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BMW denies Ecclestone’s comeback claim

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In the round-up: BMW deny claims they are planning to return to Formula One.


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BMW rubbishes F1 return talk (Autosport)

BMW motorsport director Jens Marquardt: “We have absolutely no intention of looking at other categories. We made a conscious decision to withdraw from Formula One.”

Bernie Ecclestone proposes chassis share to reduce costs (Daily Express)

“I believe that customer cars will be a good thing. Everybody needs to agree to that but Frank Williams is the one who is against it.”

In conversation – Bernie Ecclestone and Niki Lauda (F1)

Ecclestone: “I asked Pirelli to make tyres that would not complete 50 percent of a race – meaning we need pit stops. And that?s what they did. It is very, very difficult to predict and say these tyres will last 15 or 20 percent of the race because each circuit is different, we are facing very different temperatures, the cars are different, and last but not least each driver has a different driving style. In the times when Niki was racing his biggest concern was looking after the gearbox and the brakes – not the tyres. Then we got away from that and the drivers didn?t have to think about anything. Now they have to use their brains and start thinking about how to win races.”

F1 tyre changes to be less dramatic than feared (Reuters)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “Some teams have worked in a certain way to maximise the tyre and chassis package and they don’t want that to be lost by radical change. We’re trying to find something that is sportingly equitable amongst the vast majority that allows us to rid ourselves of the tread (problem).”

Kevin Garside: How McLaren would love to be contenders again on the waterfront at Monaco (The Independent)

Kevin Garside: “There have been rumours, denied by Dennis, that he wants back in the paddock to take control of the team. Clearly something needs to happen to stop the bleeding.”

2,500 members of the public will get chance to walk through the F1 pit lane (Straits Times)

“The pit lane is usually accessible only to ticket holders of the Formula One Paddock Club, worth about $8,500. The public can sign up on the Singapore GP website and selection will be through balloting.”


Comment of the day

@TimothyKatz on the BMW rumours:

BMW are having pretty good success in DTM this season and last, so in a way I?d be surprised if they felt a return to F1 would be attractive. But if they decide to become an engine supplier, it would be most welcome I?m sure.

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