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2013 Chinese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Chinese Grand Prix.

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265 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Chinese Grand Prix”

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  1. 7/10. Entertaining but not thrilling. Alonso and Massa both overtaking Hamilton was my favourite moment.

  2. Seen better, seen worse.

    I hate to be banging the same drum as everyone else but past the half point no one bothered charging anymore, really. Except for Vettel in the last laps. Everything revolving around delta lap times, tyre conservation and taking advantage of the DRS zones is definitely not how I expect F1 races to unfold. It’s the downside of these tyre choices that otherwise produced quite the decent strategic variety and made the option-starters actually push through the traffic and try to make their way back up to the front on track in the first part of the race.

    The scrambles in the first part of the race were good fun though. I’ll give the first 28 laps a 7.5 and the last 28 a 5.5. So, a borderline 7 overall.

    Oh, and please, someone sort those telemetry issues already! Seeing half the field being under investigation for use of DRS under yellows is simply retarded.

  3. An 8 or a 9: there wasn’t much to fault in the race (I just wish we had another lap though!) except from the lack of a battle for the lead. I also found it quite disappointing that Webber was put out of the race in such a fashion as we didn’t get to see how he would be able to recover and it also robbed us of a proper encounter between Vettel and himself, which would have been interesting after Malaysia!

    Vettel closing in on Hamilton was pretty intense and I just wish he would have managed to get through! Throughout the strategies were interesting, and there was plenty of overtaking. The DRS was far too powerful though…

  4. 7/10 – Interesting strategies but too many DRS overtakes and no real excitement until the last few laps. I’ll liked pirelli tires but this year it’s becoming to much about the tires rather than any other element of racing. Change the name of the sport to ‘How pirelli tires hold up going around a circuit for 1 and half hours, featuring F1 cars’, rather than ‘Formula 1’ with real hard racing with drivings pushing flat out.

  5. David not Coulthard (@)
    14th April 2013, 10:18

    I gave a 10/10. The opening laps, Mark’s (Rear Right) tyre spinning as if it was in an ad, and Vettel’s charge was enough for me. The lead changes may have been a bonus for some, but not me. I can’t believe that Massa had a messy race, though.

  6. Disappointing that we didn’t really see a race, but a bunch of drivers looking after their tyres. 5/10 for me, although it would have been good if there were some actual real fighting going on. I know, there was a little, but still, enough is enough with the tyres!!!

    1. although it would have been good if there were some actual real fighting going on.

      Fighting for position on track is too mainstream for F1. Let the GT guys dabble with that. There’s an endurance race later today that should have plenty of scrambles and figthing for positions and pushing the cars to the limit. You know…competitive motorsport stuff… No need for F1 to provide the same thing…

  7. I dont understand why people don’t like changes, its not like its advantage for one and disadvantage for others, the gap between big teams are huge, things like DRS and these tires bring strategy to play giving the lesser teams a chance to beat or atleast make the race more interesting. Ofcourse team orders are spoiling the race, other than that F1 should evolve just like the cars have.

  8. I voted 4/10, DRS too much, Soft tyres too fragile, Too much running around slowly saving tyres.

    as a result theres no really good wheel to wheel battles, its all just push a button & drive clean past half way down a straght. i watched some of the classic races on sky recently & before drs & pirelli there was some great racing on this circuit with some great wheel to wheel racing down to the straghts into the corners & with drs we simply dont see these great battles & good racing anymore.

    also with tyres, its all about preservation & not racing, your just racing to a lap time & been told over the radio NOT to race cars around you (as button just said on sky he was been told not to race cars ahead/behind because of tyres), i saw someone call it ‘formula conserve’ & i think that sadly this is what it is now.

  9. I’ve been a fan for 15 years.

    I can’t remember the last time every overtake (bar one – Vettel on Massa) looking like it was done under blue flags..

    And let me be clear – up until this race, i’d had no problems. Last season had the balance right.

    We need those tyres (NOT the hards, though), and sensible DRS placement that creates an extra overtaking spot, NOT hands drivers free spots. It’s pointless. These guys are meant to be the best in the world!!

    1. def +1 = exatcly my feelings!

  10. 8/10. I really enjoyed the race, it was very tense. No battles for first place, it was clear that Alonso was going to walk away with it, but the battle for podium was very good. It was awesome to see Vettel racing in the final laps, he was pushing a lot. It’s a shame that we don’t usually see things like that, it’s frustrating that drivers have to manage their tyres and cannot race each other properly.

    As I said yesterday, I have no problem with tyre degradation, I don’t want a one stop race, but the tyres are way too extreme. I love the idea of qualifying tyres, but it’s stupid to force drivers to use them in the race.

  11. Probably the dullest race since the Schumacher/Ferrari era. And the first time the whole tire situation really annoyed me.


  12. There are some seriously generous scores being awarded here. We just saw a race with no real battle for the lead, and few real (i.e. non-DRS assisted) overtakes. Vettel and Button adopting a different strategy made the race interesting, but it became clear after the first stint that they were not challenging for the victory.

  13. F1 races nowadays are like football matches that end 4:5 or 4:3 by having half players taking turns in hopping over the field on 1 leg.

  14. 8/10
    Stunning, and as a Hamilton fan, heart-stopping finish there! Middle of the race was meddling somewhat as we got into the samey ‘all about the tyres’ type racing, but a solid first and final quarter, with a good bit of decent action in the middle :)

  15. I did not enjoy that race. 6 is generous. Seriously DRS was ridiculous, I could probably count on one hand the amount of passes that were made in the braking zone rather than just motorway passes down the straight. And the lack of life in the soft tyres was too much in my opinion, there was loads of overtaking but much of it was against people who either couldn’t fight back, or didn’t want to because it would have been counterproductive and they would have ruined their tyres. That is not what motor racing should be about.

