Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

2013 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Monaco Grand Prix.

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2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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287 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix”

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  1. Mexican pay driver freaks out and costs Kimi massive point loss.

    Agressive pay drivers need to be re-trained

  2. Yes! Nico! YES! YES! YES! and YES again. Brilliant all weekend and a deserved win. He was a cut above every one this weekend, he really is bringing it to Lewis. On the race I wouldnt say it was a joke, I give it a 6. There were good overtakes from Perez, Sutil, DiResta and scrapping in the midfield was ok. The first half was poor it picked up later. Perez was gutsy but he was never going to pass Kimi. The penalty on Alonso was harsh did they expect him to disappear. Seeing people say Monaco GP should not be on are ridicolous and it almost seems as if we cant please people. If there is a lot of overtakes e.g. Turkey 2011 guys complain, if theres not you say its dull if tyres create chances and there is drivers coasting your unhappy. Who actually has a solution? IMO the tyres were annoying today as well, theres managing a situation and just driving slowly. That makes me very annoyed. Nico drew a battle line today Hamilton loves Montreal if Rosberg outdoes him there we got to admit Nico is really stepping up. If Montreals dominated by tyres and the GP is dull then we have a problem. Montreal is never dull!

  3. Steve McGrath (@)
    26th May 2013, 19:34

    Well done Nico!!

  4. Gazzaguru (@garygushbiz-com)
    26th May 2013, 19:51

    It’s difficult to give this RACE a decent rating when no-one at the front was racing. No denying there was lots of incidents including crashes and lots of laps behind 3 safety car period – that stopped the audience from nodding off from an otherwise dull and boring processional Monaco F1 GP.

  5. I think Kimi’s fan didn’t like Perez move, IMHO Perez create himself a chance a Kimi crash into him squezzing Perez front wheel first and the wing second getting himself a puncture, Kimi lock the tires trying to outbreak so he knew was there, of course he don’t like it but was beaten just as Alonso was, and stewards agree. Kimi haven’t say nothing and he is one that speaks his mind right away.

    1. Kimi actually said that Perez should be punched in the face for his move.

      Sergio Perez should be punched says Kimi Raikkonen

    2. And in Alonso’s case Perez was actually slightly ahead of Alonso when they were going off track. In Raikkonen’s case he had his front tyre next to Raikkonen’s rear tyre, so not even close to same situation. Also Raikkonen gave Perez room already on two different occasions before just to avoid collision. There’s a line between hit-or-runoff and actually overtake and Perez was doing the first here.

  6. I’d give it a 6 myself. If it weren’t for Sutil or Perez it would be a lot lower.

  7. Well, call me crazy but I liked it. It was the good kind of boring… And for a Monaco GP, compared to the ones we generally get, I think it had “character”. I was really expecting less overtakes and more conservative drives across the grid. Sure, some people got caught out but that’s what this circuit does to you… Sutil and Di Resta were delightful to watch, par example and they showed fighting for positions and overtaking are doable in Monte Carlo after all.

    Sure it wasn’t a classic all-in-all but I can’t remember more than 2 GPs here that were, in the post 90s era.
    I would have rated 6 if the action were to happen on a different track, but given the fact that it’s Monaco-standards, I’m gonna go ahead and give it an 8.

  8. I wonder if Alonso finished ahead people would be still complaining that much. Interesting to see that almost anybody talked about Alonso’s poor performance.

    1. Yes, Ferrari was well off the pace. And yes, Alonso definitely didn’t have a good day.
      Happy now?

  9. I gave it a 5. Good for Monaco, but really hard to pass at Monaco in general. I know that Monaco is all about tradition but I’m not enough of a traditionalist to appreciate it. I like the more wide open tracks for the actual racing.

    The fact that the guys managed some passing saved it for me or I would have given it a lower rating.

  10. Terrible race. boring processions and lots of amateur driving causing safety cars. On of the worst Monaco races I ve seen.

