Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Singapore, 2013

Alonso-Webber incident ‘shocked’ Hamilton

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Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Singapore, 2013In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he was “shocked” to come across Fernando Alonso parked on the racing line and Mark Webber walking across it to get on his car after the Singapore Grand Prix.


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Webber penalised for Alonso ‘lift’ (BBC)

“I was doing my in-lap, came around the corner and Fernando was there, and I was really shocked. I went to the right of him, but if Mark had been walking across where I went then I would have run him over.”

Red Bull critical over Webber penalty (Autosport)

Christian Horner: “In fairness I haven’t seen the footage but I saw the image of him giving Mark a lift back, and at the end of the day it was good for the show, good TV, and if drivers can’t show any emotion it is a shame.”

Max Mosley supports Ecclestone in F1 battle (The Telegraph)

“Mr Mosley now says that Mr Ecclestone would not have needed to pay a bribe, because he knew that if F1 had been sold to an owner who wanted to remove him, the deal would have been blocked by the sport?s governing body, the Federation Internationale de l?Automobile (FIA).”

Massa has a number of options (Sky)

“[Manager Nicolas Todt] is speaking with a few people and we will see what is going to be the best possibility for me.”


Comment of the day

Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso’s reprimands attracted strongly differing opinions – many of which were delivered before the onboard videos and more damning CCTV footage of the incident came to light. Dizzy believes the stewards got it right:

Do you think it is acceptable for a driver to disregard the regulation, not gain the permission of officials to go onto the racetrack, risk his own safety and the safety of other drivers by running across the track to jump onto another drivers car?

And for Alonso, is it acceptable for him to stop in the middle of the circuit causing cars to need to take avoiding action?

They both acted dangerously, Webber broke the regulations (you’re not supposed to run onto an active track without approval of officials) and so the reprimand is one hundred percent justified in my book.

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On this day in F1

The first ever deployment of the Safety Car in an F1 race, on this day 40 years ago, did not go according to plan. A damp race at Mosport in Canada saw Jody Scheckter and Francois Cevert collide, which triggered the now-familiar full course yellow.

But the Safety Car driver failed to identify the leader, causing confusion in race control. It took until three hours after the race for the stewards to declare Peter Revson the winner ahead of Emerson Fittipaldi and Jackie Oliver.

The race also marked Jackie Stewart’s final grand prix start. He finished fifth. Here’s some footage from the race:

Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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