Bahrain International Circuit, 2004

Hill: Racing in Bahrain ‘Could create more problems than it solves’

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Bahrain International Circuit, 2004In the round-up: Damon Hill raises concerns over F1 racing in Bahrain.


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Damon Hill voices fresh concern over staging Bahrain Grand Prix (The Guardian)

“It would be a bad state of affairs, and bad for Formula One, to be seen to be enforcing martial law in order to hold the race. That is not what this sport should be about. Looking at it today you’d have to say that [the race] could be creating more problems than it’s solving.”

Vettel does not regret Karthikeyan outburst (The Telegraph)

“Sometimes you let some emotion show, and I don’t think someone should be ashamed about that.”

Mark Webber on F1’s balancing act (BBC)

“There are one or two guys on the grid who are slightly freer spirits, though – Jenson Button, for example, likes being in Japan and Hawaii so he uses the opportunity of the long-haul races to go out there when he can.”

Romain Grosjean: “I hope we can achieve the good result we are capable of” (Lotus)

“The first two races were tough and we didn?t get a result. On the other hand I know that we can do some great things in the future races. My season starts properly in China.”

Williams via Twitter

“With Frank’s 70th birthday fast approaching (16th April) we are giving our fans the opportunity to send in their birthday messages! Tell us your favourite Williams memory, why Frank is an inspiration to you or simply say happy birthday! Email:

Sergio Perez introduces his F1 team (F1 Fanatic via YouTube)

Comment of the day

Plutoniumhunter on Ferrari’s bizarre rear wing from 30 years ago:

If that was what Mercedes? new wing looked like, I?d have no qualms about Red Bull?s complaints at all.


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On this day in F1

Nigel Mansell extended his advantage in the 1992 drivers’ championship with his third win out of three in Brazil.

McLaren brought forward the introduction of their new car in a bid to halt Williams’ dominant start to the season but it was no use: Ayrton Senna and Gerhard Berger were out within 17 laps.

Riccardo Patrese completed a Williams one-two ahead of Michael Schumacher, whose battle with Senna in the early stages can be seen in this video:

Image ?? Bryn Williams/Crash.Net