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Sergio Perez admits he has a lot of work to do building up his experience of working with a simulator.

Perez didn’t have regular access to a driver-in-the-loop simulator at Sauber and has been hard at work getting used to McLaren’s since arriving at the team early this month:

Jenson Button, Sergio Perez, McLaren, 2013“Well so far I’ve done 15 to 20 days in the simulator,” said Perez at the launch of the MP4-28 today. “Obviously I am not very used to the simulator, it’s the first time I ever have worked so much with a simulator.”

“And it’s been good, I’m really getting used to the car to feel, because the feeling is quite different. It’s not so easy to feel the car through the simulator.

“But I think I have done good improvements in terms of understanding the simulator, understanding the changes and with that I’m very happy because the most important thing for me right now is to understand the car, to understand what tools I have to solve the issues that I have when we get into testing and racing.”

His driving style has been compared to that of new team mate Jenson Button, but Perez said he isn’t sure if they are that similar:

“Throughout the year in Formula One you are always trying to up yourself. You start practice with certain fuel loads, then we go to qualifying with very low fuel, then you go to the race with high fuel So you are always trying to adapt yourself, trying to change your driving style, try to change the set-up of the car to suit your style. So this is something I have to work a lot on to try to manage my style well.

“People always say that I have very similar style to Jenson but I don’t know his style and I don’t even my style so it’s always very difficult to know which style you have as a Formula One driver because you are always changing your style through the races, through practice, through qualifying. So it will be a very interesting year.”

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