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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Spanish Grand Prix.

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2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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291 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Spanish Grand Prix”

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  1. Hasn’t the whole season been an exercise in tyre conservation. And is it fair to punish Lotus and Ferrari for doing the best job with the tyres?

    Anyways as someone who sat through many Spanish GPs this was probably one of the better ones.
    But I agree that there is nothing worse than seeing cars not pushing when behind a fellow car in order to take a position in order to save tyres.

  2. Rubbish!
    I would love to see a driver just loose it and go as fast as they can for the entire race and burn all the tyres up just to prove a point.

    1. Anele (@anele-mbethe)
      12th May 2013, 21:53

      Now that would be hilarious…and for some reason I pictured Hamilton doing it.

  3. zak misiuda (@)
    12th May 2013, 21:55

    it comes to something when Paul Hembry is dictating how many stop are possible on the sets of tyres. let’s all face it, this is no longer a championship for the best drivers in the world its a championship for tyre conservation and is getting a bit ridiculous. And seriously another de lamination of a tyre this race!! sort it out Pirelli please for the good of Formula 1

  4. Not too much action but I wasn’t bored at any point. 6.5/10.

    Thankfully, there wasn’t too much moaning about the tires from the ORF commentators. The Pirellis are fantastic at the moment.

  5. I gave it a 5. I would have given it a good rating for Fernando even though I’m not a big Alonso or Ferrari fan. But he deserved the win. But the domination of the race by tire issues??? No, I would give the race a “1” for that aspect.

  6. Considering I fell asleep some time after lap 40 and not knowing what the hell was going on, I have to give this race a 5/10, purely for the fact that it was sleep-inducing. Wasn’t a particularly bad race beforehand though.

  7. 4. Another race where it was purely manufactured racing and there wasn’t even that much over taking. DRS was ineffective. Only passes were related to tyres. They were conserving yet again right from the beginning of the race. F1 is really becoming a joke. I scale an average race at 5 so I judge this as slightly below average.

  8. Up until now, I’ve been happy to stick with the tyres. In the first four races there has at least been on track overtaking. Spain however, was an entirely different story.

    It wasn’t a race, it was verging on a farce. We’re watching the best drivers in the world start on some tyres, drive around at about 60% – if that – until they’ve run out of rubber and then pit for some more. That process is repeated until the specified number of laps have been completed and people see where they end up.

    It’s ridiculous. I’m glad Paul Hembrey has acknowledged they got it wrong today because boy did they ever. I’ll be the first to say I don’t want to go back to one-stop races that Red Bull dominate, but what was wrong with the tyres as they were at the start of last season?

    Seeing as we won’t get a change until Silverstone my only hope is that tyres won’t be a significant issue in Monaco, what with the low wear rate. I also see at this rate though, Pirelli changing their allocation for Canada to Soft and Medium, simply so we get the desired 2/3 stops, not the ridiculous 4/5.

    As for my rating, it was a three today. Worst of the season, worst in a while, and Vettel didn’t even win!

    1. I’m afraid of Canada. Anything could happen there. Our only hope is the rain.

      I’m now questioning the value of any result… this isn’t racing… and the more ridiculous to me was what I saw yesterday morning in GP3. 17-lap race and tyres have gone off in about 5-7 laps!! Their last laps were about seven seconds slower than their best.(the commentator said it was 10 in the first race…)
      They should have come to the pits for new tyres.(would’ve been quicker) But Pirelli only gives them TWO sets for the whole weekend… ridiculous.

  9. Funny to see the vettel fans complaining so much, didn’t see that coming lol. Someone complained about a three time champion being told not to race, they conveniently forgot the part where seb was told to ‘use’ his tyres, after which he went absolutely no faster than he had been up to that point. So many times when seb was on screen he was making mistakes, I watched him run wide, miss apexes, and stuff his braking point numerous times. Not bagging him out, maybe he got the set up wrong, but he had a very average race. Seeing obvious vettel fans going off about this race makes me laugh, nothing went wrong for him, he stuffed his own race, but every driver has those days. Massa had far better pace for most of the race, and it had nothing to do with his car being easier on tyres, Massa struggled for most of the race with graining just like vettel. I though Alonso did a great job, he showed excellent race craft, consistent speed, and still managed his tyres well, certainly a lot better than his team mate. I saw a lot of racing (racing doesn’t have to mean constant overtakes kids), a lot of great performances and a thoroughly exciting first half of the race. Obviously with such consistent pace Alonso made the race up front a bit boring toward the end, and I see a lot of vettel fans complaining about the lack of battles up front, funny how they didn’t complain about Bahrain, considering it had far less action up front than Spain, no double standard there! Lol. Seriously though, this was a really good race for catalunya.

