Rate the race: 2013 Chinese Grand Prix

2013 Chinese Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Chinese Grand Prix.

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265 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Chinese Grand Prix

  1. dAniy said on 14th April 2013, 19:56


    Good race for the top 3 pilots specially Kimi. 2nd place with front wing so hardly broken is really a great performance. Bad luck for Webber, again. Congrats to the rookies for an awesome race in the battle for last points.

    As for Vettel, nice comeback in the last few laps but for me all he does is showing us that he is a jerk and all he cares is winning. Pushed rules to the limits today and few drivers (Massa) had to avoid him in order to avoid a potential crash. He takes the F1 fun away.

  2. socalf1fan (@socalf1fan) said on 14th April 2013, 20:34

    I really enjoy the strategy element (maybe that’s why I’m a button fan?), so I rated this race relatively high : 8. I’m surprised that is the most commonly chosen rating though.

    Highlights were the vettel run at the end and a great race from Ricciardo. The tires and DRS were a bit too much.

    I’ll say that when I saw that marrussia lock up in front of HAM in one of the final corners, my heart was pounding…

  3. Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 14th April 2013, 20:35

    I kinda liked the race actually. Guess I’ve gotten used to hating the tyres. Good to see that more people are starting to hate them though.

    I’d rather see a boring race with some actual overtakes rather than an “entertaining race” with not a single proper overtake. Although Alonso (or was it Hamilton?) driving past Button on the outside was quite funny. Even though of course it was just the tyre difference.

    Good on Vettel for trying the offensive. Nearly made it if he hadn’t flinched when the actual pressure came.

    • F1fanNL (@) said on 14th April 2013, 21:15

      Good on Vettel for trying the offensive. Nearly made it if he hadn’t flinched when the actual pressure came.

      Yeah, it’s amazing Vettel has won 3 championships with his poor ability to handle pressure.

  4. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 14th April 2013, 20:59

    I enjoyed it, but to be honest I found it difficult to know who was running where a lot of it. Usually this excites me – but I didn’t really know when to be getting excited about passes and when not. A lot of the time people were being let through easily because of differing strategies.

    Nevertheless, some good racing and it scrapes an 8 for me.

  5. Bendanarama (@bendana) said on 14th April 2013, 21:21

    7 for me. Interesting, but not enthralling.

  6. R.J. O'Connell (@rjoconnell) said on 14th April 2013, 21:59

    Best race of the year so far, honestly. Not saying that solely as an Alonso supporter – because I can understand that someone streaking out to a huge lead at the end can kill the excitement for some people, but there were also the battles between Lewis and Kimi that seemed to go on all race, Vettel’s mad dash to make up 11 seconds in four laps and nearly nick a podium place, a great drive by Hülkenberg for a lot of the race despite his fade towards the end, Button salvaged 5th from an awful McLaren, Ricciardo established himself as “not the guy that’s supposedly warming up Da Costa’s seat”, a frantic start and overall, good racing.

    Would have been more interesting if Webber were still around at the end, just because a charge from 22nd into the points would have seemed academic to me because of his style.

  7. josephrobert (@josephrobert) said on 14th April 2013, 22:02

    I was a little busy on sunday morning so I could not give the race 100% attention.

    Now that f1 cars can overtake, with toys and mega long straights we saw Jenson button not defend so that his lap time would not be compromised. In effect an endurance event on who could get from A to B while nursing fragile tyres.

    Nice to see 5 world champ in 5 different cars ride to the top.

  8. MentalMurph (@mentalmurph) said on 14th April 2013, 23:07

    I’ve been an avid F1 fan for at least 20 years and I think I’m beginning to become a bit disillusioned with the current F1 regulations, this race really cemented that for me.

