Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher, Mercedes W03 launch, Barcelona, 2012

Caption Competition 8: Schumacher and Rosberg

Caption competitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher, Mercedes W03 launch, Barcelona, 2012
Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher, Mercedes W03 launch, Barcelona, 2012

Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg are the stars of this week’s Caption Competition.

What did Mercedes’ two stars have to say to each other at the launch of their new F1 car?

It’s up to you to figure it out. Post your best suggestions in the comments.

As usual a selection of the best suggestions will appear in Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

The picture above is one of many great shots taken for us by Jamey Price in F1 testing at the Circuit de Catalunya last week. See more of Jamey’s excellent photographs here:

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  1. Schumacher: “You see that pile of used tiers behind me?”
    Rosberg: “damn, it’s that bad huh?”

  2. Schu: This is my year punk.
    Ros: We will see about that old man.

  3. Or the alternative “caption”

    Schumacher: Hey …nico

    Nico: Hey

    Schumacher: So…….Hows things


    Nico: They are acceptable..for shure

    Schumacher: For Shure

    Nico: For Shure

    Schumacher:……………erm……..(humms a bit)…weather is ….erm…ok today….

    Nico: yes…it is

    Schumacher: Did you find a car parking space this morning……becau….

    Nico: …..Yes I did..

    Schumacher: Oh…becau

    Nico: It was very easy to find one

    Schumacher: oh…..I see…..I could not really find one …so I had to park in a disabled bay…..

    Nico: Oh

    Schumacher: You wont tell Frank will you….

    Nico: I don’t think I will…..

    Schumacher:Great, good, good…if he does ask…just say it was Barrichello

    Nico: For sure

    Schumacher: For sure….superduper…..For shure….

    Nico: For Shure

    Schumacher: For Shure

    Nico: For Shure…..

    Schumacher: So anyway…… I better….erm….get going……

    Nico: For Shure

    Schumacher: For Shure

  4. Nico: Bring it on oldman!!!

  5. now lets never speak of what happened last night again, to anyone, EVER.

  6. MSC: “So.. How many wins was it you had again..?”

  7. Rosberg: I’ve been waiting for you Schu-Mach-Er, we meet again at last. When I left you I was but the learner. Now I am the master (or I will be as long as I can get that elusive win)

  8. MSC: “My records will last a thousand years!”

    NR: “Ja Reich!”

  9. See any spare tires down your end?

  10. Did you see that Comedian on the TV last night he was really funny.

    Yes I liked the one that that began … Hey you with the broken nose.

    Yeh – not quite so funny now is it … No.

  11. Nico: “Are you talking to me?”

  12. Schu – So you’ve got the same machinery, the same choices and the same chances as me have you? we’ll see.

    Nico – Yeh just like they have in the Red Bull team

    Schu – (Mumbles) You got the same as Webber all-right, he’s got the same overalls as Vettle, an you got the same overalls as me!.

  13. NR: How is to get a girl and get married Michael?
    Schu : Win a GP and you’ll find out!
    NR: How is to be a GP’s winner Michael?
    Schu: Get a girl, get married and you’ll find out!

  14. Mark from Toronto
    4th March 2012, 5:12

    You know Norbert promised me all the new parts first….

  15. N: When did you say you are leaving…?
    M: I didn’t.

  16. Nico: “Thats the seventh time you have called me Britney this morning. It isn’t funny anymore.”

  17. Nico : Did you eat my chips?
    Schumacher : You left them on my side of the garage.

  18. Shumi(smiling like a kid): What! Why did Norbert and Ross sit on the front end of the car when they were watching Seinfeld re-runs in the garage? Look at it now!

    Nico(holding back laugh): That’s not funny!

  19. MS: “Fancy going back to Williams Britney, I see they are sponsored by a shampoo company now.”

  20. Slackbladder
    4th March 2012, 8:57

    “Who’s your Daddy…..Punk?”

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