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2013 Australian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Melbourne, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Australian Grand Prix.

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273 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Australian Grand Prix”

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  1. 9/10 really strong first race of the season with lots of great strategy and drives.

    My top 3:
    Adrian Sutil
    Jules Bianchi
    Kimi Raikkonen

    ABV – Anyone But Vettel in 2013

    1. ABV and hopefully Alonso :)

      I am rooting for Bianchi too, the only backender who was 1Lap behind the leaders as opposed to 2Laps for the other three guys.

  2. 10/10, kept me entertained the whole way through. I know that the lead was decided quite early but still there were other battles all the way through the field which IS quite enjoyed. Feel sorry for Sutil, the FI seems to have terrible pace and wear on the super softs, and massa although I think he said he wanted to do a 2 stopper, so the team let him try and when they saw his laptime they thought nah and brought him in but by then it was too late. Looking forward to the next race at Sepang :D

  3. 8/10. Very entertaining race, but a closer finish could have made the last 10 laps better. Feels like the teams came prepared but FIA and FOM dropped the ball. FOM with the coverage – very little midfield/backmarker action shown. For example: Vergne was up in 7th at one stage and doing fastest laps and it happened off-screen. FIA for not finding a solution to the telemetry issue and having blue flags shown to random cars.

  4. 7/10

    I think it is clear that bringing the super softs was not the right decision. Anyway, we saw good racing, very few mistakes and there was an interesting battle for P1. The tyres ruined the show a little bit, they were really weak in the first half of the race.

  5. It was a genuine race all the way through up until the last few laps. The racing was clean throughout and there were no strategies ruined by random safety cars. 8/10

  6. David not Coulthard (@)
    17th March 2013, 8:32

    Well, as a Vettel fan I was not ecstatic to see him getting 3rd, and I wasn’t happy to see Massa finishing behind Alonso (people got bored of Vettel winning, somehow, someway I got bored of seeing Alonso ahead of Massa :) ). I’m really happy for Kimi, though.

    IX/X. The Force India in the lead, The way Kimi won (and the fact that pretty much nobody saw it coming), and, as a bonus, how Kimi drank some of the champagne before spraying it (as he’s alwas done), was great.

    Alonso’s undercut was also lovely, but read my first sentence (If only Massa did that).

    1. David not Coulthard (@)
      17th March 2013, 8:45

      always done.

    2. @davidnotcoulthard I was happy that Sly Nando did not win…Anybody but him…

  7. Gave it an 8. Realy enjoyed it and red bull didn’t dominate whoo. Good result for alonso, Hamilton and both marussias so I’m happy:)

  8. 6/10
    I’m very happy with the win, Raikkonen drove his usual calm controlled race & Lotus provided a good car and strategy. There were some good strategic moves and a few decent overtakes but somehow, overall it felt a bit flat.

    Maybe it was the coverage, maybe it was just the early morning (I’m in the UK), but I don’t feel it was as interesting as races such as Valencia, US, Brazil & more from last year.

    1. I felt it was a bit flat too, don’t think the coverage was great, not many shots of the midfield. I was expecting fireworks with 5 rookies but they all behaved themselves!

      Sepang will be better!!

  9. 7 The middle sector was a bit boring it always kept us on the edge of our seat predicting WHAT WILL HAPPEN

  10. 2/10, even worse cruising than last year, all about tire management, no racing.

    1. +1 = 3/10 from me. Very dull race.

  11. Great race 8/10 to me.

    Is it me, or Bianchi is a guy to follow? I would say he has done a great job

    1. Rookie of the race for me

  12. Raikkonen & Alonso were clinical, nice start to the season. Sutil what a comeback, he has always consistently scored for FI, just luck eludes him.

  13. Congrats to Kimi for a great and solid race win!!! Great start for Lewis with Mercedes!!! Great races to come!!!

  14. 9/10-Great race all round!!!

    Had it all: overtaking, differing strategies, slippery surface with threat of rain, and no stupidity even from the rookies apart from the predictable Crashtor Stupidado.

    Great driving performances through the field as well with Kimi obviously the best of all. But honorable mention is Sutil-love how he shut some mouths which deserved to be shut with a bang

    Bad part for me: Webber’s awful start with KERS problems again! Good drive after that to recover most of the points but still lost at least 2 places with that. It just keeps happening to him in Australia. Same as Barrichello in Brazil

    Red Bull should sort out their KERS soon. Vettel’s failed in practice, now MW’s in the race. If the championship is close, they could lose it ’cause of that

    1. Haha, Pastor’s crash is not entirely his fault from what I saw. The car spun coming out of a straight—well before the corner—with little or no input from him whatsoever. That is just a bad, bad car.

