Start, 2013 Monaco Grand Prix, Monte-Carlo,

2013 Monaco Grand Prix team radio transcript

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Start, 2013 Monaco Grand Prix, Monte-Carlo,The Monaco Grand Prix was shaped by tyre strategy and punctuated by a series of crashes. The pit radio transcript below shows how the teams reacted to it.

The transcript of what was broadcast of the drivers’ radio messages below shows how the slow pace dictated by the leading Mercedes pair in the opening laps led many of their rivals to abandon plans to make two pit stops.

Sergio Perez was involved in two disputes over drivers cutting the track: first when he did it while racing his team mate, and later on when Fernando Alonso did the same as Perez tried to pass him. The radio messages show how the drivers argued their cases, well aware that race director Charlie Whiting would be listening in.

One crash brought a temporary stop to the race during which drivers chatted with their race engineers about changing their tyres and making other tweaks to their cars.

The last major incident of the day saw Romain Grosjean run into the back of Daniel Ricciardo. “You can probably guess the driver,” said Ricciardo before climbing from his wrecked Toro Rosso.

2013 Monaco Grand Prix team radio transcript

Lap* From To Message
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Looking at three burnouts out of the last corner but don’t forget the burnout out of five and out of eight are important.
PR Gianpiero Lambiase Paul di Resta The soft runners: Gutierrez and Massa behind, all other cars around you currently have super-soft.
PR Gary Gannon Max Chilton Bianchi was unable to do the formation lap due to an electrical problem.
Jules is stuck there so try to do a start around him if you can.
FL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Reminder gearbox sync when you can and 20% KERS
FL Gianpiero Lambiase Paul di Resta Paul, continue to work your brakes please, you need to work the brakes, especially the rears.
FL Jenson Button Dave Robson There was a lot of clutch slip.
FL Dave Robson Jenson Button Copy that Jenson, we’re looking into it. OK JB discharge KERS to 70% in the tunnel.
FL Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Still more brake temperature if you can, mate.
FL Mark Temple Sergio Perez Yellow G1, launch map on.
FL Dave Robson Jenson Button Last cars forming up now.
FL Paul Davison Jules Bianchi Mixture one, Jules.
1 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Cancel RS when you can.
2 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We’re going to want to start looking after these tyres pretty early on so just think about that.
2 Pastor Maldonado Andrew Murdoch Look at the front wing.
2 Andrew Murdoch Pastor Maldonado Copy that, Pastor.
2 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Adrian you may have front wing damage, report please.
2 Adrian Sutil Brad Joyce It’s still OK.
2 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Copy that.
3 Jenson Button Dave Robson Checo just cut the chicane. He’s got to stop turning in on me, guys.
3 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo DRS enabled Daniel.
3 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Yellow ahead, yellow turn ten.
4 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Watch out for debris at the chicane, watch out for debris
4 Jenson Button Dave Robson I know we’re both team mates but he cut the chicane, when I was up the inside of him, to keep position.
4 Dave Robson Jenson Button OK Jenson this pace is very strong, we know what we need to do.
4 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Clear in turn ten. Tyre temperatures still 11 front, 13 rear.
4 Gianpiero Lambiase Paul di Resta Looks like the soft tyre’s coming into its own for the cars ahead. Generally all cars at the same pace at the moment.
5 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Current pace is very good. Just maintain a nice gap to Alonso in front, make sure we’re matching him. We’re currently slightly faster, that’s good, keep the gap between one and two seconds.
6 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So remember the cars are going to back up behind you for this part of the race.
6 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Try and looks after slip a bit more exit of Swimming Pool and last corner.
7 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Diff entry six, mid five for tyre protection.
7 Jonathan Eddolls Valtterii Bottas Turn four exit slip a little bit too high, everywhere else good. Try to limit slip exit turn four.
8 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Corner one, corner five, corner eight, think about saving tyres. Corner one, corner five, corner eight, gentle on the throttle there please.
