Rate the race: 2013 Spanish Grand Prix

2013 Spanish Grand Prix

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Spanish Grand Prix.

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2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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291 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Spanish Grand Prix

  1. Howard (@howard) said on 12th May 2013, 16:25

    5/10 at best, was like watching a train go by with the odd overtake.

  2. graham228221 (@graham228221) said on 12th May 2013, 16:26

    5 – pretty boring to be honest. Doesn’t really compare to GP2/GP3 does it?

    • Antonio Nartea (@tony031r) said on 12th May 2013, 16:32

      @graham228221: Did you watch today’s GP2 sprint race? It was the exact same tyre borefest but at a more amateur level. The only difference is that F1 drivers don’t climb on each other’s rear wings when they’re driving in a compact group, a couple of tenths apart, on worn tires.

      The only reason why GP2 is more entertaining is because are more reckless / don’t-care-about-potential-consequences drivers on the grid there, than in F1.

      • andae23 (@andae23) said on 12th May 2013, 18:06

        It was the exact same tyre borefest but at a more amateur level.

        @tony031r Could not have summed that up better myself

        • graham228221 (@graham228221) said on 14th May 2013, 5:55

          @tony031r @andae23 au contraire, F1 is boring because drivers can’t be at all reckless – they have to be totally risk-averse. The teams might take a risk in strategy, but drivers are tiptoeing around at 70-80% (except for a couple of laps per stint where they’re allowed to push, if they’re lucky) and not fighting against opponents DRS’ing their way past.

          Sure the standard of driving is lower in GP2/GP3, but at least you have drivers taking risks, attacking and defending on the track instead of driving to computer-calculated lap deltas.

  3. Michele (@phenixita) said on 12th May 2013, 16:31

    Very good race from Alonso and even Massa.

    The firsts lap were exciting with brave manouvers from both Ferraris.

    The tyre management is too much: “take care of the front left” was the mantra of the day. I think drivers aren’t not happy about this.
    I read an interview of Hakkinen were he stated that in his era the only radio message was “push”.

    I would like to see a F1 race where the only radio-messages allowed are to inform the driver when to pit and for security-related issues. I’m sick of: “tyres to hot”, “brake too cold”, “save the tyres” and so on. It is up to the sensibility of the driver how to manage and handle the car throughout the whole race. The first version of the Pirelli was fine, bring them back!

  4. Nigelstash (@nigelstash) said on 12th May 2013, 16:34

    We have probably the best set of drivers on the grid ever. I want to see them racing at the limit of their cars not having a chat with their engineers about how fast they are allowed to go. Teams have always had to build cars with the tyres in mind but not to this extent. I’ll be hoping for a wet race every weekend from now on. At least the racing will be about driver skill.

    • tmekt (@tmekt) said on 12th May 2013, 20:47

      I fail to see how Pirelli tyres are disregarding talent. If anything, the talent is even more apparent currently as drivers can’t mindlessly push 100% all the time but have to consider everything thoroughly: when to push, when to conserve, when to battle, will they just keep on doing the same thing if it doesn’t deliver or if to change driving style, the way you approach corners and the way you exit them. In Sam Michael’s words: “it’s a thinking man’s game.”

      If you think it’s any easier to win races this year than it has been in the past just look at how many of the top five finishers are world champions at every race this year.

      • uan (@uan) said on 12th May 2013, 21:33


        I agree with you to an extent, except that I don’t think the tires are consistent enough for it to be a true thinking man’s game. Today you get it right (great thinking driver) the next race you get it totally wrong (even though it’s the same driver). And a lot of it is how the car inherently handles the tire.

  5. Fixy (@fixy) said on 12th May 2013, 16:35

    I hope my rating isn’t biased by the result. We had a battle for the lead and two different strategies working out, we had some nice overtakes but too much difference in performance because of the tyres. Each driver was on his own race, defending was useless both strategically and as it was impossible if your tyres weren’t as fresh as the other driver’s.

