Rate the race: 2013 Australian Grand Prix

2013 Australian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Melbourne, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Australian Grand Prix.

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2013 Australian Grand Prix

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273 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Australian Grand Prix

  1. 6/10. A little better than average. An absorbing look into tyre management and race strategy, but other than that it was not the masterpiece same are claiming it to be.

    I expected the tyres to cause trouble for the first few races until teams came to grips with them, and we saw plenty of that. I predicted Raikkonen to take the WDC this season but we’ll have to wait another three or four GP’s before we can accurately assess everyones strengths and weaknesses.

  2. oakrichardson (@oakrichardson) said on 17th March 2013, 17:48

    i voted 8/10 because its the first race and I have missed F1! I have to say, I am starting to come around to Bianchi, I slated him in another article, but he does seem to be pretty damn quick, and if he continues as he started he could be a star of the future. possibly.

  3. Watching it from the grass banking at turn 2, I enjoyed most of it. It started raining half way through but stopped almost immediately. I thought Alonso was going to cruise to victory until realising Kimi was doing a 2 stopper. That made my day! I started the day wanting Raikkonen or Vettel to win so to have both on the podium was great! (despite the boos for Vettel by the crowd at the podium ceremony)

  4. Bobby (@f1bobby) said on 17th March 2013, 17:51

    8/10. Great to see such a competitive field – I feared Vettel would romp away.

  5. jpowell (@jpowell) said on 17th March 2013, 19:48

    Interesting event ,I only watched the highlights on B.B.C. ,but I think missed the actual racing.

  6. 8/10 Probably would have been a 7/10 if it was a mid season race. Nice to see Ferrari back on the pace (it appears that way anyway) and good win for Kimi

  7. Cc219 said on 17th March 2013, 20:29

    Great race 7 or 8

  8. Eric (@mcl75) said on 17th March 2013, 20:33

    In spite of the race airing at 2AM EST here in America, I was absolutely glued to my television.

    Adrian Sutil anybody? Where did Joyce’s (I’m assuming? Casual observer until late) genius management of his tires come from? It was stellar to watch him push those Pirellis further than any other driver.

    Always happy to see Kimi win. Though, I’m starting to think his attitude may be growing a bit large. It was never too much for me in the past, but some of his comments of late are stirring. Though, that may come from my abhorrence for Lewis Hamilton and what has become of his personality since moving to Mercedes. He calls it, “Being who he is.” My attitude towards it? “Sebastian Vettel, three times world champion, does not act this way. Further, stop comparing yourself to Senna.”

    Of course, as a McLaren fan, I’m disappointed. Sergio looked strong prior to his first pit. Button was, as always, making the most from nothing. However, this car…frustrating. Kudos to the gents for not throwing the engineering team under the bus. Every interview I’ve seen from this weekend makes the car out to be the product of some thoughtful, exciting experiments in engineering that just are not working out. You can tell each driver once believed the MP4-28 would render the 27 a distant memory.

    Great weekend.

  9. Eric (@mcl75) said on 17th March 2013, 20:44

    Also, with regards to Pastor Maldonado’s comments coming out of Qualifying: he’s right. Did anyone see the cockpit view when he went off? I was expecting some twitch, some flick of the wheel, any input from him to be quite honest; yet there was almost nothing that I could see. I thought he was being dramatic when referring to the Williams as ‘undrivable.’ If the replays are any indication, and the car reacts that violently to an imperceptible movement of the wheel, something must be done. While being competitive is important, keeping the Williams-Renault drivers safe should be paramount. That car seems like a death trap heading into Malaysia.

  10. verstappen (@verstappen) said on 17th March 2013, 21:37

    8. In spite of 2 DRS zones.
    Maybe because it’s the first race but I was thouroughly entertained.

  11. Hairs (@hairs) said on 17th March 2013, 22:58

    Good points:
    Red Bull didn’t dominate.
    Kimi won like he should have done last year.
    Mercedes did well.
    Race was clean and interesting.
    Some rookies did well.
    The pecking order changed a bit since last year.

    Personal highlights:
    Maldonado making a stupid mistake, grinding the tyres for ages to no good purpose while beached in the gravel, then suggesting “we” have to learn for the next race. Worthless Muppet.

    Grosjean getting “stuck” behind button while his teammate overtook faster cars to win the race.

    Two drivers I have no respect for where they belong, in my opinion.

  12. Jono (@me262) said on 17th March 2013, 23:06

    will newey master tyre degradation?

  13. asingh1 (@asingh1) said on 17th March 2013, 23:33

    I think this race showed Alonso is bad at chasing a driver further up the field. Similar to Spain last year, he takes too much life out of the tyres at the beginning of the stint; the driver ahead if he manages the tyres should be able to stay ahead as Raikkonen and Maldonado did.

  14. Minardi (@gitanes) said on 17th March 2013, 23:42

    8 for me. Anytime the front row can’t stay there by the finish usually means I enjoyed the race.

    The prospect of having Red Bull/Merc dominate qualifying, but with Ferrari/Lotus ready to pounce on race day is enticing for the rest of the season. Of course I expect Red Bull to sort their tyre management out, maybe even as soon as Sepang.

    I have no problem with a 2-stop strategy getting Kimi to leapfrog the top 3 and on to the win. He needed a great start and a ballsy pass on Hamilton in order to help pull it off. If he was on a 3 stopper, who knows – he might still have been able to find the pace.

  15. Andrew VanderLei (@andrewvanderlei) said on 18th March 2013, 0:24

    The first race of the season can often be a bore fest as many teams try to work out the kinks, while other teams are far ahead right out of the gate. The Australian GP was not that however, the race saw 7 different leaders and plenty of overtaking, so i think it was as good as we can expect this early in the season. And as for us American viewers, i would also give kudos to NBC sports network on their broadcast. They took far fewer commercial breaks than SPEED channel did yet we still got the expert analysis and a brand new graphics engine. SO excited to have f1 back and i cannot wait for Malaysia.

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