Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Felipe Massa, Interlagos, 2012

F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship won by Carpy3

Predictions ChampionshipPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Felipe Massa, Interlagos, 2012@Carpy3 had a low score in the final round of the Predictions Championship. But, like Sebastian Vettel, it was enough to secure overall victory.

The Brazilian round was won by @Andy2k12, who claims a 1976 Autocourse eBook as a prize.

Second place and a Grand Prix Heroes DVD went to James (@Spirals) and @SpinyNorman (best username ever) won an F1 poster from PJ Tierney for coming third.

Here are the predictions from the top ten players in the final round:

[motorracingleague race=81 limit=10]

Lewis Hamilton was favourite for pole position, chosen by 62% of players. He was also the favourite to win but it was fourth-favourite Jenson Button, picked by 7.64%, who claimed victory.

2012 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship overall prize winners

Grand prize: Two grandstands tickets to the 2013 British Grand Prix

Congratulations to @Carpy3 who will be attending the 2013 British Grand Prix at Silverstone with a friend with weekend tickets and grandstand seats for the race!

Second place prize: An F1 painting

@ZanteX won the second place prize after coming out on top in a tie-breaker* with @OEL-F1.

Runner-up prize: Racecar Engineering subscriptions

Five players win a year’s subscription to Racecer Engineering for finishing in positions three to seven. They are @OEL-F1, @Anakincarlos, @Hobbsy009, @Pratik007 and @Romain-from-Grenoble.

Racecar Engineering is the world?s leading motorsport technology magazine. Every issue is packed with in-depth features, interviews and analysis from Formula One, Le Mans and all forms racing and rallying.

Runner-up prize: Autocourse calendars

And five more players win a 2013 Autocourse Calendar. They are @Chrissylyn, @Durk, @Xabregas, @Lucamus and @Slowhand.

Commiserations to @Journeyer and @Rumfresh who were tied on points* for 12th place with Slowhand.

The Autocourse Grand Prix calendar contains images taken during the season of all the major players competing in the Formula One World Championship.

The images are high resolution and taken by one of the world’s leading Grand Prix photographers, the calendar is printed on art quality paper and comes with a stiffened backing board and shrink wrapped for protection.

2012 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship results

See the updated points standings in full here:

Congratulations to everyone who won the 68 prizes that were given away in this year’s Predictions Championship. Over two thousand players took part during the course of the season – thanks to everyone who joined in, I hope you all had fun.

The competition will return again next year and I hope we’ll have more players and more prizes than ever before!

*Where a tie-breaker was needed, the player who had the highest individual score in a single round was picked.

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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  1. I’m happy with 25th but if I had a better end to the year I could’ve been one of the prizewinners. Still nothing to be ashamed off and it’s better than I did last year :)

  2. I’d just like to thank f1fanatic and silverstone for the the tickets that I won for 2013 British Grand Prix and not forgetting the people that have congratulated me…..I’ve been like a kid that’s got a new toy all day,now just gotta book my snoozebox.

    1. Enjoy it @carpy3, impressive work! It’s great to win that prize, you can enjoy your win, than use the winter to look forward to the Silverstone race and look back on a great season, and then there’s the actual Silverstone race, three prizes in one :)

  3. Wow! I came =1504 and I only put in a predictions for two races! Next year I’m going to do every race! How hard can it be?

  4. Big Thanks to @keithcollantine for this great game, this great page and your huge commitment to all of that.

    With the things that happened at my job and my private life, this is the 3rd surprising achievement today …i’m not kidding! Thanks F1Fanatic for the contribution to my perfect day =)
    (…now there is the fear of what will happen tomorrow^^)

  5. Thanks for the great competition this year. Just a suggestion though. At the moment picking the winner of the race doesn’t actually give you extra points – only another driver in the right spot. How about say an extra 10 points if you pick the winner? That’s over and above the existing points structure. Picking the winner of the race is the most satisying after all, and in F1 winning is right up there on the “to do” list!

    1. Arguably its harder to pick 5th place than the winner, normally its a Red Bull/Ferrari/McLaren but 5th could be anyone

      1. Yea It’s also pretty hard to pick 14th but is not very interesting. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure trying to win races is what it’s all about

  6. Well done carpy3 and thanks Keith for all the hard work.

    I forgot to enter 3 times – d’oh! Still, it’s a amusing distraction

  7. A pretty dismal year for me! 103 points puts me just outside the top 10% Well done @carpy3 You finished with a pretty substantial lead considering the unpredictable nature of this season!

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