8 Tim Wright Charles Pic Front tyres are at the target. Rears are over target five degrees.
9 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi Jules we need to go half a percent forwards on brake balance for temperature.
9 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Tyres are OK.
9 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Understood.
9 Simon Rennie Mark Webber The gaps are not opening. We need to look after these tyres. Recommend a two-second gap.
9 Mark Webber Simon Rennie OK mate.
10 Charles Pic Tim Wright Pic stopped by the pit entrance with a fire on lap eight.
Problem, engine problem.
10 Dave Robson Jenson Button This pace is pretty slow for the leaders so not many gaps opening up at the moment.
10 Jenson Button Dave Robson Just so I know, can I go straight on at the chicane to keep position?
11 Mark Temple Sergio Perez We’re going to have to give the place up to Jenson. The FIA have told us we must give the place up to Jenson. Do it now. Do it before turn 12. Just be careful of Sutil. And yellow flags turn 17 and 18, stationary car.
11 Dave Robson Jenson Button Alonso’s pace is not very good, let’s see if we can put him under some pressure.
12 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Perez let Button past on lap nine.
Thank you for doing that. The field is still really quite bunched up so we’ll see how the strategy evolves. At the moment we are sticking to plan A target lap. I’ll keep you updated as the race goes on. Looks like Alonso in front’s driving quite slowly to look after his tyres and that’s meaning that everyone’s bunched up behind you. There are still yellows at turn 18. Just for your info the having to let Jenson past was due to the incident at turn ten. It doesn’t affect our race, we can still get a great result here, let’s stay focused, let’s keep doing the strategy and tyre management we discussed. We’re still in a great position.
13 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa OK start thinking about target plus ten to fifteen.
13 Dave Robson Jenson Button Yellow G5, quickest way to the end.
13 Simon Rennie Mark Webber We need to do more saving tyres on traction.
14 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Let’s concentrate a bit with the rear tyres, turn 18 and 19.
14 Jenson Button Dave Robson How are the brakes?
14 Dave Robson Jenson Button All temperatures are good. All currently high but all are good.
15 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Give me some advanced notice when I need to ramp up my speed because it’s not going to be so easy to go quickly straight away.
15 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy that Nico, we’ll give you plenty of warning.
16 Mark Temple Sergio Perez From the data we think the tyres are performing to plan or better. What’s your opinion, are the tyres OK still?
16 Sergio Perez Mark Temple Yes.
16 Gianpiero Lambiase Paul di Resta Di Resta pitted on lap nine and came out 30.5s behind Webber. In the next five laps he gained nine seconds on them.
So we’re now coming into the Red Bulls’ pit windows.
17 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg By lap 16 Rosberg was 1.89s ahead of Hamilton and 4.16s ahead of Vettel. Sixth-placed Alonso had fallen 11.19s behind, but began to gain from that point.
Your pace management is very good, we’re happy with the gaps you’re creating.
17 Mark Temple Sergio Perez The field is still pretty bunched up behind you. We are monioring the gaps and obviously we are monitoring the tyres. Well let you know where we are but for the moment just keep going for our Plan A target lap.
17 Sergio Perez Mark Temple If we can anticipate the people in front, will be good.
17 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi We’re looking at at least four more laps on these tyres, Jules. Max just did a 22.0.
18 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton You’re doing a good job, traction metrics are now looking very good. Turn four, turn eight could do with a little bit.
19 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Fernando backed off from Kimi in front, looks like he was saving the tyres, now he’s putting in pink lap times. Chilton is the car behind you, he’s two seconds behind. I would suggest that you back off from Gutierrez in front and start thinking about the tyres.
19 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa For corner eight put the KERS later for less wheelspin. Di Resta the car behind you.
19 Dave Robson Jenson Button This is good, let’s stay with Alonso.
20 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean We can see left rear tyre performance are jumping so you need to look after that as much as possible please.
20 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu The problem is that I don’t get the fronts working.