    The tyres and DRS are obviously the main issue. Tyres that disintegrate in a short period of time don’t promote flat out flag to flag racing. Drivers and teams are preoccupied with making the tyres last as long as possible, driving to a target lap time and ensuring they don’t overstress them so they can make as few pit stops as possible. To me a GP should be a flat out race with drivers at the limit throughout the whole race, the artificially fragile tyres don’t make that remotely possible. Button asking the team if he should defend his position against Hamilton, or stick to his target lap time, really drives home that something isn’t right.

    DRS is far too powerful. If the car behind is fast enough to get under 1 second to the car in front, they can easily deploy DRS and the massive speed difference makes a pass inevitable. There is no real driver skill involved and the defending driver has no chance, as they are at a huge artificial disadvantage.
    During the motogp race last week, I was up off the sofa cheering as Rossi reeled in Crutchlow, Pedrosa and Marques. I even woke the baby up during the battle for 2nd. My heart was pounding and I absolutely appreciated the skill and bravery of the riders as they raced flat out. I didn’t get any of that feeling today.

    Maybe I’m not an F1 fan, maybe I’m a racing fan. I really have to question whether F1 is really racing at the moment. It feels more like Mario kart. Get rid of the artificial aids to “improve the show”, the show should be the best drivers, driving the fastest cars flat out for nearly 200 miles to find out who is the fastest.

    • redlight said on 15th April 2013, 1:57

      I’ve been watching F1 about as long as you and I’m dismayed too. It’s so sad that when an F1 race finishes now on a Sunday I find myself wondering if there’s anything else on today, where I might see some racing.

      It’s been some time since I’ve been dozing off during a race but yesterday was a real struggle. I woke up a bit when Seb was pushing at the end. The race was really not worth a 6am start and I’m starting to think seriously about ditching my Sky contract.

      If you’re into strategy ruling everything and every race being won and lost not on the track by racers but in the pits by geeks and PCs then you must really love F1 now. If you’re into flat out racing then look elsewhere. Damn shame.

  9. Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 15th April 2013, 0:11

    7, good race, but these tyres are ridiculous.

  10. Kimi4WDC said on 15th April 2013, 0:41

    Loved it. I would hate to be a McLaren fan lately though…

  11. gDog (@gdog) said on 15th April 2013, 4:36

    Terrible. That was a time trial not a race.

  12. Trido (@trido) said on 15th April 2013, 5:28

    I was a big fan of DRS and less reliable tyres. Especially after Monza 2010 where Vettel ran all but the last lap of the race without a tyre stop. But I must admit that I am really starting to tire of this manufactured on track action. The DRS was too powerful in China as Brundle said and Whitmarsh said the drivers are 100% in conservation mode from start to finish meaning that no one is anywhere near the limit. The champion this year won’t be the person who was the fastest, but whose car was the best on its tyres and the driver who could nurse them the best.

    And the situation in the start of Q1 and the first 2/3 of Q3 was pathetic and itself brought the sport into disrepute. If the FIA want more exciting races, then they should limit the number of sets for the race (Maybe 2 of each?) but either allow open or greatly increased numbers for Practice and Qualifying that are forfeited prior to the race.

    For all of those reasons, I couldn’t give the GP any higher than a 3 even if it was exciting. And I never would have thought I’d long for the Bridgestone years. As as someone on here said, I don’t blame Pirelli either as they are doing what the FIA asked them to do.

  13. Njack (@njack) said on 15th April 2013, 5:37

    5/10. Double DRS zones made passing a formality, soft tyres were bordering on useless, not much of interest other than Ferrari’s race pace.

  14. smifaye (@smifaye) said on 15th April 2013, 11:24

    A good race ruined by poor DRS zones. It was far too easy and for anyone who isn’t a big F1 fan, it makes overtaking look so easy, and in relative terms it is. I gave the race a 6 as we saw some good battling and some interesting variations of strategy which made it very difficult to read but the battles were ruined by the two DRS zones. The longest straight in F1 should not need a DRS zone to make overtaking possible.

  15. Have do say after that race I am way more exited about the motoGP this weekend than I am the F1… and it used to be the other way round :(

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