Perez ‘not paying for McLaren seat’ – manager

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Sergio Perez, Sauber, Singapore, 2012In the round-up: Sergio Perez’s manager says he his not paying for his drive at McLaren.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Perez Not Bringing Money To McLaren, Says Manager Fernandez (Speed)

Adrian Fernandez (Sergio Perez’s manager): “Sergio is an unbelievable driver and he has earned his place at McLaren. He is not bringing money to the team. He has been hired to race. His performances earned him this position, and that made my job easier because people were interested in him.”

Hamilton has full faith in brains of Brawn (The Telegraph)

Ross Brawn: “The changes we have made in the last two years will be measured in 2013. Geoff Willis, Aldo Costa, Mike Elliott, our new head of aero. I?m very excited about Mike. He?s a really strong guy. That has to show through in 2013 and I am pretty optimistic and confident that it will.”

Hamilton ‘sparked’ Mercedes move (BBC)

Martin Brundle: “Last weekend I got the firm impression from McLaren that they thought they were going to keep Lewis. I believe this deal happened two days ago, when he finally made the jump to the new team.”

“Lewis’s management expressed interest, wanted to know what our plans were and it grew from there.”

Mercedes move is Lewis Hamilton’s bid to strike out on his own (The Guardian)

John Watson: “Because he came in so young he doesn’t know anything differently. Jenson is a more rounded personality and character by virtue of life experiences. Lewis’s life experiences are very much contained within the strictures of McLaren.”

Comment of the day

There were lots of good suggestions for yesterday’s Caption Competition – I particularly liked those from James Brickles, Sozavele, Icemangrins, Timtoo and Hairs.

But my favourite was this one from Boris (@Bozdee):

Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2012

Hamilton: “Jenson, you reckon Mercedes are going to have a championship-winning car next season?”

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On this day in F1

Five years ago today F1 returned to Fuji for the first time in three decades. The Japanese Grand Prix was held in foul conditions, the drivers circulating behind the safety car for a preposterous 18 laps at the start.

When the race finally began Lewis Hamilton mastered the appalling conditions to take a brilliant win. Team mate Fernando Alonso crashed out and fell 12 points behind Hamilton in the championship with two races to go.

Ferrari took themselves out of contention by starting their drivers on intermediate tyres, but Kimi Raikkonen recovered to an excellent third, while Heikki Kovalainen impressed by keeping his fellow Finn at bay for second place.

Mark Webber was taken out of the race while running second when future Red Bull team mate Sebastian Vettel, then driving for Toro Rosso, crashed into him.

Image ?? Sauber F1 Team, McLaren/Hoch Zwei

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70 comments on Perez ‘not paying for McLaren seat’ – manager

  1. bosyber (@bosyber) said on 30th September 2012, 12:40

    Following the link to that article on Perez quoting Fernandez (nice read), I saw the headline Bernie doesn’t want turbo in 2014 – I can see that, but I don’t see how he can really convince the FIA to change.

    I mean, it is not as if changing plans (delaying?) now would be cheaper, the engines are already designed and on the test banks since at least a month we have herad. If they scrap them now the engine guys have spent a lot of the required money already, and for nothing. They will ask for compensation, or just change plans to leave (Renault if they can’t get the smaller turbo they really want?)

    • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 30th September 2012, 14:03

      @bosyber It’s similar to an article featured in yesterdays round-up. It almost makes it sound like right now it’s too expensive for F1, like the economic situation is going to ever be in a place where it won’t be expensive! Sounds like people trying to make up some weak excuses to suit their own silly, out-dated agendas

      • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 2nd October 2012, 8:49

        I do suppose that’s the usual story in F1 (and the world, all too often?) @andrewtanner: having a goal, then tell a story to make that goal seem reasonable/reachable (different from debating/reasoning by not needing to stick to facts and logic).

  2. James_mc (@james_mc) said on 30th September 2012, 18:39

    Side note; Perez is really hairy.

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