20 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach Is it possible that the caliper temp’s a bit too high? Brakes don’t feel so good.
20 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Copy, Nico. They are fine, they are fine.
21 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez You are four tenths quicker than Grosjean in sector one.
21 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So just starting to ramp the pace up. Targetting minus point four delta time, not immediate but over the next few laps.
21 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We can start to ramp the pace up. Target 20.9, last lap 21.6.
22 Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa Ricciardo was one of four drivers who started on softs instead of super-softs. He pitted on lap 22.
Really starting to struggle with the rear.
22 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Copy, Daniel.
22 Sergio Perez Mark Temple Just tell me when it’s time to push
22 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Understood, Checo. The field is still quite bunched up de there aren’t good gaps at the moment so just keep doing what you’re doing, managing the tyres and the pace. I’ll let you know when it’s time to start pushing.
23 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi Box this lap Jules we’ll be torque five, clutch five.
23 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Push now Max, Jules is coming in we need to push and build a gap push now this lap. Jules has a problem so he is in early.
23 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Watch the yellow line Daniel, pump the brakes and reset your switches, reset differential switches.
24 Andrew Murdoch Pastor Maldonado We’ll be racing Ricciardo coming from behind just watch for Ricciardo coming from behind.
25 Gary Gannon Max Chilton High 21s for the first five laps.
25 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Bottas dropped almost ten seconds behind Hulkenberg giving Webber space to drop into after his pit stop, which comes on lap 25.
We would like to up the pace again which is reacting to things around so -0.5, not immediate but just bring it up.
25 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We can pick up the pace a little bit more. Target -0.6 on your dash. Traction 2,500, same corners as before, just try to look after them as best you can.
26 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil See if you can push up to Perez now.
27 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Box this lap, please confirm.
27 Dave Robson Jenson Button Box this lap.
27 Jenson Button Dave Robson Box this lap.
27 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg You are in your Safety Car window now. Webber has just pitted. We’re targeting -0.3 on delta time this lap.
27 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We now need to pick the pace up. Target -1.1 on your dash. Mix three when you can.
28 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Raikkonen pitted on lap 26.
Vettel is yet to stop and pushing. He’s going to be close to us when he stops. But remember you’ve got to look after the rear tyres, please.
29 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen We need to push hard now if we can.
29 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Target four, pushing now.
29 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Box this lap, confirm.
29 Sergio Perez Mark Temple Box this lap.
29 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Box, box, box. Torque map one and box.
30 Juan Pablo Ramirez Giedo van der Garde Yellow flag turn one, double yellow.
31 Gary Gannon Max Chilton The Safety Car is deployed on lap 31 after Felipe Massa’s crash at Sainte Devote.
That’s good pace, Max, the 21.5s. But look after the rears, if you need a bit slower, let us know.
32 Dave Robson Jenson Button Everybody has held position. We obviously will close up to the leaders but no one has particularly gain. Order is as it was F5. Green F5 please and use KERS when you can.
32 Dave Robson Jenson Button We are running plan A, need to keep temperature in the front tyres.
32 Jenson Button Dave Robson Did you do the planned front wing or not, or did we change it?
32 Dave Robson Jenson Button We left the front wing, we can use the switches.
33 Dave Robson Jenson Button We are P7 at the moment. Checo is behind us in P8 followed by Sutil and Vergne. Immediately in front of us is Alonso and Raikkonen and we’re all on prime [soft] tyres and all about the same age.
33 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Remember Safety Car Line One rule: no overtaking before that line.
33 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We need to get these tyre temps up so work those brakes and lots of weaving.
34 Gianpiero Lambiase Paul di Resta All cars ahead on new soft tyres Paul. Everyone around you has pitted. Hulkenberg behind, Vergne ahead. Ricciardo and Grosjean in P13 and P14 on super-soft tyres with 11 and 3 laps respectively.
34 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg When the Safety Car lights go out, you control the pace, OK?
