New F1 cars hit the track as testing starts in Spain

2013 F1 testingPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Jerez, 2013

The first test session of 2013 has begun at Jerez in Spain.

Sauber were the first team to hit the track as the session began with Nico Hulkenberg at the wheel of the C32.

They were joined by Marussia and Caterham whose cars were launched for the first time this morning.

Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren were also among those to start testing straight away.

Here are the first pictures from F1 testing.

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26 comments on “New F1 cars hit the track as testing starts in Spain”

          1. Rave-Vomit. Brilliant description! I can’t help feeling that the Red Bull 2013 livery seems specifically designed to confuse the eye as to some of the detail in the body/aero department. Kind of like ship “dazzle” camo from WWII.

    1. I feel like the livery looks a bit too busy this year. Pearlescent paint would work well on cars with a lack of main sponsors, I think. Particularly not on a car with so many red and yellow patches, and additional stripes.

  1. According to the live timing page, Maldonado has done 64 laps as I type, which is quite a long way. Is the car he’s driving *purely* last year’s, or does it have a few bits and pieces from this year’s version for testing?

  2. I foresee a slight problem with the helmets colours of the two Mercedes drivers and being able to tell them apart. I assumed that the pictures where of Hamiltion before reading the caption stating it was Rosberg. Not the end of the world as we still have the camera pod colours to differentiate the two cars but personally I look at the helmets first to identify the driver.

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