Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2013

Car failure caused Massa’s second crash

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2013In the round-up: Ferrari confirm Felipe Massa’s second crash at Sainte Devote was, unlike the first one, caused by a car failure.


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Pat Fry: “A race of containment” (Ferrari)

“Today?s accident looked very similar to what happened in the third free practice session, but in fact the two incidents are very different. Unlike yesterday, it seems that today?s incident can be attributed to a problem on the left front corner of the car.”

Punch Perez in the face – Raikkonen (BBC)

“Asked if the drivers would talk to Perez, Raikkonen said: ‘That won’t help. Maybe someone should punch him in the face.'”

Mercedes and Pirelli face F1 penalties for unauthorised tyre testing (The Guardian)

Helmut Marko: “We are very unhappy. When we test for three days, we go a second faster ?ǣ that’s what Adrian Newey says. It definitely helped them ?ǣ you can see that they had no tyre problems today. That’s no accident.”

Ferrari wants test ban clarification (Autoport)

Stefano Domenicali: “When there is something in the sporting regulations, you expect a penalty. It is not really obvious what would be the effect on the race weekend, it is bigger than that. I do not know what the solution is because there is no precedent.”

Mackenzie: We are not the bad guys (Sporting Life)

Force India deputy team principal Bob Fenley: “I apologise for being a bit hard on [CVC]. But the sentiment, the problems we have are still in position and that we need to address.”

Lotus F1?s ??56m loss is motorsport?s biggest (The Telegraph)

“In the year ending December 31 2012, the Oxfordshire-based team made a ??56.8m after-tax loss due to reversing sponsorship revenues. Its net loss widened by ??35.9m as revenue fell 19.8pc to ??92.7m.”

2013 Monaco Grand Prix – Post Race Press Conference (FIA)

Sebastian Vettel: “I was a bit surprised by the slow pace in the opening laps. Usually you expect two Silver Arrows in front of you and there were two buses today going for a cruise ?ǣ at least in the first couple of laps.”

Tight turnaround – Monaco heroics from the Lotus F1 Team crew (Lotus)

“The power steering rack for example requires the pedals to be removed for it to be worked on, so when Romain was first sat in the car ready to go out he didn?t have a throttle pedal as the crew were still working on it; that?s how tight the timescale was.”


Comment of the day

It could have been worse for Romain Grosjean, says @Maimai:

Fortunately Ricciardo isn?t a championship contender, otherwise it would?ve been a one race ban for Grosjean.

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On this day in F1

Pierre-Henri Raphanel, who turns 52 today, entered 17 races but only started one of them. That was in a Coloni at Monaco in 1989. He failed to make it through pre-qualifying on his nine other appearances for the team that year. He then switched to Rial where he at least made it as far as qualifying but no further.

After racing sports cars and touring cars Raphanel he went to work for Bugatti as a test driver. Raphanel set the record for the fastest speed achieved in a production car, the 1,200bhp Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, hitting 415kph (257.87 mph), though the record was later annulled on a technicality.

Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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