35 Mark Temple Sergio Perez This time round if you just make sure you make a visual note where the Safety Car Line is between turn 18 and 19. When the Safety Car comes in it is possible to overtake as soon as you cross that line.
35 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Lapped cars are going to overtake.
35 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Use 20% KERS this lap.
35 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Sebastian your tyres were marginal on the last stint. Wear limited. Take that into account into the next stint. It’ll be difficult.
35 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Can we have green KERS F6. Your brakes are still colder than Jenson’s so lets get as much energy into them as we can. Keep warming those brakes.
36 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Brake temperatures are now cold, Adrian, so you can afford to pick those up. Tyre temperatures have lost a lot of tyre temperature now as well so we can try and increase those. Engine temperatures look a bit more under control now.
37 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Main thing will be to watch Di Resta. He has old tyres so his restart will be difficult, and then not lose the train to Vergne.
37 Mark Temple Sergio Perez We expect the Safety Car to go past potentially once more but let’s stay alert just in case. Remember to use KERS, as soon as the Safety Car comes in you can use KERS out of turn 19 all the way to the line. Let’s use a little bit now to keep temperatures in.
37 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Tyre temperatures are now very cold, very important to get some weaving in.
37 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg We expect the Safety Car to be staying out. Nico you had 60% remaining on the rear tyres and 50% on front left so you’re evenly worn. We expect it to go green this lap so really put temperature in. Brakes are now better so brake barance forwards.
38 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen The Safety Car comes in at the end of lap 38.
We are expecting the restart quite soon now. Your tyre temperatures are low.
38 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Safety Car in this lap.
38 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Tyre pressures are still low so caution.
39 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Let’s be careful of grain risk in these first laps.
40 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Sebastian, Rosberg is not marginal on wear at all. Just maintain position. As big a gap as you need.
41 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Recovery seven, brake balance +4.
41 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Remember looking after these tyres, they’re going to do 47 laps.
41 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Webber ahead six lap old tyres, you’ve got to do 46 more laps on these.
41 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez DRS is enabled
42 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Fuel is good to the end.
42 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Our pace difference to the Red Bulls is much better at the end of the stint so we need to look after these tyres.
43 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Let’s use these tyres to stay with Bottas. You did the same time as Bottas last lap. Let’s use these tyres to stay with Bottas and take advantage of our track position.
43 Dave Robson Jenson Button Is everything OK with the nose? I tapped Fernando at the hairpin.
43 Jenson Button Dave Robson Yep Jenson everything looks OK. And brake balance forwards.
44 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Hamilton being told to look after the tyres to attack us at the end of the race. Recommend look after the rear tyres more where Hamilton is not a threat.
46 Sergio Perez Mark Temple Perez tried to pass Alonso on the inside at the chicane on lap 44 but Alonso cut the chicane and stayed ahead.
Fernando cut the chicane.
46 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Understood Checo, we saw it.
46 Sergio Perez Mark Temple He has to give me the position.
46 Fernando Alonso Andrea Stella I had to avoid the collision
46 Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso Yep it was clear to avoid the collision and to avoid the yellow kerb which would be a safety problem. We’ll check.
46 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Maldonado and Chilton collided at Tabac on lap 45, causing the race to be stopped.
And it’s red flag so come back to the start/finish line. Caution in turn ten and twelve – sorry, twelve and thirteen, red flag. Come to the grid.
46 Andrew Murdoch Pastor Maldonado Are you OK, Pastor?
46 Pastor Maldonado Andrew Murdoch I’m OK.
46 Esteban Gutierrez Francesco Nenci I get out of the car now?
46 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Stay there because we have to get the cooling fan out, then we’ll pull you out.
46 Esteban Gutierrez Francesco Nenci Copy.
46 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi Jules you can jump out, we’ll get a ten minute warning before the restart.
46 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Hamilton fell behind both Red Bulls when he made his pit stop on lap 31.
Can’t believe we lost position to the two Red Bulls. Sorry about that.