  6. dodge5847 (@dodge5847) said on 12th May 2013, 16:44

    A good solid race, without very much excitement, 6/10.

  7. Great race today! Boo hoo- who cares if the tyres go off? Alonso obviously didn’t and drove them into oblivion and just changed to a new set. Saving tyres for the sake of saving tyres is rather like saving fuel. save consumables only to the extent it serves race strategy. I must say that instead of being afraid of tyre wear, Ferrari’s attitude & strategy paid off. Ok, so there is a limit to how many stops ‘seem’ reasonable, but 4 stops isn’t at the limit. 6 yes. 5 – hmm, who knows?

  8. Mads (@mads) said on 12th May 2013, 17:17

    This race was pretty bad.
    The first part at least until the first pitstop was quite good. Pretty old school in some way. Less mad overtakes, more hard work and the overtakes needed to be setup properly. Quite exciting. But then when both the Mercedes cars threw in the towel and let everyone go the race just became a borefest. Nothing happened. By the end the whole top five had a minimum of 10 seconds between each of them.
    That said, I am not the kind of guy who only looks at what happens at the front, but there was not a lot going on at the back, and for a lot of the time we didn’t get to see the chases lower down because the TV director thought it was more fun for us to look at the top three cars cruising around on their own piece of track.
    So yeah. 4.

  9. Michael (@freelittlebirds) said on 12th May 2013, 17:22

    I think this race warrants a zero to be added to the list of available scores… I lost interest after lap 3.

  10. pablo2008jedi (@pablo2008jedi) said on 12th May 2013, 17:26

    I fell asleep after 32 laps…

  11. David not Coulthard (@) said on 12th May 2013, 17:27


    I know that it’s supoposed to be rounded to 7 but I went with 6 instead. Not good, but since it wasn’t bad either it doesn’t deserve too bad a score.

  12. David not Coulthard (@) said on 12th May 2013, 17:30

    Oh, and may I add that it was a Bridgestone-esque race, only with too many pitstops instead of too few. Not that I was one of those who whined during the Bridgestone era! I didn’t!

  13. 23kennyboy23 said on 12th May 2013, 17:34

    4/10. I generally see the benefits of DRS, tyres etc but today was just stupid. 2011/2010 tyres please.

    • Jonny Edwards (@racectrl) said on 12th May 2013, 17:49

      What possible benefits are there of DRS other than allowing a driver to pass another driver without using any skill what-so-ever (pressing a button in response to a beep isn’t a skill) Obstacles are part of F1 – If you can’t get around them then that’s your problem. Tyre deg and Kers is enough to help you in those situations.

  14. Nick (@npf1) said on 12th May 2013, 17:38

    Meant to vote a 7, clicked on 8 somehow. The first half of the race was good, there were a fair number of battles, but near the end, when it became clear the battles that were still going on weren’t going to be won by the hunters, the race became a bit stale.

    For all the people complaining about a procession and what have you, go find a race on this track pre-2010. Good luck staying awake beyond lap 3, because nobody overtook, people rarely had to stop and McLaren or whatever team tested most on the track during the season won.

  15. Jonny Edwards (@racectrl) said on 12th May 2013, 17:40

    Make no mistake about it – These are dark times for F1. It has never been as bad as it is right now. It’s wrong on so many levels that there is no hope if it being fixed short term. If it isn’t DRS ruining the on-track battles then it’s drivers cruising around desperately trying to hang onto tyre life. Let’s not even mention the tedious qualifying format… For once i’m sitting here considering whether it’s worth my while switching on the TV come Sunday afternoon. I managed it once around 2004/5 but boy i had no idea how good i had it back then! I can only describe this season as utter trash so far.

    Ok, off to watch the race for a second time (i need help!)

    • tmekt (@tmekt) said on 12th May 2013, 20:15

      2004 and 2005 were crap except for the engine noises which are irrelevant, as far as I’m concerned. If I wanted to go listen cool, very loud noises, I’d go to a rock consert.

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