HRT ‘in liquidation’, supplier claims

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Pedro de la Rosa, HRT, Circuit of the Americas, 2012In the round-up: A supplier to HRT claims the team has gone into liquidation.

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A supplier to HRT has accused them of presenting “misleading information” (Sky)

“A supplier owed money by HRT has accused them of giving ‘misleading information’ and also confirmed that the Spanish team went into liquidation last month.”

Nico Hulkenberg interview (F1)

“When the rain started – and we all somehow knew and expected that there would be rain and that the temperature would drop – keeping the temperature in the tyres was the most important and difficult thing. That we had lost the podium only crossed my mind during the last couple of laps after my drive-through penalty. Obviously I was disappointed, but on the other hand I was proud of the race as a whole and of course also of my team – they did a fantastic job.”

Overtaking jibes never got to Vettel (ESPN)

“Last year obviously we always started the race from a great position and didn’t have to overtake so many people. Then you obviously get criticised for not overtaking people but if there’s no one to overtake…”

Newey: Harder to find gains for 2013 (Autosport)

“It is increasingly difficult because there are no real regulations changes compared to this year and it will be the fifth season since the 2009 rule changes. The field is converging and you can see how competitive it is in the fact that we had eight different winners this year.”

‘There’s no chance of me coming back to Formula One soon,’ Robert Kubica talks racing in interview (AutoWeek)

“I was hoping that I’d be back behind the wheel of a Formula One car soon, but it didn’t work out. To return at the highest level you need to constantly train, you need a lot of time behind the wheel. Now I’m doing this and in the last three months my performances have improved a lot; I hope this continues.”

India not on F1 radar yet for testing venue for Formula One teams (The Economic Times)

“Costs and logistical constraints may come in the way of India’s Buddh International Circuit (BIC) becoming a testing venue for the Formula One teams ahead of the new season in March.”

Sam Michael on Hamilton’s departure and why McLaren won’t dwell on it (James Allen)

“Of course it?s a loss to McLaren but just like if anybody leaves, whether it?s a driver ?ǣ there have been some very big, famous names leave McLaren before in terms of drivers ?ǣ and you don?t dwell on it. You move on quickly because Formula 1’s all about change management.”

Sky in search for F1 sponsor to replace Santander (MediaWeek)

“Santander has confirmed it has ended discussions about extending its one-year sponsorship deal.”

Ricciardo’s end of season report (Toro Rosso)

Bernie Ecclestone eyes vodka sponsorship deal (The Telegraph)

“We are chasing one or two people that want to be involved. We are looking at phones and drinks. People like Vodka and things like that, they are out there.”

McLaren’s history with the Stars and Stripes (McLaren)

“I must recall interviewing young American driver Scott Speed and recounting to him how the great Jimmy Clark missed the 1965 Monaco Grand Prix in order to contest – and win – the Indy 500. Speed, who never actually lived up to his moniker, looked aghast. ‘Why would he do that? Pass up Monaco for the Indy 500?’ I suddenly felt swamped by his personality. I might have missed something here. But I can?t quite think what.”


Ferrari in Bologna

A few pictures of Giancarlo Fisichella in action in Bologna recently.

Comment of the day

@Tango had a chance encounter with one of the drivers who will be on the grid again in 2013:

I finally managed to drag some friends to go karting (and as luck would have it, it would rain and be freezing cold). I decided to bring them to a great facility I highly recommend to French or passing by readers: RKC in the outskirts of Paris (a great 1,000m circuit for beginners, another 1,200m one. Friendly and professional staff, reasonable-ish prices).

It seems according to their website Jean-Eric Vergne learned karting there so as luck would have it, he was there when we arrived at the till. I obviously was starstruck and asked the very nice lady at the till if indeed it was Vergne. I guess he overheard and came to come and say hello. It was 15 seconds but made my day.

Obviously, my friends were nonplussed and I had to say no, he wasn?t the one who nearly decapitated another bloke and no, they are both pretty able drivers (Grosjean has quite a lot of bad press here, especially with a “Muppet show” called Les Guignols started a gimmick about him crashing all the time).

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Some seat changes in the top junior series have been announced so check out the updated driver rosters here:

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On this day in F1

The FIA confirmed a new points system would be introduced for 2010, extending points down to tenth place for the first time.

However the exact distribution of the points was later changed:

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