Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

2013 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Monaco Grand Prix.

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2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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287 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix”

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  1. Traverse (@)
    26th May 2013, 15:35

    The Monaco GP should be removed from the calender.

  2. The sky pundits became McLaren tinted as the race went by, kamikaze moves and inane decisions by the marshalls, Pérez did spiced up the race though. The redbulls continue doing well in savings mode 21 points lead, how on earth did they pace so fast under safety car? Ferrari made many mistakes and had no pace.
    Race for race 7/10, this is if the result stands.

    1. @peartree
      They were not fast at all during the safety car. Webber had stopped a few laps before, and Vettel stopped just before the safety car came out (either by chance or after having seen the Massa crash expecting a safety car). They both got caught behind the safety car almost immediately (but then they were allower to pass after being held up for a few corners). Rosberg and Hamilton could have come in at the same time as Vettel, which would have been a much safer course of action. However, they then had to complete almost an entire lap at safety car speed. Had the safety car come out 10 seconds earlier, Vettel and Webber would have been able to go at a slightly faster pace for a while longer; had it come out 10 seconds later, Vettel and Webber would not have been caught behind the safety car at all. In both cases they would probably have passed Rosberg as well. So Rosberg was lucky to keep first place given the stupid decision my Mercedes to not pit immediately after Massa’s crash.

      1. @mike-dee I know that Rosberg was lucky to stay 1st but the only reason behing Rosberg’s luck was the fact that the redbulls, especially Seb pitted almost simultaneously to Massa’s failure, otherwise even with new tyres the softs were very slow for them to undercut the Mercedes.

  3. What a tedious race. Not sure I would even call it a race. How many times did we hear the word “tyres”. They might as well weight the tyres at the end and give the cup to the team with most rubber mass left. Sorry, but that was rubbish.

  4. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey)
    26th May 2013, 15:38

    Monaco is a crazy circuit and produces crazy races.

    Certainly never fails to get my heart pumping, that’s for sure…

  5. Grojean’s seat is getting increasingly shaky after that.

    I say 7. A few too many incidents for my liking.

  6. Dunno how you can rate this race badly, best of this year so far for me!

    1. agreed! No pleasing some people – overtaking, incidents, tactics, tyres, thisrace had the lot :-)

  7. A 7 for me. Not enough action on the top four.
    At least Perez put some spice to it.
    Unfortunately that las move on Kimi – though cookie – Raikonen was
    unfortunate for both.
    Tre will be some interesting discussions about Perez; Gutsy or reckless?

  8. The race for me was a 1 stop boring procession. Cars so close to each other and no chance to overtake.
    I think Perez should be given a penalty for the next race. He seemed to have a plan – to push drivers in front so those had to avoid him by cutting the corner and then to give away their position.
    If Alonso was forced to give the position to Perez why wasn’t Kimi asked to do the same? After the Alonso-Kubica incident at Silverstone 2010, Kimi should get a penalty.

    1. Because Perez also cut the chicane with Kimi.

  9. Monaco could be one of the best KART CIRCUITS but unsuitable for F1. S. Perez almost stoping the race for two laps with a damaged car impossible to overtake explains everything.

  10. No unpleasant DRS aftertaste, no finger in the air, good looking podium with actual flags.

    We had a classy Monaco Grand Prix.

    1. No finger in the air

      Actually, Nico Rosberg had his finger in the air when he crossed the line.

      1. Is that so?
        Then that was the most terrible, dull and disguisting piece of racing I’ve ever seen. Monaco should be removed from the calendar and Bernie should sue the Principality for damage to the reputation of the sport.

        And I also change my vote from 8 to 2.

        1. @xivizmath @david-a
          Can someone explain this dislike of the Vettel finger to me? It must be a cultural thing as I do not find it offensive in any way! He is not using his middle finger after all!

  11. Far too much tyre management yet again!

    Seeing Hamilton trying to race Webber only to be told to back off to watch the tyres, Hearing drivers been told to back off to maintain a gap to the car ahead to save tyres & hearing them all been told to hit these stupid delta times again.

    You can see just how much tyre management was going on by looking at the laptimes, They spent the whole race in the 1:21/1:22 range, Yet at the end of the 1st stint suddenly started lapping in the 1:19s then at the end Rosberg starts doing 1:18s & Vettel does a 1:16 before been told to slow down.