46 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis there’s 33 laps remaining you’ve got time to jump out of the car should you want, we’ll get a ten minute warning.
46 Gary Gannon Max Chilton I think they’re going to get things sorted pretty quickly. They will give use a ten minute call, we’ll just keep you in the car until we’re ready to go. And I think what we’ll do is I’ll tell you what set we’re going to go on. There’s 33 laps remaining so I’m sure we can make it to the end on these tyres. We’ll just manage our pace and watch everyone around us.
46 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil We’ll get a ten-minute countdown for the restart. We haven’t been told of a restart time yet. They’re fixing that barrier. Which tyres do you think you would want to do the rest of the race on?
46 Adrian Sutil Brad Joyce How many laps until the end?
46 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil 33 laps to the end of the race.
46 Adrian Sutil Brad Joyce The softs gave up quite early, I had the feeling that the rear was starting to go off very quick. I’m stuck in so bad traffic it’s difficult now to do anything.
46 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Do you mean the super-softs that you were on at the beginning or the softs that we put on after the??
46 Adrian Sutil Brad Joyce The super-softs. The first set were not so good. These tyres felt quite good. We should start on a new set, I think.
46 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil OK Adrian but bearing in mind that the track is in a lot better condition now and the restart will be behind the Safety car as well.
46 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Ferrari have been told Alonso has to give the place back to you.
46 Jean-Eric Vergne Phil Charles How many laps do we do behind the Safety Car?
46 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne I’m not sure yet, Jev, we’ll update you when you’re running.
46 Gianpiero Lambiase Paul di Resta We’re thinking Vergne super-soft, Hulkenberg and Ricciardo alongside and behind on softs.
46 Jenson Button Dave Robson Can we go a bit on the front wing? Can we do that now? Yeah I had too much understeer on the option [super-soft] run so another turn would be good. Yes please. Dave, what tyres do we think other people are going to use?
46 Dave Robson Jenson Button Checo definitely option [super-soft] and we expect everyone else will also be.
46 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Can we go mix two. When we restart we’ll use the same procedure as a normal formation lap, so using RS modes with the pit limiter on and then cancel the pit limiter when you cross the line.
46 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach Will the Safety Car come straight in or will it do two laps?
46 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg The Safety Car is supposed to do one lap if everything goes as per plan.
46 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach It comes in at the end of this lap?
46 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Correct.
46 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We believe both Red Bulls are on the option [super-soft] tyres also. Both Red Bulls were wear-limited in the first stint on the option tyre. They’ve got to do five more laps on this set that they’ve got now.
46 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Remember this lap will be behind the Safety Car. The Safety Car will come in at the end of this lap. You can overtake from SC1. Once the race settles down we need to look afte the tyres to the end, OK. I’d recommend leaving a two second gap, watch your over-slip.
47 Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso We will give the position back behind the Safety Car. So do it straight away basically.
47 Fernando Alonso Andrea Stella OK I’ll do it after turn one.
47 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton The race restarts behind the Safety Car which pulled in at the end of lap 46.
Safety Car is in this lap, Lewis. You’re racing from the Safety Car line so brake balance for the first corner and get some tyre temperature where you can.
48 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen KERS mode seven.
48 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Vettel is on option [super-soft] tyres, scrubbed option like you. Caution in turn 12, may be slippy.
49 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Chilton was given a penalty for causing the collision with Maldonado.
In now Max, in now for a drive-through penalty.
49 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Cars in front except Raikkonen are on option [super-soft], Raikkonen is on the prime [soft]. There may be an opportunity to attack him while his tyres are cold in these first laps,
49 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi There’s 29 more laps, we’ll be going to the end.
49 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Brake temperatures still a little bit on the cold side at the moment.
50 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez DRS enabled, recovery eight where possible.
50 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Gap to Vettel just over one second, temperatures 11 front, 13 rear.
51 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi We need to maintain that gap to Van der Garde in front, we know he has very bad [degradation].