    Moan over. I have to say well driven Fernando Alonso, a first and a second in the races he has finished, I think that Ferrari is a very strong race car. Having said that, I think Raikkonen also had the pace to win if he’d gotten away with Alonso at the start/after he passed Hamilton. To come second when you had a terrible start, and driven 3/4 of the race with a broken front wing shows the car had very good race pace. Also I will mention Daniel Ricciardo, top drive by him to come 7th.

  16. I gave it a 6, only for the lack of proper fighting. Other than that I enjoyed it. Please stop arguing guys. Its just an OPINION poll & we shouldn’t be arguing about who gives what rating. To each his own..

  17. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    14th April 2013, 10:53

    Solid 8

    – Great battle throughout the race between Lewis and Kimi.
    – Jenson carrying Mclaren
    – Good to see Ferrari back at the front (Never thought i’d say that)
    – Astonishing comeback by Vettel on the Options
    – Incredibly tight and tense final lap for P2-P4
    – Ricciardo finishing 7th

    – Rosberg suffering another car failure
    – Webber also.
    – Didn’t like how the Options fell away so quickly, need to be slightly more durable.
    – Sutil getting taken out of the race by a seriously rookie mistake (E. Gutierrez)
    – DRS was a tad too effective. Could’ve done without it on the back straight.

    Really enjoyable race! Best of the year so far! I hope the possible post-race penalties dont change the result too much.

    1. Well put! Couldn’t have said it better myself.. except that it was badly judged move by Webber.

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        14th April 2013, 11:06


        Thank you :)

        I think the WEB-JEV incident was the fault of both drivers. Webber probably should have conceded, and gotten him later in the lap. And JEV should have perhaps left WEB some more room on the inside, because the rules state that the defending car must leave a cars width if the attacking car has his wheel at the rear wheel of the defender.

        Having said that, it was just so close, and happened too fast for either JEV or WEB to do anything about.
        It was very clear that JEV just didn’t see, nor expect Webber to come down the inside.

        1. Welcome. :) I get your point but Mark’s the experienced veteran here. Didn’t expect him to make a risky move like that. Sad to see his weekend go from bad to worse.

          As a person who loves racing sims I only give room if the front wheels/nose of the other car is right beside my cockpit. Otherwise the corner is mine. I expect the same from the other driver. It usually (70%) works out. Hehe.

        2. But he was no where near him, so the rule does not apply. He basically T-boned him as Jev was taking the corner. Mark would have gone way too deep anyway so Jev would have needed to go straight off the track for them not to make contact. Mark thinking about something in the future not the current moment, again. If the incident would have been the other way around the bosses would have sacked Jev, if not immediately, then mentally given up on him for sure.

          We saw similar driving from Webber in 2010 when he threw away a championship which was handed him on a plate, with the fastest car and many technical problems for his team mate.

          He can be compered to Button, as he has not quite got the ultimate speed and consistency, but unlike Webber, Button does not make rookie errors under pressure. That is why Button is a champion and Webber is not and will not be. Something I have been quite sure of since 2010 Australia, despite him leading the championship in the middle of that year. A lot can happen in F1, but not the impossible.

          Arguably the best four or five drivers finished in the top spots all in different cars, so why are people are complaining about artificial racing is beyond me. If anything, the format allows the cream to rise to the top, minimizing the effect of car differences.

          You may be entitled to your own opinion with who are the best drivers but you are not entitled to your own facts. Look at the last years championship standings, yep the same five drivers on top who finished in top positions today.

          And we saw a terrific race, with only an on-track fight for the top spot missing at the end.

  18. I think tyres are not as bad as many claim. Actually, it’s the same every year. By the middle of the season teams will sort this thing and people will again complain about processional races. I think tyres were ok and produced a variety in strategy. I was on the edge of my chair when Vettel surprisingly cought Hamilton in the last few laps and the finish was one of the closest (between those two) I’ve ever seen. I rate 9/10.

  19. Everybody has their own opinions, obviously, but to me the race was an amazing nail-biter.

    There was actually quite a bunch of battles but not all of them resulted into wheel-to-wheel action and some of them happened almost in the classic mid-00s style: people pitting on different laps because of them being on different compounds or different levels of wear.

    Had the compounds been harder, degradation levels smaller or if the DRS hadn’t been there, the race would most likely have been a LOT less interesting. A lot of the passes happened in the first hairpin (in which the second DRS zone had an effect), a lot of them happened in the middle of T1 – almost entirely because of the 2nd DRS-zone and quite a few in the middle of the last hairpin (again, because of DRS). You can argue that almost all of these would have resulted into plain nothing had the DRS not been there. Actually, because gaps of below 1 second lead into an overtaking maneuver much more likely than before, perhaps only the motorway-style passes might’ve happened without DRS and there wasn’t that many of them. The vast difference between compounds’ speed and their durability provided variation in strategies and pace, definitely creating more excitement.

    A big plus for the 2007 podium. I can also see a 2005-style Alonso-Räikkönen battle looming in the horizon (in which both Vettel and Hamilton will most likely be a part of as well, though). A thumbs up for the current state of F1!

  20. If there going to continue with DRS then I really feel they should look at if its really needed at every race. Today was just stupid with how easy DRS made things (Even Brundle who often defends it was critical of it today) & I really feel this is one track where its not really needed.

    This is the 3rd season we have it & they really should have it figured out better than this by now, The fact they haven’t perhaps shows that they never will get it right.

    On the vote, Gave it a 6/10.

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