Webber derides “comical” Singapore reprimand

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Singapore, 2013Mark Webber has hit out at the FIA’s decision to reprimand him following Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Webber was given a reprimand for “entering the track without the marshal?s permission” to get a lift from Fernando Alonso on the slow-down lap after his car broke down and caught fire at the end of the race.

“For [Alonso] and me to receive reprimands for our actions after the race it is comical to say the least,” Webber wrote on Twitter. “Great moment and fans loved it.”

Webber’s reprimand was his third of the year which earned him an automatic ten-place grid penalty for the Korean Grand Prix. Alonso was also reprimanded after the stewards judged he stopped in a dangerous position, forcing other drivers to take avoiding action.

Webber responded to claims he was told by marshals not to return to the track to get a lift from Alonso: “Contrary to reports, there was no interaction at all with any track officials after we put the fire out.”

CCTV footage showed Alonso stopped on the racing line to pick Webber up, and the Mercedes drivers dodged around the pair while Webber climbed onto the Ferrari.

Webber also pointed out that one of the Singapore Grand Prix stewards, Derek Warwick, had ‘hitched a lift’ in a similar fashion in the past.

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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144 comments on Webber derides “comical” Singapore reprimand

  1. Paul2013 said on 24th September 2013, 16:42

    Derek Warwick, one of the stewards at Singapore, agreed with punishing Webber BUT he did the same thing in 1998, Gerhard Berger picked him up with his ¡ferrari!

    Funny, it was just identical, but contrary to his opinion now, he was not punished for it.

    • Paul2013 said on 24th September 2013, 16:45

      1988 Japanese Grand Prix – Gerhard Berger and Derek Warwick

    • The reprimand was not for the lift. That has been explained a couple of times in this blog already, I would advice you to read it.

      • Paul2013 said on 24th September 2013, 17:39

        That is just comical, WEBBER had permission to be on the track HE WAS RACING! HE WAS ON THE TRACK and his car broke down! AND ALONSO PICKED HIM UP!

        That is just the most hilarious excuse I’ve ever seen!

        • You’re wrong again. He had already left the track, and then re-entered, and the rules forbid such actions.

          Once more I advice you to inform yourself about what exactly happened.

          • Paul2013 said on 24th September 2013, 18:17

            So according to you every pilot “driving or on foot” that left the car track need permission again… uuua! be careful with the curves men! if you leave the track you need permission to come back!

            He was racing, he had permission, he found a way to come back after his car broke down (alonso´s car) and he took it. end of the story.

          • Yes, every pilot that leaves the track needs permission to enter again. That’s not according to me, that’s according to the rules. That’s why we got a reprimand.

            I’m not sure what exactly is not clear about that, it’s quite simple: He left the track, needed permission to enter again, didn’t have such a permission, got reprimand. Easy peasy.

          • “Although the race had finished, article 30.9 of F1’s sporting regulations is still in force, which means drivers cannot run on to the track without permission from marshals.”

            From Autosport. It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

          • GT Racer (@gt-racer) said on 24th September 2013, 20:03


            If a driver stops his car out on track be it due to a spin, crash or mechanical failure, As soon as he gets out of his car he’s then under the instruction of the marshals.

            If he wishes to go back towards the circuit be it to get a lift off another driver after the race has ended, Or to run across the track to get to the other side in order to return to the pits (During the race), He MUST first gain permission from the marshal’s.

  2. curious said on 24th September 2013, 16:52

    I’d like to see an interview of the Marshall who told webber to stay of the track to get his point of view on the incident.

  3. When I saw the video, I understood why he was penalised for. First I thought the decision was foolish, but the video shows why it’s necessary to encourage these kind of decissions. And I liked the postcard pic that the hitchhike brought, but what fans like is not necessarily the safest thing to do when cars go around at “slow” 100 kph.

  4. It wouldn’t have been comical if he’d had his legs ripped off by a Mercedes front wing…

  5. Hairpin (@hairpin) said on 24th September 2013, 23:56

    Maybe this has some relevance to Alonso’s penalty
    43.3 After receiving the end-of-race signal all cars must proceed on the circuit directly to the post
    race parc fermé without any unnecessary delay, without receiving any object whatsoever and
    without any assistance (except that of the marshals if necessary).
    30.13 At no time may a car be driven unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner which could be
    deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers or any other person. This will apply whether
    any such car is being driven on the track, the pit entry or the pit lane.
    And this for Webber
    30.9 During the period commencing fifteen minutes prior to and ending five minutes after every
    practice session and the period between the commencement of the formation lap which
    immediately precedes the race and the time when the last car enters the parc fermé, no one
    is allowed on the track, the pit entry or the pit exit with the exception of :
    a) Marshals or other authorised personnel in the execution of their duty.
    b) Drivers when driving or on foot, having first received permission to do so from a

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