Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004

Caption competition 1: Jenson Button

Caption competitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004
Jenson Button, Autosport International, 2004

Having previously noticed the popularity of the caption competition thread in the forum I decided it was time to give the idea a slot of its own on the website.

And as today sees first public day at Autosport International I thought we should start things off with an earlier picture from the show.

Here’s Jenson Button at the opening of the 2004 event.

What use could the then-BAR driver find for a massive pair of novelty scissors?

Add your comedy caption in the comments and look out for the best in a future Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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  • 171 comments on “Caption competition 1: Jenson Button”

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    1. “Who needs Brawn? I’ve got Scissors”

      1. haha, good one!

    2. “Now where do i find those Red Bull electronics again. Muuwaaahaaaa!!”

    3. Don’t race with scissors. :)

      1. Wow, that sounded stupid.

        1. @Nixon I appreciated many of them, but this one actually made me laugh out loud! D:

    4. REDBULL, Here I come!

    5. ” Jenson Button Finally Gets a Hair Cut “

    6. Jenson proves he can cut it in formula 1

      1. Thumbs up for that one.

      2. A bit of a cliche, but I like it @mcnutt

      3. Not bad!

    7. ‘now wheres that williams contract’

    8. ” A cut above the rest… Will Jenson Button ever trim the bum fluff? “

    9. Jenson is the new member of Cutting Crew and has released a remix of Died in your arms.. It is called ‘I Drove with my arms tonight’

    10. Driving a BAR Honda or using these to trim my goatee, it’s all the same to me!

      Maybe I’ll have more luck with a Braun?

      1. “I’d be better off with a Braûn” – Winner

    11. Jenson takes desperate measures to ensure that he gets the lead role in the upcoming head & shoulders advert.

    12. “Where is Vettels nr.1 finger?”
      “I have a pair of scissors in my cockpit, someone left scissors in my cockpit. What should I do? Throw it away or come in?”
      “Let’s trim Alonsos eyebrows”

      1. “Let’s start corner cutting”

      2. “Are these the scissors that were made to tailor Eddie Jordans shirts?”
        “BAR, could these scissors be an inspiration for improving our aerodynamics of our car?”
        “This is our top secret steering wheel grip strength exercise”
        “My driving style has become smoother from doing this exercise”

      3. I second your “Let’s trim Alonso’s eyebrows”…rightly so, he has some crazy ones!

      4. “Let’s cut to the chase with this interview/press conference”

    13. Lewis, I hear Eddie designed you some clothes, just send them this way and I’ll sort them out…..

    14. Jenson’s past may shed light on the mystery behind Vettel’s punctures

    15. After having to cut the chicane to pass him, Jenson saw the irony in his Birthday present from Felipe.

    16. Any way you slice it, I’ll stay at BAR!

    17. Jenson Button has an unfortunate tell in this year’s paddock-wide rock-paper-scissors contest.

      1. oops, probably should have read all the posts rather than just the first page. Mine is along similar lines, but I feel yours is better anyway

    18. “OK, so, Jenson can cut faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message?”

    19. Jenson to his engineer: I’m struggling with massive scissors

      1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
        14th January 2012, 12:19

        LOL! :D

    20. Its not only TV that can make cuts to F1.

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