    1. …I rated it a 7 by the way, I found it surprisingly exciting for a Spanish gp

  10. I’m going to say it was boring, but maybe not for the same reasons as everyone else. Well, ok it was certainly boring in terms of the ultimate result, which seemed determined by the first set of pit stops. However, whatever excitement there might have been was robbed by the TV directors again. I thought we’d seen some improvement of late but today we were back to looking at the frontrunners speeding in clean air while interesting stuff further down the field was being ignored.

    I’ve still no idea how Perez was within DRS of Button for about 10 laps and didn’t get past on fresher tyres. All the stuff around p8-p12 ish looked (from the timing screens) to be pretty tight all race, but we could have seen a lot more of it.

    So based on what I was allowed to see, a very boring race. Based on what we might have been allowed to see, possibly better.

  11. 2.
    One point for each noteworthy non-DRS overtake I remember: Alonso on Raikkonen and Hamilton, and Vettel on Rosberg.

    Really, I don’t mind “strategic” races. But there was no strategy here – huge gaps between each of the top 7 or 8 drivers, and just no scope for anyone to do anything. Ferrari and Lotus were slightly better on tyre wear so ended up ahead.

    Drivers nursing tyres on 4-stop! I wonder why nobody tried a 5-stop whilst ignoring the tyres (I guess you would still have to nurse them)…

    First race in ages where I kept nodding off (I admit I was tyred).

    1. No one had the tyres to do a 5 stop. They start Qualifying with 6 so the idea of also using all 6 in the race is pretty unthinkable.

      1. Don’t think so – they have to use some tyres that were used in qualifying anyway (mostly for 1 or 2 hot laps only) so not sure why the last set of tyres could not be used either?

    2. Confused by ‘huge gaps between each of the top 7 or 8 drivers” and “Ferrari and Lotus were slightly better on tyre wear”. Here is the gap-to-leader chart for the top 5 finishers. Looks like Ferrari and Lotus dialed it in and everyone else just got it wrong. http://bit.ly/10syiZq

      1. sorry for the bad link. This one works: http://bit.ly/YEqAyR

        1. But it is because of the nature of the tyres that most teams seem to get it wrong. And yes, there were huge gaps between the leaders – after the second stop, it had all been played out if you take into account the 3-stoppers time. And it was more boring than ever – not only did we have a leader with a huge lead like so often with Vettel, but there was no potential for action in any of the top 6 or 7 positions after only 1/3 of the race.

          Whilst 2011 was often boring with Vettel leading a lot, at least there was always some tension about the other spots on the podium.

    3. Alonso on Raikkonen

      Just a shame that Kimi didn’t bother actually racing him & basically just let Fernando go by him.

  12. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    13th May 2013, 1:33


    – Alonso winning in front of his home crowd.
    – Massa on the podium
    – Vettel not on the podium.

    – Tyres really were too fragile. They’re supposed to drive as fast as possible, not drive so slowly and cautiously that they cant even race the next car in front, regardless of if it’s their team mate or not.

    – DRS down the pit straight seemed a bit too effective. Could’ve done with being 100m shorter. Mind you i suppose it’s becase the teams have optimised DRS terrifically this year.

    – Lewis going backwards.

    I really didnt enjoy this race too much. There were a couple of good fights at the start and towards the end, but other than that, there wasn’t too much to say “Yahoo” to. Just too much tyre management and pitstops.

    I know that Catalunya is a high wearing track anyway, but 4 and 5 stops is just too much. It makes it difficult to follow.

    I could live with 4-5 stops if the drivers were pushing 100% the whole time. But they looked like they were just out for a leisurely Sunday afternoon drive.

    Also, hopefully the tyres wont be such a cruicial factor in for the rest of the season (aside from silverstone) because the tracks from here on are considerably less tyre hungry.

    1. @tophercheese21 “They’re supposed to drive as fast as possible, not drive so slowly and cautiously that they cant even race the next car in front, regardless of if it’s their team mate or not.”

      Excuse me but, What race did you see? Yesterday won the fastest driver, the driver who overtook 4 cars in the first laps, the driver that did 4 stpos instead of 3 (as did the second one) so yesterday on top of the podium there was a driver that won the race driving faster than the second one, overtaking him twice in the circuit and in the second position there was a driver that tried to preserve his tyres (what allowed him to finish ahead of Massa).

