Start, Shanghai, 2013

FIA telemetry system to be fixed for Spain

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Start, Shanghai, 2013In the round-up: After four races without it the FIA’s telemetry link to the cars is expected to be working at the Spanish Grand Prix.


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F1 cockpit warning problems resolved for Spain (Reuters)

“Formula One drivers have been promised a properly functioning electronic cockpit warning system for next week’s Spanish Grand Prix after problems prevented its use in the first four races of the season.”

‘Vettel effect’ concern for British GP (The Telegraph)

“Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips said on Wednesday that ticket sales for the June 30 race were down nearly 10 per cent on last year, when 297,000 people attended over the three days despite flooded campsites and torrential downpours.”

‘Lessons learned’ for British GP (BBC)

“[Silverstone managing director Richard] Phillips said Silverstone had invested ‘hundreds of thousands’ of pounds in improved drainage in car parks, making car parks larger for the same capacity and expanding the track’s park and ride schemes and coach access.”

Sick and tyre’d: Red Bull boss says F1 is being ruined by current rules (Daily Mirror)

Dietrich Mateschitz: “Today, it’s not the fastest driver in the fastest car who wins, but the one with the optimum tyre management.”

Caterham in no danger despite QPR?s costly relegation (The Sun)

“An insider said: ‘The two businesses have always been run separately, so QPR?s relegation will not affect the Formula One team.'”

The economics of F1 in Spain (Joe Saward)

“The [Valencia] race was not supposed to cost the taxpayers anything, but the money that was supposed to come from private developers never appeared and the local government had to chip in $104 million. To that was then added another $319 million in race fees, infrastructure costs and so on.”

F1 in pole position at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed (Goodwood)

“Seven current 2013-season F1 teams are now confirmed to appear at Goodwood this year; McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, Lotus, Caterham and Marussia.”

Why Robert Kubica is still missed in F1 (MotorSport, registration required)

“Whatever the rules, though, he would undoubtedly have been right in the mix. At Monza in 2010, not long before his pal?s disastrous rally shunt, Alonso told me he thought Kubica had ??the best talent of all of us??, and Hamilton, too, privately confided that he feared Robert more any other driver, the two of them having been rivals back to karting days. So that is how much of central figure F1 has missed in the last couple of seasons.”

Marketing: Does F1 need to work harder? (F1 Confidential)

“While the individual teams are doing a great job, Formula One Management Ltd (FOM) still needs to act in order to positively impact current viewership ?ǣ which in turn helps FOM command higher broadcast fee agreements so increasing the revenue and profit for both for themselves and the teams.”

Remembering Ayrton ?ǣ 19 years on (McLaren)

“Alongside him [on the podium at Adelaide in 1993], McLaren boss Ron Dennis also quietly ruminated on the end of an era before leaning over and whispering into the Brazilian?s ear: ‘It?s never too late to change your mind, you know…'”

Ayrton Senna (F1 Speedwriter)

“I think Formula 1 is very superficial, generally speaking. Formula 1 is today a very strong business, a way of promoting names and products…and people. Of course, there are a few special people here, but as much as I try to find those few special people, and to get through to them, I find it very difficult. Because consistently I find problems and troubles that I go through which tend to drive me away from personalities. So it is a very difficult environment to be part of. It is almost impossible.”


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Is it really just younger fans who want gimmicks like DRS?

I don?t think its fair to keep blaming the younger generation for the direction the sport is heading. I am 21 and would much prefer things like DRS to be removed, and that is a viewpoint that from reading the comments on this site that a lot of young fans agree about. You are labelling a whole generation of fans with a tag that only applies to a minority.
Safeeuropeanhome (@Debaser91)

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On this day in F1

On this day last year F1 was testing in Mugello and the fastest time was shared by two drivers – Romain Grosjean and Kamui Kobayashi:

Coincidentally the BRDC International Trophy non-championship race at Silverstone on this day in 1964 saw Jack Brabham and Graham Hill cross the line side-by-side at the finish, both given identical race times of 1hr 22?45.2. Brabham was declared the winner.

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei