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2013 Spanish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Spanish Grand Prix.

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2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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291 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Spanish Grand Prix”

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  1. Dwayne Knight
    12th May 2013, 15:38

    Hamilton needs to get back to the old Hamilton, Drive aggressive, drive hungry. could you believe Mercedes is stifling him. Let the man drive

  2. I hate the tires too. But today Alonso didn’t have a tires problem. From the lights to flag he was a beast. We saw an epic race from one of the greatest drivers ever. I’m not a ferrari fan. But you have to recognize brilliance. 9.

  3. ‏@PaulHembery
    We aim for 2-3 pit stops. Today was too many, we got it wrong, too aggressive. We will make changes, probably from Silverstone.

    1. Even the tyres are a lottery for the manufacturers. If they don’t understand their own tyres, how do they expect the team to understand them??

  4. I rather liked the first half, it became a bit of a procession after the 3rd-ish round of stops.

    It was great to see the top 6 stick together over the first stint and then Kimi and Alonso being able to go like the clappers for once.

    I think some of this tyre talks a bit coloured by fans supporting merc/ red bull – those cars may have gone backwards but the Ferraris, the Lotus (sorry Grosjean), toro rosso’s and McLaren seemed to be rather good.

  5. 1

    I feel sorry for the fans attending that race who go for the pure racing spectacle. Sure the Spaniards would be happy but it was just a snooze fest.

    Tyres need to go back to last years compounds.

  6. I hate this PIRELLI = ITALY = FERRARI = JEAN TODT = FIA tyres, simply the drivers goes like in a Procession…

    1. hahaha, i was missing the ol’ good conspiration theorists… <3

      1. *conspiracy

    2. Now that is an Interesting Conspiracy theory. Never thought about that deep connections……

      Hmmmm ….. is there something cooking up here ??? Did Ferrari get to know about these stuff before hand during winter and hence made their cars to suit the spec !!!!!!! LOL that sounds something there….

    3. Look at their titles in 2011 and 2012. Something really fishy about those wins and 1-2s.

    4. Best comment I’ve read all day :P

  7. Gave it a 6, wasn’t mindblowingly amazing but not awful. There were some good overtakes at the start, Fernando’s overtake on Lewis at the start was immense. Kimi was top draw and drove a very good race as did Massa. Say what you will about the extremities of the tyre deg, but ANOTHER delamination on JEV’s Torro Rosso is just an utter joke. We have seen cars before fly on Staurdays and not be as quick on a Sunday, but for Mercedes to drop like a stone, due to their tyre wear is ridicolous.

    Properly buzzing for Fernando to win in Spain.

  8. Gave it a 5. The track that was boring already had been ruined by the most rubbish final sector on the calendar except Abu Dhabi. The balance is wrong tire-wise. Not much at all was right at this race. It gets as high a grade as this, purely because some drivers did all they could to spice it up. Some great performances, notably by Alonso, Kimi, Massa and a great steal of a point by Ricciardo, who is really overachieving with that car. Webber also had a good race after an awful start, only lost 3.8 seconds to Vettel from the end of lap one to the end(9.7 in total), being more in traffic

    Wonder what kind of a race we’ll see at Monaco with these tires? Most would say, a horrible procession but I’m not so sure. Might end up being similar to 2005(with its no tire change rule), had a crazy end of race

  9. Gave it 3. Great drive from Alonso but from spectator view nothing spectacular.
    There was some action, and opening laps were somehow intense but there was nothing going on since second stints.

  10. 3/10 for me . I don’t usually rate but this one made me to .
    To sum it up . It was ” Tyring ” . The only silver lining was Alonso ( not vettel ) winning for me . Hamilton just blew it in the first corner and then yes he got “tyred” as well . I can’t call it a race . It was a procession .

  11. Jared H (@thejaredhuang)
    12th May 2013, 16:02

    People need to stop talking about the tires. If Lotus can do a 3 stop with 3 stints on options and get a 2nd then others need to stop complaining about the tires and go back to their drawing boards. Honestly I don’t think Pirelli should do anything different from what they’re doing now.