    There was some good bits of racing in there, Especially from Sutil & Perez but 95% or more of that race was pure tyre management & those big parts of the race were completely boring & because of that it turned out to be one of the most boring Monaco Gp’s that I’ve seen in the 36 or so years I’ve been following F1.

    Formula Pirelli tyre management ain’t racing!

    1. Tyre management? When? During the one and only lap without yellow flag, red flag, safety car or turtle damaged car slowing downg the race?

      1. Did you not watch the race?

        They mentioned in several times on commentary, They were all driving round managing the tyres lapping in the 1:21/1:22 range.

        We also heard tons of team radio both on the world feed & the pit lane channel in which drivers were been told to look after the tyres & in several cases they were been told to fall back from the car ahead to watch the tyres & to not push the car ahead because tyre management is too important.

        That race was dominated by tyre management just like every other race this season so far!

        Go back & watch the race, listen to the commentary & the team radio feeds. And go look at the lap charts to see what lap times they were running & it will all become blatently obvious how much tyre dominated that race was!

  12. Only excitement was the crashes Poor general entertainment this time.

  13. im surprised no questioned or thought about retiring alonso? Massa’s accident must of been some kind of car failure. Top level drivers dont make errors like that twice in row surely?

    and remember what happened to the ferrari in spain testing?

    1. They wouldn’t need to retire him, Alonso would still try to continue with three wheels I believe, such is the importance of points to his campaign after a shaky start to the season.

  14. I really enjoyed that race: Excellent drive from Nico, good luck for Vet and Webber, bad luck for Hammy, Button’s finishing position suprised me, but was welcome, Suitl was everything Perez was not… great drive from him! Coupled with the usual Grosjean/Maldanado smash and grab antics I thought it was highly entertaining! 8

  15. 7/10. Started out slow, picked up a little towards the end… nothing legendary, but Nico winning here 30 years after his father did the same was a happy conclusion.

  16. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    26th May 2013, 15:46

    Really Solid 7

    Considering how much of a procession Monaco can be sometimes, that was a really enjoyable race.
    So much action!

    – Firstly, hat’s off to Rosberg, absolutely stellar drive, not just in the race, but all weekend. Perfection.
    – Incredible battle to end the race for 5th-10th place.
    – Lewis putting Mark under serious pressure after the red flag
    – Sutil did a terrific job with some amazing overtakes on Button and Alonso.
    MAJOR kudos to Mclaren for again letting their drivers race.
    – Loved the strategy.

    – Sorry for Massa crashing again, but surely just driver error. Almost identical crash to his FP3 crash.
    – Grosjean was just reckless. Yet again, why is he in Formula 1?
    – Dan getting taken out by Grosjean.
    – Kimi getting puncture ruined the battle for 5th.
    – “Massively” unlucky for Hamilton getting jumped in the pits under the first safety car. Would have loved to see a Merc 1-2.

    Note: Lotus SERIOUSLY need to pull Grosjean into line, or boot him. He’s quick, but you HAVE to be more than quick. He just doesn’t seem to be able to use his peripheral vision very well when racing.

    1. Funny how you choose to refer to certain drivers with their surnames and to thers by their first names… I always try to avoid doing that.

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        26th May 2013, 16:02

        umm… okay. lol

    2. @tophercheese21

      “Massively” unlucky for Hamilton getting jumped in the pits under the first safety car. Would have loved to see a Merc 1-2

      Not really unlucky. It was really Hamilton’s mistake. He would probably held on to at least third place had he not let the gap to Rosberg grow so much.

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        5th September 2013, 4:51

        He was told to create a 6 second gap when they stacked the pit stops.

        He did so accordingly and got undercut.
        That’s not his fault.

  17. First half extremely boring, second part a lot better.
    Rosberg were perfect, Sutil brilliant. Kimi deserves a mention too.
    Should be a Mercedes 1-2, they made a bad job on handling the situation on the SC.

  18. Proof that you don’t need dozens of overtakes to make an exciting race, with DRS being ineffective and the tyres being neutralised by the track and incidents. The passes that were pulled off were feantastic, there was incident, tension and a few talking points. It wasn’t epic like the best races are, but this was one of the best races so far this season. A solid 8.

  19. 5/10. The exciting bits were cancelled out by the boring bits.

    But yesterday’s qualifying was a thriller.

  20. Horrible, horrible race. I normally love Monaco but this was one of the most boring races there I can remember (counting out the “excitement” caused by crashes).

    The only thing that could’ve helped this race? Degrading tires and more pitstops.

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