David Coulthard, Red Bull, New Jersey, 2012

New Jersey tipped for 2014 schedule reprieve

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David Coulthard, Red Bull, New Jersey, 2012In the round-up: New Jersey’s chances of appearing on the 2014 F1 calendar have improved.


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‘New Jersey to be on calendar’ (Sky)

“We understand that a payment has been made yesterday to allow the New Jersey to take place potentially just before or after the Canadian GP next year.”

F1 set for Friday rookie tests at GPs (Autosport)

“F1 teams have approved a change to the sport’s regulations that will encourage outfits to run test drivers during an extended first free practice session.”

McLaren and Sergio Perez adrift in the F1 shadowlands (The Guardian)

Martin Whitmarsh: “For a young charger like Sergio [Perez], he knows and I know that he has to come in and beat him. He hasn’t done that consistently enough this year. He is going to give it a good go this weekend I expect.”

2013 Singapore Grand Prix (FIA)

“Q: Is it fair to say you?re driving like a man who knows that his team mate is moving on next year and you want to be the lead driver of the team next year?
Romain Grosjean: I don?t really care. Relation with Kimi [Raikkonen] has been always… not very ‘speaky’, and I just do my best on my own. I like the team, I?m sure they?re quite happy with the way we work so far and yeah, just focussed on what I have to do and then we?ll see for the future.”

Alonso ‘sad’ with Singapore position (BBC)

“It’s not as if in Korea and Japan we will be in pole position by a magic wand.”

Ferrari F138 – high-downforce front wing (F1)

“For qualifying and race in Singapore, Ferrari are running a new front wing on Fernando Alonso’s car, very similar to that seen on the Red Bull at Marina Bay, with more slotted planes to produce more downforce.”

Adrian Newey: the designer who drives Ferrari to despair (FT, registration required)

Mark [Webber] is very sensitive to the aerodynamics of the car, whereas Sebastian [Vettel] has a good feel for tyres and suspension and that kind of thing. So they really have complemented each other over that period.”

Qualifying – team reactions (Toro Rosso)

Technical director James Key: “This track and possibly some of the conditions are not really playing to our strengths.”


Comment of the day

Poor television direction during yesterday’s qualifying session infuriated @Fer-no65:

The guy that’s been dominating the whole weekend sets a time which he thinks is good enough for pole. While eight drivers give it a go again, the dominating man watches from the pit lane. Suddenly, it?s a massive shoot-out to see who can get the better of him and throw an enormous surprise. It?s game on, babe. It?s game on.

We, the spectators, rub our hands and watch carefully to this last do-or-die minute of qualifying at a very difficult track.

But no. TV Director thinks otherwise. And shows the whole lap of Massa. Who only qualifies sixth. We get to see Rosberg, just behind him, for three seconds and he goes second just 0.091 seconds behind.

Being a TV director must be a difficult thing. But they had shown Massa at every part of the qualifying and it was obvious he wasn?t going to go for pole! He was struggling badly! So why did they not show anyone else?

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On this day in F1

Mont Tremblant in Canada held a round of the world championship for the first time on this day 45 years ago.

Reigning champion Denny Hulme won his second race in a row, leading home team mate (and team owner) Bruce McLaren, the pair separated by a lap. Pedro Rodriguez was a further lap down in third for BRM.

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