Montezemolo: “What I like about our drivers is their ability to work with the team: I knew that about Felipe [Massa] and it was a pleasant surprise to find out the same applied to Fernando [Alonso]. I don?t like drivers who turn up at the track with their briefcase and do not share in the daily life of the team: they are not Ferrari people.”

Paul di Resta can Force India (Daily Telegraph)

Anthony Hamilton: “As far as the mid-ranking teams are concerned, Paul and Nico [Hulkenberg] is probably the most exciting driver pairing out there. They?re both great kids ?ǣ young, fresh, exciting ?ǣ and I reckon they will push each other hard next year.”

Interview with Luis Perez-Sala (HRT)

“In the short term the main objective is to consolidate the project. Create a strong team in Spain that works, with the technical area in Munich. And of course to have the 2012 car ready for the start of the season to be able to take part in the first race and all the pre-season tests that we can. In the medium term we intend to improve the car and get closer to our rivals than last year.”

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Comment of the day

Wonderduck is not impressed by Bernie Ecclestone’s negative view on the United States Grand Prix:

Hey, Bernie, a word of advice from one of the hundreds of thousands of US F1 fans: Shut up. We?re ready and willing to give you our money once the sport gets here, but you?re making it perfectly clear that you don?t want us or our dollars.

Give us a chance. We?ve shown that we can blow attendance records out of the water before. F1 fans here in the US understand the sport at least as well as fans from Britain, France, Germany and Abu Dhabi. We even understand that race cars can turn right, too.

Will F1 ever be as popular as NASCAR here in the US? No, probably not, but the fans that exist now are exactly the type you want a sport to have: hard-core die-hards?? the type who?ll wake up at five in the morning to watch a race on a Sunday.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Julio MV!

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to John Booth of Virgin, soon to be Marussia, who is 57 today.

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58 comments on Argentina building F1-standard circuit

  1. I hope Argentina secures a place on the calendar, South America should have a second race in my opinion.

  2. Anonym said on 19th December 2011, 3:13

    The track in the picture is OUTDATED!
    I don’t understand why the media picks a random image and just displays it like that.

    Anyway the current layout of the actual track can be found on their facebook page:

    And FYI it’s not being built for F1 only, it’s built so F1 CAN use it when and if they come. Other than that it’s aiming to host all kinds of categories, train young drivers, and have a club for motorheads who need a safe exclusive track to use in a safe part of the city…

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