51 Mark Temple Sergio Perez 28 laps to go. We’re in a good, strong position here on these tyres. Let’s just make sure that they last to the end, just be careful of the rear tyres.
51 Gary Gannon Max Chilton You’re 14 seconds behind Jules, he did a 20.6, let’s try and catch him, 27 laps to go.
52 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Hamilton is pushing pretty hard behind Mark, you might need all of your tyres towards the end.
52 Gary Gannon Max Chilton It’s all in the first sector, Jules half a second quicker in the first sector. You’re doing great though, you’re catching him.
53 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Temperatures are 11 front and 13 rear.
53 Juan Pablo Ramirez Giedo van der Garde You need to take care of the tyres. You need to slow down the pace. Take care of the rear tyres.
54 Gary Gannon Max Chilton That was 1.5 quicker than Jules, great lap, you’re catching Jules and Van der Garde.
54 Mark Temple Sergio Perez This level of tyre management is very good, this will definitely get is to the end, let’s keep going.
54 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade Perez tried to pass Raikkonen at the chicane on lap 53 but ran wide, forcing both to cut the corner.
That idiot would have crashed into me if I wouldn’t have gone straight.
54 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Understood Kimi.
55 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg 24 laps remaining.
55 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Think about traction, 3,800 that lap.
55 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington I’m trying to get past, man.
55 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Agree with you Lewis, you just need the tyres at the end.
55 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Good job, that was 0.8 quicker than Jules, you’re catching him.
56 Esteban Gutierrez Francesco Nenci I don’t think we will be able to finish with these tyres.
56 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Copy.
56 Gary Gannon Max Chilton KERS recovery four, you’re definitely catching Jules and Van der Garde.
56 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Gap to Vettel three seconds.
57 Mark Temple Sergio Perez We’re getting indication that other teams are going to struggle with their tyres towards the end of the race. We should be in a good, strong position then so let’s make sure we’ve got good tyres at the end. You’re currntly in P6, this is really good. We need to make sure we’re able to attack those weaker cars at the end.
57 Juan Pablo Ramirez Giedo van der Garde One second slower per lap, Giedo, please.
59 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Have a think about looking after these tyres, fronts as well as rears.
59 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Just for more info, Sutil is the car behind, he’s been attacking and overtaking cars on the inside of Loews. So just be careful when you go through there, he may attack you in the same way.
59 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Sutil passed two cars at turn five – turn six, sorry. Ah, I don’t know if you can try, Esteban. But make sure you don’t get any penalty, so, I know it’s difficult. Everybody’s trying to go to the end so we have to try as well.
60 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne Release four. Good work JEV, keep your concentration, you’re doing a good job.
60 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Perez has been given a message to defend to you at Loews.
61 Jules Bianchi Paul Davison Something happened to the front-left. I lost the brake I think at the front left.
61 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi Understood. Just go P0 with the car please, mate.
61 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Gap to Vettel four seconds, just caution, brake temperatures low left-hand side of the car at the moment, could do with more brake energy.
62 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Rears seem to go back a bit, you’re doing well, look after those rears.
64 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Let’s try and look after these tyres. We need to improve in turns 15, 18 and 19, also turn eight.
64 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington I’ve got a lot of pressure from behind and these guys in front are very quick.
64 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK copy that Lewis. You’re got Raikkonen behind who’s on the pime [soft] tyre, he’s going to be a threat.
64 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Grosjean and Ricciardo collided at the chicane on lap 64. The Safety Car is deployed again.
OK Romain?
64 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu Yes, he braked very early in the middle, I was surprised.
64 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean OK.
64 Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa Been hit.
64 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Are you OK Daniel?
64 Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa Yep, OK.
64 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo What happened?
64 Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa You can probably guess the driver. Looks like he probably misjudged it, went over the top of me.
64 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo OK Daniel sorry for that. Anyway, well done, good effort, nice race.
64 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean KERS mode four and cool the car please. We are going to retire.
