Ayrton Senna, Toleman, 1984

Senna wins two BAFTA awards

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Ayrton Senna, Toleman, 1984
Ayrton Senna, Toleman, 1984

In the round-up: Senna wins BAFTA awards for Best Documentary and Editing.


BAFTA Film Awards Winners and Nominations in 2012 (BAFTA)

Senna won two BAFTAs and was nominated in the Outstanding British Film category. Read F1 Fanatic’s nine-part series on The Making of Senna here:

Webber again plays down retirement talk (ESPN)

“I’ve been through enough on and off the track to know that nothing is forever. I was supposed to be replaced by Kimi [Raikkonen] four years ago.”

Kobayashi ‘happy’ with start (Sky)

“If I look at the whole picture I am happy with the first test. For sure we have found the right direction to go in.”

Sale rumours hit morale at Lotus (FT, registration required)

“Lotus Cars and its Malaysian owner Proton have dismissed speculation that the glamorous, but long-underperforming, UK sports car brand is about to change hands.”

The uncertain future of the Nurburgring (Autosport, subscription required)

“One scenario has both parties signing provisional contracts; another has each cutting their own deal with Ecclestone ?ǣ financial suicide that would be, as anyone who has negotiated with Ecclestone can attest, but where desperate folk are involved all rational thinking goes out the window ?ǣ but one thing is certain: Hockenheim will not shoulder the burden, and plans to stick resolutely to its (already loss-making) contract.”

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Comment of the day

As one F1 film scoops a pair of awards, Steve Lambert’s been to see where the next one is being filmed:

Just returned from the part built pits set at Blackbush, Hampshire. I was luckily able to see Hunt and Lauda race at Kyalami in ’76! Needless to say, can’t wait to see a film about these two heroes.
Steve Lambert

From the forum

Lots of people were planning race trips last weekend – join in the discussion here:

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On this day in F1

Toro Rosso revealed their second F1 car – the STR2 – on this day in 2007.

Vitantonio Liuzzi and Scott Speed started the season as the team’s drivers. But by the end of the year Speed was out and Sebastian Vettel was in.