      And behind the third position finished a driver (vettel) that planned a 3 stops strategy -planning no to drive as fast as possible- and he had to change it whe he realized that to Alonso was not going to stop driving qualification laps…

      Yesterday what Ferrari did was to show the rest of the teams/drivers that it is possible (and it was the way to win the race) to go as fast as possible during the hole race, and mostly at the begining.

      1. and he had to change it whe he realized that to Alonso was not going to stop driving qualification laps…

        Watch a qualifying lap of one of the top qualifiers this weekend. Then watch Alonso’s (or anybody else’s) laps during the race. If you do not see a difference, I urge you to make an appointment at the optician.

  13. 1/10 The worst F1 race I saw ever! Stupid is the least you can say! 5 pit stop to change tyres!!!! No word can describe such kind of race, it is no race at all, worst than an oval race in USA!!! A shame.
    Bye bye Formula 1!!!

    1. Podium:

      1st position: Alonso 4 stops
      2nd: Kimi 3 stops
      3rd: Massa 4 stops
      4rd: 4 stops
      5th: 4 stops

      Next time swicht on the tv during the race, it is better to wacht the race before writing a comment.

      1. % stops, 4 stops, 3 stops, it is the same! Stupid way of make races happen.

  14. I fell asleep, b/c the race is at night for me and also b/c I was tyre-d

  15. Abdurahman (@)
    13th May 2013, 2:47

    Nice to see people really waking up to the situation of reality now in F1. This race really hit it home. Tires should not have a “cliff”, is part of the problem I think. Tires should go away sure, but, in normal type conditions, where the driver can still push and then use their skill as the tires go off, just not being timid because they know the tire is just going to go off a cliff at any moment.

    Ridiculous amount of pitstops, might as well bring back refuelling at this point!! Spice things up a bit. The technology is there to make it completely safe. Look at INDYCARS, they still do it. It’s pretty nutty, but Indycar races are starting to blow away F1. THAT IS NOT HOW IT SHOULD BE…………………………….

    Hmmm, does Jacques Villeneuve still seem like some sort of nut with dumb comments now that YOU ARE STARTING TO AGREE WITH HIM??

    1. Tires should not have a “cliff”, is part of the problem I think.

      I agree

  16. 4/10
    I thought it’s gonna be an amazing race in the first few laps. But then after that, it’s not just boring, but somewhat stupid to watch.

  17. saneev (@)
    13th May 2013, 3:52

    I’ll stop my pay TV (sport package), but i wont stop watching f1, just watch it on free-to-air, even if it only the race with lots of ads. f1 has lost its mojo… i dont blame pirelli, just bring back the refuelling!

  18. Grading on the curve that is Circuit de Catalunya, I gave this a 7. The track could be a little better, (or just revert to the late-90’s layout,) but for what it is, I was thrilled to see SOME life in the early stages.

    If I wasn’t grading on a curve, this would be about a 4 or a 5.

  19. 9
    + Alonso wins home race!!!
    + Kimi holds 2

    – 1 because of all the tyre managment elbonian-jiberish >> at least they all got the same tyres and also “I can’t race any slower” << what??

  20. Well, I’ve been worrying for a few years, and I’ve finally found the answer.
    If you want to watch a top-flight, premier race with good background knowledge, then watch F1 on the BBC.

    Seriously, none of this tyre moaning like NBC/Sky reportedly had, just one small mention by Gary Anderson (a real find) that the race is likely to be a 3-4 stop race, never said anything bad about it, and that’s how the race panned out. In the end, Alonso’s 4-stop beat Raikkonen’s 3-stop, so trying to conserve the tyres obviously isn’t always the right way to go about things. Ben Edwards and DC barely mentioned the tyres other than the different race strategies seen by teams using different compounds.

    The tyres last 6 laps in China, people moan. The tyres last 10-12 laps in Barcelona, people moan. I can’t understand where people want these tyres. They’re the same for all the teams, the teams have to drive around the problem, not drive straight into it and hope it goes away.

    1. The BBC did just as much complaining about the tyre situation post race, Especially on the red button forum.

      DC who has traditionally been quite supportive of Pirelli was very critical of them, He did also mention during the race when they had an incar camera about how slow everyone was cruising.

      1. Slow?

        Well instead of lookimg at the incams you shoul look at the times,

        Race time 2013 1:39

        Race time before pirelli (2008/9) 1:38 and 1:37

        1 minute difference over a total distance of 307 Km (hell of a difference!)

    2. I actually have no problem with 4 stops at such. However, with 4 stops, there should really only be a minimal amount of saving tyres.

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