Timo Glock, BMW, DTM, Valencia, 2013

Glock joins BMW in DTM after losing F1 seat

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Timo Glock, BMW, DTM, Valencia, 2013In the round-up: BMW confirm Timo Glock will race for them in the DTM this year after losing his seat.

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Gipfeltreffen mit Ecclestone in Maranello (Auto Motor und Sport)

Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull and Mercedes representatives met Bernie Ecclestone at Maranello in an effort to resolve the deadlock over the Concorde Agreement, which expired at the end of last year.

Marussia positive despite Glock’s exit (Autosport)

Sporting director Graeme Lowdon: “The key thing is that we cannot wait to get testing and see how the car performs ?ǣ and I think everyone is keen to see how we are going to do this season because we have worked really hard.”

Lewis Hamilton: I want to make Mercedes the most successful F1 team (The Guardian)

“I’m 28… I’ve got quite a lot of years left. I don’t plan going on like Michael [Schumacher, 44] but look at Mark Webber, who is 36. I hope I’ve still got a good ten years left in me.”

A pictorial history of F1 tyres (F1)

“During the ’60s it was not uncommon for a driver to use the same set of tyres over several races.”

Grand prix counts for nothing (The Age)

“They both hide behind the commercial-in-confidence shibboleth, the fig leaf of the age. They say that specifics would only give potential rivals for the right to hold the race an advantage. But who are they? Adelaide doesn’t want it back. Sydney has gone cold. There is Asia, where Ecclestone has threatened previously to take the race. Frankly, it is bound to go there one day anyway.”



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Ncedi on Robert Kubica’s continuing recovery:

Feel incredibly happy for Robert!

Almost three years ago I was in a motorcyle accident which nearly took my life, now I’m left with a wrist which has almost every bone dislocated (among my other horrific injuries which I have fully recovered from). It means I can?t rotate my wrist/arm completely or bend it back very far. I thought I would never get to ride again, but I?m glad to report I?m back on them again and my body can compensate/adjust to ensure I cope.

What I’m trying to say is there is hope for Robert and I’m sure he’ll return to F1. He seems very upbeat which I was after my first ride so that can only be a good sign!

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Happy birthday to Stealthman and Weasel Chops!

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Happy birthday to new McLaren driver Sergio Perez who is 23 today.

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