Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Monaco Grand Prix.

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2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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287 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

  1. iAltair (@ialtair) said on 26th May 2013, 15:34

    I’m very impressed with Sutil here.

    Overtook Button and Alonso at the same hairpin, twice.

    I think he will be my driver of the day.

  2. Hotbottoms (@hotbottoms) said on 26th May 2013, 15:34

    6 from me. First half was extremely tedious as Monaco is always. Got better towards the end, but the director did his best to miss interesting bits. We saw none of Kimi’s overtakes during the final laps and instead we were shown the top four cruising around.

  3. fangio85 (@fangio85) said on 26th May 2013, 15:34

    Gave it a six for the excitement caused by the accidents, without them it would have put me to sleep almost. Strange desicion to award perez a position for a dangerous move that would have ended in an accident had Alonso not moved out of the way when perez locked up. And then, to not penalise him for an equally stupid move on raikkonen was odd to say the least. Rosberg for dotw hands down, flawless weekend for him

  4. safeeuropeanhome (@debaser91) said on 26th May 2013, 15:35

    From the responses so far it seemed people either loved it or hated it. Put me down for the hated camp. Vettel was racing just to finish ahead of Alonso and Kimi from lap 1, Rosberg came under no threat as a result and the one time Hamilton tries to press Webber he gets told to calm down to save his tyres. Perez might have spiced things up a bit but that last move on Kimi was stupid, basically just stick your car down the inside and hope the other guy moves. He was so far back coming up to the corner.

  5. Stefan Kelly (@brawngp) said on 26th May 2013, 15:35

    That was boring, even for Monaco… They should just have 2 qualifying sessions instead of a race.
    Gave it 2

    But at least the tires were ok…

  6. Traverse (@) said on 26th May 2013, 15:35

    The Monaco GP should be removed from the calender.

  7. Pennyroyal tea (@peartree) said on 26th May 2013, 15:36

    The sky pundits became McLaren tinted as the race went by, kamikaze moves and inane decisions by the marshalls, PĂ©rez did spiced up the race though. The redbulls continue doing well in savings mode 21 points lead, how on earth did they pace so fast under safety car? Ferrari made many mistakes and had no pace.
    Race for race 7/10, this is if the result stands.

    • Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 27th May 2013, 16:41

      They were not fast at all during the safety car. Webber had stopped a few laps before, and Vettel stopped just before the safety car came out (either by chance or after having seen the Massa crash expecting a safety car). They both got caught behind the safety car almost immediately (but then they were allower to pass after being held up for a few corners). Rosberg and Hamilton could have come in at the same time as Vettel, which would have been a much safer course of action. However, they then had to complete almost an entire lap at safety car speed. Had the safety car come out 10 seconds earlier, Vettel and Webber would have been able to go at a slightly faster pace for a while longer; had it come out 10 seconds later, Vettel and Webber would not have been caught behind the safety car at all. In both cases they would probably have passed Rosberg as well. So Rosberg was lucky to keep first place given the stupid decision my Mercedes to not pit immediately after Massa’s crash.

      • Pennyroyal tea (@peartree) said on 28th May 2013, 2:17

        @mike-dee I know that Rosberg was lucky to stay 1st but the only reason behing Rosberg’s luck was the fact that the redbulls, especially Seb pitted almost simultaneously to Massa’s failure, otherwise even with new tyres the softs were very slow for them to undercut the Mercedes.

  8. Zaid Al-Kindi (@zalkindi) said on 26th May 2013, 15:36

    What a tedious race. Not sure I would even call it a race. How many times did we hear the word “tyres”. They might as well weight the tyres at the end and give the cup to the team with most rubber mass left. Sorry, but that was rubbish.

  9. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 26th May 2013, 15:38

    Monaco is a crazy circuit and produces crazy races.

    Certainly never fails to get my heart pumping, that’s for sure…

  10. Mouse_Nightshirt (@mouse_nightshirt) said on 26th May 2013, 15:39

    Grojean’s seat is getting increasingly shaky after that.

    I say 7. A few too many incidents for my liking.

  11. Jueta (@eljueta) said on 26th May 2013, 15:39

    Dunno how you can rate this race badly, best of this year so far for me!

  12. lucho19 (@lucho19) said on 26th May 2013, 15:40

    A 7 for me. Not enough action on the top four.
    At least Perez put some spice to it.
    Unfortunately that las move on Kimi – though cookie – Raikonen was
    unfortunate for both.
    Tre will be some interesting discussions about Perez; Gutsy or reckless?

  13. Klaas (@klaas) said on 26th May 2013, 15:40

    The race for me was a 1 stop boring procession. Cars so close to each other and no chance to overtake.
    I think Perez should be given a penalty for the next race. He seemed to have a plan – to push drivers in front so those had to avoid him by cutting the corner and then to give away their position.
    If Alonso was forced to give the position to Perez why wasn’t Kimi asked to do the same? After the Alonso-Kubica incident at Silverstone 2010, Kimi should get a penalty.

  14. Paul2013 said on 26th May 2013, 15:41

    Monaco could be one of the best KART CIRCUITS but unsuitable for F1. S. Perez almost stoping the race for two laps with a damaged car impossible to overtake explains everything.

  15. xivizmath (@xivizmath) said on 26th May 2013, 15:41

    No unpleasant DRS aftertaste, no finger in the air, good looking podium with actual flags.

    We had a classy Monaco Grand Prix.

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