65 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Tyres were OK. Energy looked a little higher than we’d like but this Safety Car’s helping as well.
65 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg It can be important as well a little bit of list and coast now. Brake temperatures reacting, a little bit of lift and coast to coo lthe calipers and cool the engine a little bit.
65 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Let’s get these temps back up.
65 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Tyre temperatures and brake temperatures are now low so if you could get some in there.
66 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen We’re losing water from the engine because it’s too hot.
66 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton You’ve still got some margin on the brakes. You want to push the brake balance forwards now as well that front left’s getting a little bit cold.
66 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Just a reminder obviously Sutil is behind he’s going to be attacking as I said before. He got past Alonso and Jenson successfully at Loews hairpin so just be careful there. He was using the inside line.
66 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg The Safety Car came in at the end of lap 66.
Brakes will be cold as will tyres.
67 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Tyre temperatures still on the cold side especially front.
68 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington My left front’s graiing heavily.
68 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis you’ve got 12 laps remaining.
68 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Front temperatures now brake temperatures are low.
69 Gary Gannon Max Chilton You’re -20 front, -20 rear. Temps are building, keep pushing.
69 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Hamilton is complaining of left-hand front graining.
72 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Perez tried to pass Raikkonen at the chicane on lap 69 but the pair made contact and Perez touched the barrier.
How’s the car?
72 Sergio Perez Mark Temple It’s OK.
72 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Understood. Eight laps to go at the end of this lap.
72 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Seven laps to go. Think about diff two if you have low-speed understeer.
72 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Can we have brake balance rearward, front brakes are getting a bit hot.
73 Gianpiero Lambiase Paul di Resta Try to pull out from Vergne to cool the engine as best you can.
73 Fernando Alonso Andrea Stella Another piece off Perez is giving me loss of grip.
73 Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso OK it looks the piece off Perez on our front wing went away and now the car is back to normal.
74 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Just look after the traction, we’ve five laps to go now.
75 Dave Robson Jenson Button Four more laps to go, tyres are good, we can have four qualifying laps here.
75 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Gap to Vettel increased to four-and-a-half seconds.
76 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Save all your KERS for 11, try and use it all out of 11.
76 Jonathan Eddolls Valtteri Bottas Three laps to go, push for that point.
76 Sergio Perez Mark Temple I struggle to brake the car.
77 Mark Temple Sergio Perez We have a brake system problem. Let’s pull into the pits, we need to retire, the brakes are broken?? OK, understood, park the car, switch the engine off. That’s a real shame that was a really good effort up through that point, Checo. It’s just a bit unfortunate, I think. Never mind, we’ll debrief properly when you get back.
77 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Vettel set the fastest lap of the race on the penultimate lap, a 1’16.577, which was over two seconds faster than any other lap he did during the race.
OK two laps to go. Bring it home.
77 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Alonso P7, Raikkonen out of the points.
77 Jonathan Eddolls Valtteri Bottas Raikkonen had to pit with a puncture with eight laps remaining. Lapping over four seconds quicker than those around him, he caught and passed Gutierrez, Bottas and Hulkenberg in the final two laps.
Raikkonen just passed Gutierrez so look out for Raikkonen behind but push to get past Hulk.
77 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Sebastian you know the score, don’t take any risks.
78 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Alright, that’s enough. You’re not getting any more points for that.
78 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin But satisfaction rather than going slow for 77 laps.
78 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel There’s no satisfaction for us in that one though. You might enjoy yourself, we don’t like it.
78 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Let’s discuss this after the race.
VL Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Rosberg crossed the finishing line first on lap 78 to win the race.
You’ve done it, well done mate!
VL Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Yes, come on! Monaco Grand Prix! Thank you so much, thank you so much. The car was really awesome today. This is very special for me.
VL Ross Brawn Nico Rosberg Very well done Nico. I can’t imagine you driving any better than today. Fantastic job. With all the events going on you managed it perfectly. Great job.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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