    1. agreed, so glad i didn’t pay to this year

  11. Disappointed Massa didn’t win.
    Perfect race for perez if his objective was to flatspot his tyres till they became octagonal.
    Good result for Alonso, he did a brilliant job of driving miss daisy.
    Excellent bunny hop by maldonado, though I am disappointed that he needed chiltons help.
    Nice attempted corkscrew by grosjean, but I’m not sure ricciardo was keen on his job as jump in the attempt.
    Massa did a flawless job… Of recreating his practice crash.
    And, it must be said, top job by the camera operators! There was a big risk of a small amount of excitement this year, its good to see they avoided showing us any of it, they’ve preserved that special Monaco feeling well*

    *special = boring as hell

    1. Seriously though, the bit that made me smile was vettels response to his team saying no points for fastest lap “but satisfaction”, Haha, one thing I admire him for is his sense of humour

    2. I agree 100%. A race track where almost the driver stays in the same place where they start is not a good race track. I also like all the glamour surrounding Monaco but at the top of all I like watching a race with several maneuvers and real overtaking opportunities and Monaco do not have anything of that. If I could, I eliminate Monaco from the calendar. This is not racing and I do not want to see scenes like that (Monaco races are very, very boring). I rated with a 1.

    3. @fangio85

      Disappointed Massa didn’t win.

      This must have been a tough 4 1/2 years for you then!

  12. Ron (@rcorporon)
    27th May 2013, 0:42

    Another boring Monaco parade with a few nice passes and a lot of silly crashes.

    2 / 10.

    Bring on Canada.

  13. +100
    utter Pirelli yawnfest

  14. agreed, so glad i didn’t pay to go this year

  15. 5/10, an average race at best.

    A few exciting moments, with bold pass and pass-attempts, and a few dramatic crashes (thankfully no serious injury), but a very stop-start race with the majority of the time spent by drivers managing tyres. Again.

    I found myself spending a lot of the race wishing it would hurry up and end. The nose-to-tail procession was boring, and occupied most of the 78 laps.

  16. Voted a 7. Monaco has never been an easy place to pass at, and the first part of the race before the safety car was no exception. The racing behind the top 4 was pretty crazy all day. Lots of incidents, some decent racing (if the TV actually showed it), and a DRS that was barely noticeable. Seeing how close it was through the bottom half of the top 10 was good too. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what effect those tire changes will have when they get to Canada, though.

  17. Incredibly boring race. Not at all exciting, major tire conservation from start to finish. In post race interviews Vettel commented that the Mercedes were driving like buses in the first part of the race. Very minimal passing attempts by the same few drivers. Even Alonso said screw it and let Sutil past instead of getting run into.

    The chicane out of the tunnel is a joke. With cars not staying in the track and having to give the place back/arguing about giving the place back it, its really gimmicky.

    This race is nothing more than an exhibition, and they should treat it as suck and make all the drivers drive clown cars or something.

  18. 4/10. Most drivers cruising for 90% of the race.

  19. There was a bit of excitement but you can’t really call this a race. I do enjoy watching cars being pushed to the limit around this ridiculous circuit, and for that reason I would like to see it on the calendar, but it is time to accept that when you have the lead car driving deliberately slowly and still winning the race it doesn’t fit any reasonable definition of the word ‘race’ at all.
    The solution? Recognise that this is an exhibition race and award points accordingly. For this race only, award 3 points for pole position, 2 for second and 1 for third. Same for the race. The pole sitter will then most likely come out with 6 valuable championship points for leading the exhibition – useful for the championship and a fair reflection of this race’s relative value.
    To encourage drivers to show that they can drive at the limit of grip award 3 points for the fastest lap, 2 for the second fastest and 1 for third fastest. This wouldn’t encourage overtaking but would at least let the drivers show off a bit -this is Monaco after all.
    Finally, to give some purpose to the rest of the teams in the race let their relative finishing position be the decider in any tied points situation at the end of the season and let normal constructors points apply.
    This is a unique event so no harm in a unique points system. Just don’t let Bernie near the sprinklers!

  20. I admit here that, though I had had interest in F1 for quite long time, I started following it closely only since late last year. So I do not understand what is so special about the Monaco GP. Except for its narrow track coupled with the notoriously high chances of ending up in the barrier if you tried to make some passes, I feel there is nothing to it. I mean there is no racing in it.

    IMO the race here was worse than Spain 2013. Except for a very few patches of racing, Monaco GP in my opinion was simply a demonstration run of modern formula one cars, bringing to the fore the perils of too much reliance on aerodynamic grips. I do not think there is any need to add a premium to the score just because it is Monaco. It is inexplicable how people could rate this race with 9s and 10s? Was it good enough to compete with Brazil 2012? A clear No. Anything more than a 5 is way too much for this demonstration.

    1. Having said that I would give it only a 3 or a 4

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