Caption Competition 27: Alonso and Fisichella

Caption CompetitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Giancarlo Fisichella, Ferrari, 2013

Today’s Caption Competition is from Ferrari’s ice kart race yesterday.

Fernando Alonso, who won both the races, celebrated with former Ferrari F1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella.

It’s over to you to add the best caption you can think of. Make your suggestions in the comments below and a selection of the best will feature in tomorrow’s round-up.

Caption Competition

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Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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  • 91 comments on “Caption Competition 27: Alonso and Fisichella”

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    1. Win an Ice race, get a free Fisichella!

    2. The race ? I do it… physically !

    3. Fernando: Mum, he followed me home. Can I keep him?

      Fernando’s Mum: I thought it was always Filipe who followed you home?

    4. Journalists initially refused to believe that the Ferrari effort was on thin ice this season.

    5. Fisi: Just like the Renault days I get equal number one status!!!
      Fernando: sure :) (showing the 2)

    6. Can we keep him Stefano? He doesn’t crash into me!

    7. See, Giancarlo, I’ve been carrying Massa all this time!

    8. Alonso: “Hey, I’m just doing an Italian job”

    9. Alonso: “I’m gonna take this one to the cleaners.”

    10. Alonso: “Ok, Fisi, it’s past your bed time”

    11. This year’s trophy for Ferrari’s Ice Kart Race was a unique one, the rare Italian Formula One driver, though this model appears to be a bit old.

    12. Fernando starts a new fitness regime, incorporating carrying around dead weights

    13. I told you we’d get in the photo contest!

    14. This is what happens when you get drunk fisi

    15. Hurry up and take the bloody photo,my backs killing me !.

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