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2013 Australian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Melbourne, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Australian Grand Prix.

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2013 Australian Grand Prix

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273 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Australian Grand Prix”

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  1. Amazing not see see any jokers voting a clearly decent race 1 to 4/10.

    1. MB (@muralibhats)
      18th March 2013, 5:45

      Looks like there are a few now!

  2. The more I think about this race the more it annoys me that tires are again the new thing – such races are fun to watch from time to time like it was back then with Montreal but it gets old very fast.
    it seems they try to manufacture 2012 (first half) again – which makes F1 just as much of a sport as wrestling.

  3. I voted a 7, although it should probably be a lot less in reality, barely saw any actual battles for position. Saw a lot of overtaking in the pits, alternative stratagies and flying past on the straights, all of which resulting in barely any actual racing at all. That is what everyone is missing but cant put their finger on, this race lacked RACING. I voted 7 because I’ve been conditioned to think that because the race ended up in an unexpected order that it must be good, but thinking back to it I was bored for a lot of the race, was lost with the stratagies throughout and didn’t see any proper racing because everyone was preserving tyres.

    Is it just me?

    1. No, I gave it 5 for average despite the different leaders.

  4. 7/10. Good overall. Although, like @mike-e put it: “This race lacked RACING.”

    Would have been a lot more fun if it had begun to rain when Sutil was leading the race :)
    Rosbergs DNF was a shame because I’m curious how he and Hamilton compare this season.
    Also sad that Hulkenberg didn’t even start because this season could be the stepstone to something big (Ferrari, Red Bull?) if he deliviers and I really want him to.
    What satisfied me in a sardistic way was that Maldonado got it all wrong again in Q and today. Hope we get rid of him in 2014.
    Supersofts were totally useless.

    Besides from that: Great winner and very nice to see that Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus were stronger than one could have thought after Q.

    1. I think Bianchi is Massa-replacement, so no Hulk at all.
      Unless Alonso fears him of course in which case will keep Massa the hen till 2016.

  5. 7/10 – A good race, but was lacking wheel to wheel action at the top end of the pack. The tyre strategies definitely spiced this GP up, so a thankyou to Pirelli for getting the choice correct!

  6. It has to be a 10! Kimi destroying the rest! Total control.

    1. I don’t see 10/10 when Vettel destroying the rest.

    2. @derfel17

      “Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.”

      I presume you have rated it a 10 primarily because Kimi won, which rather defeats the purpose of this poll.

      1. For me it was an exiting and good race. You have the right to your opinion.

  7. Jules Bianchi on fire a 1:30 in a Murussia…Max Chilton was two secs off in Quali and two secs off on Race pace= Not good enough, it’s going to be a long season for max.

    1. Binachi is a genuine contender for Massa’s seat if not Alonso’s :)

  8. Although the race had numerous changes in the lead, I just couldn’t enjoy it knowing the leading driver wouldn’t last more than a few laps before pitting, and that the back driver wouldn’t attack knowing that. I thought we had refuelling banned in order to avoid races decided by pit strategies rather than wheel to wheel racing. Having drivers doing 3 or more pitstops in a race that isn’t particularly stressful for the tyres, mm, don’t like it.
    Not to mention DRS, that despite not being as crucial as it was in many races last year, I still find dissapointing the fact that the leading driver can do little to defend his position. I think it reduces the quality of the races just for the sake of overtaking.

  9. I rated the race as an 8. It was very good, there was strategy, overtaking and at least it wasn´t a runaway for SV….
    The only thing that really ticked me off are the backmarkers…. wow, i mean seriously… they blue-flagged them and they still put oposition… Van der Garde destroyed Alonso´s chances to hunt down Kimi… he would have caught him nearing the last laps if it wasn´t for that…
    Other than that…. it had everything, it jst wasn´t a classic…

    1. MB (@muralibhats)
      18th March 2013, 5:47

      Are you sure Alonso could catch kimi if Van der Garde had not come in between? You are overly optimistic!

