Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Ferrari F2012 launch, 2012

Caption competition 4: Ferrari F2012

Caption competitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Ferrari F2012 launch, 2012
Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Ferrari F2012 launch, 2012

What do Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa really make of the new Ferrari?

It’s over to you to decide what Alonso and Massa had to say as they pulled back the covers on the new Ferrari F2012 yesterday. Supply your captions in the comments.

Remember to look out for a selection of the best in tomorrow’s Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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283 comments on “Caption competition 4: Ferrari F2012”

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  1. “Well, I can’t wait to get inside the car so I don’t see that nose anymore”

  2. Fernando this is not one of your better majic tricks, every time we take the cover off it still looks the same!

    1. Haha :D I definitely like this one!

  3. ooohSH..! I somebody’s been dogging on it! look what they’ve done to the nose!

  4. “What the….. DIBS ON THE OTHER ONE!!”

  5. The philosophy of this year’s Ferrari is to provide the drivers with a dinner table, ironing board and a toilet, all in the platypus-stile nose.

  6. “I callled mine Ducky McQuack, how about you, Felipe?”

  7. matthewf1 (@)
    4th February 2012, 15:17

    ‘Nope, the new car’s not under here’

  8. matthewf1 (@)
    4th February 2012, 15:21

    ‘My dog has no nose’
    ‘How does he smell?’

  9. The platypus’ union has already announced that it will sue Scuderia Ferrari for damages to the prestigious image of the animal.

  10. Alonso: “Wonder what Seb would call to this one…”

    1. matthewf1 (@)
      4th February 2012, 16:48

      Alain’s ugly sister?

  11. “Pay me my tenner Felipe – I told you a new nose can’t be attached while wearing a blindfold”

  12. Felipe “20 pound!”, Fernando “i see it”, Felipe “I seen it first”, Fernando “Luca :'(:'(“

  13. “Felipe, I thought I’d told you not to sit on the nose of the car while they were modelling it!”

  14. “Ah, yesss! This one is yours, Felipe, mine’s not quite ready yet”.

    1. haha, awesome :D

  15. Massa: “Maybe I should’ve left Ferrari last year, after all.”

  16. No, no, no, Fernando please, you must take this one. After all you are the number one driver.

  17. Felippe: “The new Jean Todt nose is brilliant!”
    Fernando: “now the FIA will always have our back, or should I say our nose?”

  18. “That Tombazis… I never liked the guy.”

  19. “Felipe, keep this cloth after we unveiled the car, it may be useful again.”

  20. Come on Felipe, lets cover it up again. We’ve seen enough.

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