Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Barcelona, 2012

Maldonado: Now drivers can make a difference in F1

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Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Barcelona, 2012In the round-up: Pastor Maldonado says F1 is more like GP2 this year and the driver can make more of a difference.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

I was so scared for my team, says Maldonado (Reuters)

“The season is unpredictable. I think it is more competitive… it has become like a GP2 championship. It becomes very strong, the drivers can make the difference… it’s a bit boring when you see only one car winning.”

Venezuela: racing for the revolution (FT, registration required)

“Although his remarkable victory ?ǣ a first for a Venezuelan ?ǣ is being celebrated by Venezuelans of all stripes, many have questioned why a government which professes to protect the interests of the poor doesn?t spend the money on the likes of hospitals and schools instead.”

Pastor Maldonado defends F1 funding from Venezuela (The Guardian)

“I’m not worried because the whole of the country is happy because of the result, especially because it has come quite soon. From now most of the people are looking forward to Formula One, which is popular in Venezuela.”

A motley crew (F1 Rejects)

“Only one driver was, comparatively speaking, at the beginning of his single-seater journey. He was a 19 year-old Venezuelan driver called Pastor Maldonado who had only had two years in Formula Renault since graduating from karts, but who had won the Italian championship in 2004.”

McLaren pace concerns Jenson Button more than mistakes (The Independent)

“The most important thing is to understand why I didn’t have any pace over the weekend on low and high fuel.”

Raikkonen downplays impact of tyres (Autosport)

“Previously the pit stops were made usually after every 20 laps, while we had less fuel. I think it would have been the same situation with Michelins and Bridgestones if we would have this much fuel as we have now. These tyres are good in qualifying: they have a good grip and all in all they are good tyres.”

Formula One revving up for listing in two weeks? time (City A.M.)

“Formula One?s eagerly anticipated ??6bn flotation in Singapore will take place earlier than expected within the next two to three weeks, City A.M. understands.”

Derek Daly via Twitter

“First pic of Conor Daly testing Sahara Force India F1 car – data aero mapping session in England

Monaco Grand Prix (Caterham)

Tony Fernandes: “Since the team returned to base I have received a very gracious communication from Jean Todt, thanking our boys for helping put the fire out on Sunday. The actions of the Williams team, people from our team and everyone else who helped out, stopped the situation escalating and it makes me incredibly proud to be part of a sport that shows such bravery and spirit.”

#70 The Flying Lap: Spanish GP debrief (The Flying Lap via YouTube)

The best of Williams (MotorSport)

“After a Schumacher splash ?n? dash, however, it was the same old story: the German closing relentlessly on another win ?ǣ until Hill conjured a second on the last lap to win by 3.4.”

Circuit of the Americas construction update May 17, 2012 (Facebook)

“A aerial view of the circuit. Photo taken May 4.”

x2 Monaco Grand Prix Practice Grandstand 99p All proceeds go to Charity (eBay)

“Due to a very sad family loss we no longer have a use for these tickets. They are for Thursday practice (FP1 and FP2) on May 24th. They are for stand K which is the large stand facing out looking over the harbour. 99p start as the tickets going to use and being enjoyed is the most important thing for us.”

EIE12 Keynote Speaker ?ǣ Sir Jackie Stewart (Rookie Oven)

“For me, as a massive fan of F1 fan, it was fantastic to be in the audience but aside from the amazing motorsport career Sir Jackie is a fantastic businessman, patriotic Scot and international icon. Not bad for a guy classed as ??thick?, wouldn?t you agree?”

Breakfast with Seb! (Replay Motorsport)

“Breakfast with the Monaco pole sitter, winner and world champion. It’s something I’ll never forget and cannot believe just how lucky I was!”

Comment of the day

Chris Goldsmith has an interesting choice of driver to partner Fernando Alonso at Ferrari:

I’ve voted Heikki Kovalainen. I?d say Perez, but in my opinion it’s too soon for him as he?s still making some mistakes. He needs to earn his apprenticeship in a lower team where he can improve his driving before the spotlight of being a top team is turned on him.

I?d love to see Kubica back, but who knows if he?s going to be fit, and he hasn?t driven a wheel in anger in two years now. With the best will in the world, it?s not a chance I would be taking, personally.

Heikki, while not immediately an obvious choice, has really shown some promise while driving for ‘Loterham’. He?s consistently outperformed his team mates, and shown a really solid consistency. He?s also managed to put in great performances despite not being in a good car, in a manner frankly not that unlike Alonso himself. If he?s able to show that level of motivation driving a car which has no hope of driving for points, imagine what he might be able to achieve in a car which could fight for wins.

It’d make or break him one way or the other, but I think he?s driving much better than he ever did for McLaren or Renault, and deserves to get a chance at the sharp end of the grid. Let?s face it, out of the options available, he?s one of the few proven race winners.
Chris Goldsmith

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On this day in F1

Ferrari driver Piero Taruffi scored his only world championship win in the Swiss Grand Prix at Bremgarten 60 years ago today.

His team mate Alberto Ascari missed the opening round of the championship as he was competing in the Indianapolis 500, which also counted towards the title.

Swiss driver Rudi Fischer was second in another Ferrari ahead of Jean Behra for Gordini.

Image ?? Williams/LAT