  10. Listening to the team radio bits on the pits feed all you heard all race was different ways of drivers been told to ‘look after the tyres’.

    Tyres having far, far too big an effect again & everone’s having to once again drive to a delta time to nurse them :(

  11. The best thing about the Race was not too many excessive DRS pass..

    1. (@sonkky) Agree, I think DRS actually works ok (and I’m a loud critic of it), on the narrower, older tracks. It’s the new, already dull tilke-dromes that’re already almost as wide as they are long that it ruins yet further, as the drivers have absolutely no means of defending. Look at Vettel’s climb back up the field (aided by SC of course) in Abu Dhabi. You can basically pass a car a lap without even trying because of the long open straight/DRS combination, and removes all the tension. Tracks like monaco/suzuka/melbourne I think it retains some potential though.

  12. I rated the race a 9. This is because I enjoyed the race from start to finish, with some good overtakes and hairy moments like Hamilton locking up trying to pass the Ferrari, but my enjoyment was only enhanced by the fact there were many intriguing battles in terms of strategy, with the variety being a particular highlight. I can see why people may have seen this race as boring, but I felt that it was perfectly enjoyable, and if every race was like this one, full of surprising strategy calls with some good overtaking and all round racing, then I will be very happy indeed.

  13. It wasn’t the best of races, and not the best Australian GP. There were several nice moves but unfortunately apart from Vettel taking Sutil there were no passes in the lead. I would have preferred to see on-track action rather than only thinking of tyre strategy. Nice to see different teams battling than we were used to, great drives by Kimi and Fer. 7/10

  14. unfortunately this reminded me of a refueling-era race.

    most of the racing & position changes at the front was been done in the pits rather than on the track.

    kimi drove a good race & all but was utterly deflating to see all the passing that determined the win done via kimi jumping everyone in the pits without having to race them closely on track.

  15. I voted an 8 out of 10. Personally, I enjoy keeping track of strategies, tyre management, drivers catching up to each other, while I would not disagree with there not being a lot of actual racing, I don’t think that impacts my view of a race too much.

    I nearly voted a 9 due to the endless amusement provided by the conspiracy thinkers, who (not just on here) are already talking about team orders at Ferrari and Red Bull and how a lot of people are completely ignoring McLaren’s performance, while people were writing off Ferrari at this point last year, but that’d skew the poll with influxes that don’t belong.

    1. @npf1 Is that Schumi on your avatar? very funny

        1. That’s too funny, that’s gotta be pre-F1 ? Don’t recall him having a moustache and dodgy hair while in F1.

  16. 6/10. A little better than average. An absorbing look into tyre management and race strategy, but other than that it was not the masterpiece same are claiming it to be.

    I expected the tyres to cause trouble for the first few races until teams came to grips with them, and we saw plenty of that. I predicted Raikkonen to take the WDC this season but we’ll have to wait another three or four GP’s before we can accurately assess everyones strengths and weaknesses.

  17. i voted 8/10 because its the first race and I have missed F1! I have to say, I am starting to come around to Bianchi, I slated him in another article, but he does seem to be pretty damn quick, and if he continues as he started he could be a star of the future. possibly.

  18. Watching it from the grass banking at turn 2, I enjoyed most of it. It started raining half way through but stopped almost immediately. I thought Alonso was going to cruise to victory until realising Kimi was doing a 2 stopper. That made my day! I started the day wanting Raikkonen or Vettel to win so to have both on the podium was great! (despite the boos for Vettel by the crowd at the podium ceremony)

    1. @serv Hope you had fun! Do you know why the crowd bood at Vettel? Something to do with Webber perhaps?

      1. @andae23 Yep, had fun. More of an intense than an action packed race but great all the same. I think the booing is just the home grand prix thing. Vettel constantly beating the local boy, escpecially at this GP most years.

  19. 8/10. Great to see such a competitive field – I feared Vettel would romp away.

  20. Interesting event ,I only watched the highlights on B.B.C. ,but I think missed the actual racing.

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