      The rest of your comments are spot-on with mine. Webber seemed off his practice/qualifying paces the entire race. Kimi was absolutely surgical. Nothing fancy, just consistency. Sutil though, there’s the story. Especially as he fought to stay on the medium (?) tires as the sky grew darker and his crew kept radioing him to expect rain any second, even though it never came. Also, glad to see he and Hamilton compete. Their opinions of each other may be leagues apart after the trial, but nothing underhanded occurred from where I sat.

      1. Actually it seems like Pastor allowed the left tires to touch too much of the curb under braking and that’s what caused the spin.

  15. Good solid race (8/10). At first it seemed that the DRS effect in the race has decreased since the new rules, but it changed as the race went on. Surprised how spread out the cars were at the end.

    1. Vettel’s use of DRS against Alonso around the mid-40’s/early-50’s was curious. If i’m remembering correctly (3:30AM at the time), it did absolutely nothing. I believe the commentary was to the effect of, “Vettel’s DRS is engaged as he fights for the top-speed necessary to overtake Alonso. But where, exactly, is that top-speed going to be gained?”

  16. 8/10

    What a great opening race this was! There maybe aren’t that many memorable moments like special overtakes, collisions or spins, but the fight for the lead was just incredible. At about 25% distance, I thought this was going to be a battle between Vettel, Massa and Alosno on 3-stop and Hamilton and Rosberg on 2-stop. Unfortunately, Ferrari decided to bring in Massa first (which was unjustified in my opinion, as he pitted after Alonso for his first stop but before him for his second stop), which meant he was no longer in contention – still great to see he is back to his old form.

    At 50% distance, it was becoming a race between Alonso, Vettel, Raikkonen and Hamilton (I never really considered Sutil as he still had the dreaded supersoft stint). It was a great strategic battle, or perhaps a battle of tire saving. Raikkonen did fantastically: Hamilton couldn’t do a 2-stop, but Raikkonen pulled it off. As he said: it was easy, and that’s probably the best way to describe it as he has never actually had to push during that race. The biggest conclusion we can draw from this race is that there are four teams that are well capable of winning the race. This is shaping up to be a fantastic championship!

    One remark on the tires: we have had discussion about the supersoft tire when it was announced and indeed they were utterly useless. This has been an experiment from Pirelli and clearly it didn’t work, so let’s hope we will never see tires last only 3 laps ever again!

    1. I forgot to mention DRS: finally – after two long years, DRS worked the way it is supposed to work! We didn’t see many passes on the pit straight, but the trailing cars were able to close the gap. Then in the shorter DRS zone they were able to just get alongside the leading car and sometimes managed to pass him. I’m still not a fan of DRS, but if it will work the way it worked today for the rest of the season, I hereby promise I will not complain about DRS anymore.

      1. Today DRS worked just like it has on this circuit since 2011, Still too overly effective in some cases but overall not so bad.

        When we get to tracks with longer straghts & zones we’ll be back to the DRS-fest’s. Im dreading places like Sepang, Montreal, Spa & USA with 2 zones.

    2. (which was unjustified in my opinion, as he pitted after Alonso for his first stop but before him for his second stop)

      Whoops, I mean the other way around

  17. Ferrari screwing Massa in benefit of Alonso, and Pirelli making extremely soft tyres and the wrong combination…

    1. Get your facts right, they didn’t screw Massa, Alonso outsmarted Massa. Google it or way till Keith put Massa’s declarations here.

      1. I don’t need to google it. I am smart enuff to understand a race and the “Ferrari’s way” to change positions…
        Alonso went to pit and Massa was said to stay out cause he got no traffic. But his tyres were already gone in terms of pace.

  18. One of the better season opening races. 1 Really surprising winner since DC in 2005. Left plenty of questions about where the cars are going into Malaysia

  19. 7/10 It was a very good race and a good start to the season. Some good battles up and down the field, A surprise leader and intruiging fight at the front. Great start!

  20. The Speedy Spaniard and the Dashing Deutschlander finagled by the Flying Finn.

    I gave it a 6, although i wouldn’t argue with a 7. It was a good, professional race, dominated by strategic calls and conservative driving rather than outright wheel-bashing racing.

    The points positions were sorted five laps from the end. There was no last-moment glory, no storming drive from the back of the grid, no newcomer making a name for himself, no spectacular offs. A few good passing moves and an impressive drive from Sutil were all that lifted it above average.

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