Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Brackley, 2013

Caption Competition 28: Hamilton at Mercedes

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Brackley, 2013

Mercedes were in the headlines this week for reasons other than Lewis Hamilton’s first public appearance for the team.

The surprise hiring of Toto Wolff from Williams was followed by speculation that he had lured Paddy Lowe from McLaren to join him and that team principal Ross Brawn would have to make way.

While all this was going on Hamilton was checking out his new team. What did he make of them? That’s for you to decide in the latest Caption Competition.

Submit your funniest caption suggestion in the comments below and a selection of the best will be chosen for tomorrow’s round-up.

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Image ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

216 comments on “Caption Competition 28: Hamilton at Mercedes”

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  1. “I don’t see where it connects to Twitter.”

    1. One more winner. :)

  2. davidnotcoulthard
    26th January 2013, 10:26

    I know that the car eats through too much of the tyres but………..

  3. I hope they have enough money to assemble the rest of the car after my fat pay cheque!

  4. Ross Brawn: “And if you need to do a clutch start, we repurposed the double-DRS vents as handles for the mechanics to grab onto to give you a push.”

    Leiws Hamilton: “Yeah, but what at the chances that I’ll need to do that?”

    Ross Brawn: “High.”

  5. Lewis: “Now where do i put that sticker saying Eat my dust!”

    1. I like this one :)

  6. Upon closer inspection of their car, Lewis realised that Mercedes definitely have the brains. The question is, do they have the Brawn?

    1. Clever one! :)

  7. “I’ve been alone with the car for twenty minutes. Why hasn’t Professor M come running? He’s usually so aware of these things.”

    1. Maybe Lewis didn’t toon into the news, Professor M stayed at McLaren ;)

  8. Hamiltona: “This Mercedes is more suitable for donuts!”

  9. “Is this what the boys at McLaren meant when they said I should get used to looking at the back of a car with a Mercedes engine in it?”

  10. This is why you don’t leave the car sitting outside in Liverpool…

  11. davidnotcoulthard
    26th January 2013, 10:37

    Tyrrell went from being the team with the most amount of tyre rubber to the team with NO rubber at all. Is that what you get from smoking cigar – have your tyres burned?

  12. Nope, no double diffuser this time.

  13. “Is that … did someone leave a half-eaten Bertie Beetle in the engine bay? No, it can’t be; Bertie Beetles are only sold in Australia. But that would mean … that would mean it was there all year. Somebody find me Ross!”

  14. “Wait, where are the wheels and the rest of the car? I thought I’d stop having to share the facilities with Marussia when i left McLaren!”

    1. Hahaha epic

  15. Lewis: Hm, they dont have this, hmmm they dont have that, this is missing……….. crap!

  16. Never seen the back of one of these before.

  17. Lewis “Oh my lovely Mercedes, since Seb is again gonna get some fast lady, i do hope that you are the top model.”

  18. Little did Hamilton know that when he said Mercedes were hungrier they were also getting poorer

  19. The car’s not finished yet? I think we’re gonna need some more people, Ross.

  20. For Sale. One owner, nice looking, goes like stink, had a few prangs………………and we’ll throw the car in for free.

    1. davidnotcoulthard
      26th January 2013, 15:05

      That’s not what TVR meant by saying something like that! Certainly not the “for free” part.

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