    1. But Lotus are not the only team in F1…so just because the tyres suit Lotus does not mean they are ok.

    2. If Lotus can do a 3 stop with 3 stints on options and get a 2nd

      Yeah, exactly. It’s just Lotus who does that. That’s the problem.
      If it was Red Bull or Ferrari doing the same thing the Lotus fans would be literally on fire now…

  12. I fell asleep.
    I don’t blame the drivers, I blame the tyres. Don’t tell me it has always been the this because it hasn’t. Overtaking isn’t exciting when it is inevitable. Drivers aren’t even bothering to defend.
    I gave it a 3 and they are all for Fernando in the opening lap.

  13. “Like this”

  14. Any good race for Alonso is a good race for me, but after lap 13 when he snuck past Rosberg it was a bit of a bore. Tires have made these races more, not less interesting. Seeing Kimi finishing second on a three-stop strategy with the Ferrari’s in front and behind taking a four-stop was proof that both can be effective. Mobility of Webber was interesting as well. I wish Mercedes had a better outcome, but the car just isn’t working right yet. There is still plenty of season to go, but this was better than average. I give it a 6.

  15. Eddie (@wackyracer)
    12th May 2013, 16:23


    1. @wackyracer one lewis fan to another :( . It was saaad .

  16. 5/10 at best, was like watching a train go by with the odd overtake.

  17. 5 – pretty boring to be honest. Doesn’t really compare to GP2/GP3 does it?

    1. @graham228221: Did you watch today’s GP2 sprint race? It was the exact same tyre borefest but at a more amateur level. The only difference is that F1 drivers don’t climb on each other’s rear wings when they’re driving in a compact group, a couple of tenths apart, on worn tires.

      The only reason why GP2 is more entertaining is because are more reckless / don’t-care-about-potential-consequences drivers on the grid there, than in F1.

      1. It was the exact same tyre borefest but at a more amateur level.

        @tony031r Could not have summed that up better myself

        1. @tony031r @andae23 au contraire, F1 is boring because drivers can’t be at all reckless – they have to be totally risk-averse. The teams might take a risk in strategy, but drivers are tiptoeing around at 70-80% (except for a couple of laps per stint where they’re allowed to push, if they’re lucky) and not fighting against opponents DRS’ing their way past.

          Sure the standard of driving is lower in GP2/GP3, but at least you have drivers taking risks, attacking and defending on the track instead of driving to computer-calculated lap deltas.

  18. Very good race from Alonso and even Massa.

    The firsts lap were exciting with brave manouvers from both Ferraris.

    The tyre management is too much: “take care of the front left” was the mantra of the day. I think drivers aren’t not happy about this.
    I read an interview of Hakkinen were he stated that in his era the only radio message was “push”.

    I would like to see a F1 race where the only radio-messages allowed are to inform the driver when to pit and for security-related issues. I’m sick of: “tyres to hot”, “brake too cold”, “save the tyres” and so on. It is up to the sensibility of the driver how to manage and handle the car throughout the whole race. The first version of the Pirelli was fine, bring them back!

  19. We have probably the best set of drivers on the grid ever. I want to see them racing at the limit of their cars not having a chat with their engineers about how fast they are allowed to go. Teams have always had to build cars with the tyres in mind but not to this extent. I’ll be hoping for a wet race every weekend from now on. At least the racing will be about driver skill.

    1. I fail to see how Pirelli tyres are disregarding talent. If anything, the talent is even more apparent currently as drivers can’t mindlessly push 100% all the time but have to consider everything thoroughly: when to push, when to conserve, when to battle, will they just keep on doing the same thing if it doesn’t deliver or if to change driving style, the way you approach corners and the way you exit them. In Sam Michael’s words: “it’s a thinking man’s game.”

      If you think it’s any easier to win races this year than it has been in the past just look at how many of the top five finishers are world champions at every race this year.

      1. @tmekt

        I agree with you to an extent, except that I don’t think the tires are consistent enough for it to be a true thinking man’s game. Today you get it right (great thinking driver) the next race you get it totally wrong (even though it’s the same driver). And a lot of it is how the car inherently handles the tire.

  20. 6/10
    I hope my rating isn’t biased by the result. We had a battle for the lead and two different strategies working out, we had some nice overtakes but too much difference in performance because of the tyres. Each driver was on his own race, defending was useless both strategically and as it was impossible if your tyres weren’t as fresh as the other driver’s.

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