Caterham CT01

Caterham CT01 images revealed early

2012 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

The first pictures of the Caterham CT01 have appeared ahead of its official publication tomorrow.

Images taken from the current issue of F1 Racing have been posted online.

Caterham later issued an official image of the new car. The CT01’s distinctive stepped nose is a consequence of new rules aimed at lowering the noses of the cars.

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235 comments on “Caterham CT01 images revealed early”

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  1. this is a sad day in F1..

    out of the ‘bottom field’ teams lotus/caterham have always been my favourite. their 1st car was a bit of a Bathtub but last years was one of the best looking on the grid.. an now. i cant even begin to put into words how ugly the front end of this car is BUT.. if its what it takes to get them into the mid-field then GO CATERHAM!! ..even if you are a little bit ugly

    1. It’s not like they really thought out of the box. In fact, this is exactly what the 2012 rules regarding the nose say, taken very literally.

  2. I got used to the W02 quite quickly, so imagine I’ll get used to this. It’s only the suspension points that make it bulge.


    Looks horrible but I guess if its closer to the front the team will think its a stunner.

    I was hoping they’d change the livery a bit to move on from the whole Lotus fiasco and create a new identity under the Caterham name. The same livery but with yellow sidepods, something like that….

  4. Looking at those pictures, it seems to make the regulation to make noses safer by lowering them useless. I say this because the nose is so sharp now that it could possibly pierce another cars monocoque or alternatively a crash barrier/tyre barrier.

    If the FIA want safety, then just ban raised noses full stop.

    1. The noses are designed to act as buffer zone’s when they hit anything solid, while the sides of the cockpit are designed to resist objects from entering in a sideways impact @karl, making such a scenario highly ulikely.

    2. The nose will have no capacity to penetrate the cockpit. It would simply crumple.

  5. Lets all hope that this is the only ugly car and it will stay at the back of the grid and off our screens

  6. You wouldn’t want to watch F1 with HD if all the cars are as ugly as this! Could be bad news for Sky…

  7. It’s not exactly going to win any beauty contests, but there have been some uglier designs in F1 before… those crazy BMW Sauber F1.06 vertical winglets, the Williams FW26 “Walrus” and let’s not forget the “coffee table” and “tea tray” designs of the late ’70s and early ’80s.

    The real shocker is that it looks like the nose was drawn by an Etch-a-Sketch instead of the 3D CAD software package which was actually used…

  8. Janni (@motorsportjohn)
    25th January 2012, 13:27

    Looks like it’s been designed by Jeremy Clarkson… With a hammer :-)

    1. A non-f1 follower coworker thought it was inspired by the Fiat Multipla :)

      1. Janni (@motorsportjohn)
        25th January 2012, 13:53

        Non-f1 follower, or caterham f1 designer? The uggliest car ever, coincidence that they look alike?

    2. More Top Gear fans eh? :) Sweeeeeeeet!

  9. If all the cars, are going to look like this, this year,then I’m glad I can only watch 10 races this year, I think I’ll retire my F1 watching career, and sign a contract to go to Indycars.

  10. The only thing i like about this is that called it a “platypus-style nose”… Aussie pride!!

    They also say it is expected to become common-place, i sincerly hope it doesnt :/

  11. The design might be ugly, but at least it’s got everyone talking about the car. Lots of free publicity and hype for Caterham.

    Maybe they will make use forget about the nose when they announce Petrov as replacement for Trulli tomorrow…

  12. Where are the exhausts?

    1. I like the back end of it. Looks like a mini RB7, though with the same engine and gearbox it seems logical to use the same philosophy for the rear bodywork.
      Oh and the font. It looks quite good actually. Very sharp and fast.
      No really it doesn’t.
      It looks like this:
      The Caterham apparently just stopped a bit faster then the Seat, but other then that its exactly the same.

      1. oh wait what happened there? It wasn’t meant as a reply to anyone…

  13. I usually like the new designs and approaches year on year in Formula 1. Like in 2009, a lot of people thought that the new designs were ugly, but I loved them.

    This, however, I’m not sure I could grow to love that. Although, at the same time, I do like it when different teams have different designs. For example, the skinny-nosed RB5 compared to the Brawn, and the 2011 McLaren sidepods. So I hope some teams have gone for some innovative new designs :D

    1. And just to add to that, I thought the 2010 (Lotus as it was then) wasn’t very good looking, as it was quite boxy. The 2011 one, however, was very sleek and the first pictures I saw of that were fantastic.

      But it seems that this years is worse than the 2010 car (from the front at least). I at least hope it’s quick.

  14. So thats what Luca di Montezemolo meant when he said this years Ferrari is no looker!

  15. Is it too late for them to trademark the name “Gatorham?”

    1. It DOES look a bit like a crocodile from the side, maybe the Caterham team can have some fun putting teeth and eye decals on the car.

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  17. I’ll repeat the comment I made on

    I really hate the “step” between the cockpit and the nose. I’ve never seen such an ugly nose, and there have been cars with low noses. Obviously the regulations leave little room, and that means they’re done badly.
    The rest of the car is very nice-looking, and I usually don’t like new cars when they are presented because they’re so different to their predecessors.
    The airbox looks strange, as it’s nearly identical in appearance to HRT’s one from 2010 and 2011.

  18. Apparently this is the result of the new regulations.

    Way to go Failure International Automobile.

    1. Dont really see how its the FIA’s fault that Caterham have designed an ugly car. Yes they’ve banned high noses, but they dont dictate that cars have to have that “step”… Caterham could of just designed a lower nose if they were worried about winning a beauty contest. But as theyre not taking part in Britians next top model, they’ve gone for what they think is the most aerodynamically effiecient solution.

      1. Actually I think you said it yourself.
        Caterham did what was the most aerodynamically efficient solution because that is what it is about.
        If the fastest way around a track was to design a car that looked like a fiat multipla just fatter and with square and orange tyres, all that with a woolen tail hanging after it they would all do that.
        The FIA is both responsible for the quality of the racing and the looks of the cars. The teams are responsible of making the fastest car they can, whether it is pretty or not isn’t important to them.

        1. Exactly! :D

  19. Beauty is relative here its the air flow and they’ve gone for simple solution with front end design. They maintained the space under the nosecone to allow air flow towards splitter. The rest of the car looks fine and particulary sidepods look good in that respect. The Rb components had influence on their design. The stop watch will show how good the car is.

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