Kubica unhurt in latest rally crash

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In the round-up: Robert Kubica has another rally crash but escapes injury.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Still regaining strength from 2011 accident, former F1 driver Kubica unscathed in rally crash (Washington Post)

“The Pole drove his Subaru off the road and into the trees during the San Martino di Castrozza Rally on Saturday, but organizers say Kubica and navigator Jakub Gerber escaped injury.”

McLaren line up Sauber’s Perez to replace Hamilton as contract talks hit crisis point (Daily Mail)

“McLaren’s approach to the 22-year-old Sauber driver is an indication the team are growing impatient with the negotiating strategy of Hamilton’s management, XIX Entertainment.”

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa hopes for good news soon (AGI.it)

“News about my future? I have no news yet, but results help, and I think that it won’t take long before I do.”

Frustration! (Toro Rosso)

“I was running tenth on the last lap and in line to score a point but we didn?t quite make it to the line. We had a fuel pressure problem. That?s been misreported in a few places as meaning we ran out of fuel but that wasn?t the case. There was a failure somewhere in the system, and when I gassed it out of the final corner on the last lap, nothing happened.”

Why 2014 rules make F1 more relevant (Autosport, subscription required)

Shell technology manager for Ferrari Dr Cara Tredget: “It’s generally really exciting ?ǣ you’ve got all these engineers that have had such a fixed design with minimal change for a long time; now we’ve got this freedom to actually create something new. What’s quite exciting for us is to be there from the very first stages.”


Comment of the day

F1 Fanatic Live will be starting up shortly for the IndyCar season finale, so here’s a final thought on this year’s championship from MatK77 (@bluestar77)

I’ve also noticed a change in Will Power’s demeanour over the last half of the season.

He’s always been incredibly quick and talented, but it?s never come together for him and his career was almost derailed during the death throes of the IRL/Champ Car fight. He was always softly spoken and laid back, but I think the strain of being the almost-man is beginning to weigh on him, especially now that another championship could potentially slip away when it looked like it was his for the taking. He?s had a hard look in his eyes for months, and unfortunately he?s sounding out his frustrations within range of a microphone a little too often.

I like the guy though. An American champion would do wonders for the health of the series, but Power has had the performances this year to deserve the title and I?ll bet he?ll relax once he?s finally got the monkey off his back.

I?m looking forward to a safe, exciting battle to decide it all!
MatK77 (@bluestar77)

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Jo??o Pedro CQ, handcart and F1 Badger’s Adam Milleneuve!

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On this day in F1

Fifty years ago today Formula 1 returned to Monza one year on from the horror crash of 1961.

BRM were the class of the field and Graham Hill won by almost half a minute from team mate Richie Ginther. Jim Clark retired with gearbox problems early on.

Bruce McLaren kept Willy Mairesse’s Ferrari off the podium by four tenths of a second. Having endured a dreadful season, the Italian team chose not to participate in the final two rounds of the championship.

Here are some highlights from the race: