Rate the race: 2013 Korean Grand Prix

2013 Korean Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Korea International Circuit, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Korean Grand Prix.

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2013 Korean Grand Prix

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220 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Korean Grand Prix

  1. I like the track that second corner was harming some cars chance to overtake on the straight that said nothing harmed the racing today. About the championship, since Nurburgring and especially from Hungary it’s obvious that there are no more obstacles for Red Bull and Vettel. Red Bull got their 2012 tyres that they knew that would work well and the rest, the rest just show they don’t really know what their doing, all the hardwork is useless. Red Bull are in a world of their own they excel in every level, let’s just hope that next year someone will step to the plate.

  2. michiamogino (@michiamogino) said on 6th October 2013, 9:11

    Boring race. I give 6 only for the last laps after SC..

    • idon'teven said on 6th October 2013, 18:03

      I can’t understand how someone can just say the race has been boring. You’re favorite driver didn’t do well perhaps?
      Come on, be fair.

  3. infernojim (@infernojim) said on 6th October 2013, 9:14

    Hulk was incredible! Battling all race and defending from 2 world champions all race long with huge skill and maturity. Get that man a top drive NOW!

    I gave it an 8 – the top 3 was a bit dull (though Kimis pass on romain was great) but 4th to 7th was amazing and the battle where Lewis and Fernando overtook each other 4 times in 2 corners was fantastic.

    Championship is dead but racing alive…

  4. David Margono (@woshidavid95) said on 6th October 2013, 9:14

    I was going to give it a 9 but because of the swapping of positions between Grosjean and Raikkonen I’ll knock off a point and give an 8 instead. Perhaps I’m biased and irrational, but it annoys me that Raikkonen just swooped past Grosjean when he has outperformed Kimi all weekend; the main reason he even got on the podium in the first place was due to the safety car and Rosberg’s front-wing faliure, prior to that only Grosjean was really keeping up with Vettel in 2nd while Raikkonen was scrapping around 7-8th. But I’m glad the team fully support Grosjean now, the way they egged him to beat Raikkonen should say it all.

  5. Michael Brown (@) said on 6th October 2013, 9:14

    Best race of the season and best race of the Korean Grand Prix. Gets an 8/10 from me. The first few laps an last 20 or so laps were very exciting, but the action dropped off about midway through.

    I’m really glad this race delivered because I was losing my passion for F1 ever since the Belgian Grand Prix. This time, the tires and DRS helped the racing without making things look way too easy. But still, the fastest lap of the race was 4 seconds off of qualifying?

  6. Howard (@howard) said on 6th October 2013, 9:16

    Great race all round, some rain would have spiced things up more.

  7. reflection (@reflection) said on 6th October 2013, 9:16

    I’m going to echo Lewis’ radio message, Hulk’s Sauber looked like it had a rocket launcher strapped to it going out of that 2nd corner.

  8. Win7Golf (@win7golf) said on 6th October 2013, 9:18

    Nice race for 4th and 5th… Congrats to Lotus… Hope the Championships will be over next week at Suzuka, so maybe we can see other colored cars in front…

    Maybe Red Bull goes home after winning another 2 Championships and let the others play – and let us the chance to see better and funnier races.

    With all the money it will be spent for next year, I just hope every race will be a Russian roulette!

  9. kcarrey (@kcarrey) said on 6th October 2013, 9:19

    Webber had a BBQ weekend.

  10. Erzen (@xenif1) said on 6th October 2013, 9:20

    Except for the laps behind the safety car and the last 8 laps everything was boring as hell

  11. Hamilfan (@hamilfan) said on 6th October 2013, 9:21

    I had to take this race with a pinch of salt as all of our possible predictions went wrong about the start . But what a scintillating race to say the least ! Just when I was thinking it was drifting away from boredom . A tyre blast set off a sequence of events starting from a puncture culminating in a 4 way scrap for the midfield positions . While Vettel reigned supreme , Hulkenberg was absolutely fantastic and stubborn in his defence . Not a single quarter was given . I think we can as well change the concept of the big 4 as Hulkenberg pummels his way towards glory bit by bit.I was a bit sad that Lewis and Mercedes were not ‘ on it ‘ today . The safety car saved him a bit ( remember he was passed by webber , grosjean and hulk ) . But what a EVENTFUL race !

    7/10 .

    Almost gave it an 8 but for that you need a battle for the lead.

  12. Mariano (@mariano) said on 6th October 2013, 9:22

    Good battles through the race but I’m getting really really tired of the tyres issue! I gave it a 7.

  13. Yoshisune (@yobo01) said on 6th October 2013, 9:23

    There was too much tyre saving in the first two stints, but overall it was a very good race. Lots of drama, awesome battle for 4th place and impressive performance by Hulkenberg.
    Overall, I give it a 8.

  14. bsnaylor (@bsnaylor) said on 6th October 2013, 9:25

    2/10 Borefest
    Pirelli need sacking.

  15. Howard (@howard) said on 6th October 2013, 9:27

    I wonder what new excuses the egocentric British media will sprout for Di Resta’s defense?

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