Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Buddh International Circuit, 2013

??25,000 fine for Vettel’s victory doughnuts

2013 Indian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Buddh International Circuit, 2013The FIA has given Sebastian Vettel a reprimand after his post-race celebration at the Indian Grand Prix.

Vettel drove to the start/finish line after taking the chequered flag and celebrated his fourth world championships by performing doughnuts in front of the crowd.

As well as Vettel’s first reprimand of the year Red Bull were fined ??25,000 (??21,340) for failing to instruct him to come into the pits.

“The driver failed to proceed directly to the post race parc ferme as detailed under article 43.3 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations,” said the stewards’ reports.

“Due to the special circumstance the stewards accepted the explanation of the driver. The team failed to instruct the driver sufficiently to return directly to post race parc ferme.”

Vettel celebrated in a similar fashion after winning the 2011 championship at Suzuka.

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  1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    27th October 2013, 14:18


  2. Emotion, celebrations and fun have no place in Formula One. A worthy fine and penalty.

    1. I concur… it was in the fans interest that Vettel was weighed and his car scrutinised at the earliest opportunity.

      He should be ashamed of himself.

      1. Hang your head Mr Vettel.. Discusting behaviour!

      2. He is being sarcastic

        1. As was I ;-)

          1. It wasn´t as clear :)

          2. @celeste It was to me :)

          3. Does anyone else want to see Vettel go up to the FIA and say “Face, Bothered?”

    2. Actually it is a bit worse than that fact he did doughnuts…

      He threw his gloves away into the crowd before he had been weighed… so he could have jeopardised the weigh-in regulations.

      1. @marlarkey You’re joking right? I doubt a few grams would have “jeopardized his weigh-in” good joke.

        1. Wouldn’t matter, it would put him more at a disadvantage because he may have weighed UNDER the minimum regulated weight.

        2. @MagilaGorilla exactly as Thriller says…. if he was close on weight then he could have ended up under weight.

          The parc ferme regulations are there for a reason and there have been cases on a knife edge:
          Hunt’s tyres
          Ferrari barge boards
          Numerous fuel-related cases over recent years

          All of these swung on tiny infractions… rules is rules.

          1. @marlarkey – Vettel had just won the world championship, I doubt he would have cared. Had the FIA taken away his win due to a couple of grams it would be the FIA with the red faces and not Vettel who would probably have simply chuckled at the joke.

          2. @jerseyF1 I don’t disagree with you.. but they’ve done it before :)

    3. I mean, God forbid drivers actually act like [gasp] a human being with actual emotion! Anyway, I get that Vettel got the penally because he didn’t bring his car back to the pits, but can the FIA make it an exception in the rules if you clinch the WDC at said race?

      1. I thought the statement from the stewards made it clear that they excused his exuberance but reprimanded him simply for not bringing his car back to the pits…. so he got no punishment for the doughtnuts or getting out of the car etc…

      2. This is actually the first time that I have enjoyed seeing Vettel win the race just because of that celebration, my mood instantly went from being depressed about another retirement for Webber to a big smile on my face as Vettel swung the car around. So all I can say to FIA is what a bunch !&?@#!#%&! @$#&

  3. “Shall we deduct it from the winnings, Mr Horner?”

  4. Booooooooo FIA

    1. Yeah how dare they enforce the rules?!??!

      We should probably discuss more on why there is such a rule in the rulebook rather than boo FIA for doing its job.

      1. This was celebration of a championship. Certanly that could have being forgiven.

        It would look stupid that after a man won a 4 WDC championships he is penalized for the way he choose to celebrate.

        Is a slap on the wrist, is only Seb´s first reprimand and the fine is pocket money for RBR but it is silly and is a party pooper action

        1. pocket money for Vettel*

          1. @austus nope, I’m sure Red Bull will pay it as it’s their fine anyway ;)

          2. @vettel1 I’m just saying even Vettel alone can pay the fine, if he wants to of course. That fine is just a formality really.

    2. @celeste What will be really interesting is if footage of the donuts is included in the F1 2013 video!

      1. @tdog man, I hope so!, it was the moment with more human emotion in the season

  5. FIA = Fun Is Awful

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      27th October 2013, 17:30

      +3 :-)

    2. The FIA is on a nice little earner here, $60,000 X 2 for loose wheels on Williams, $30K+ for RBR celebrations, Thats over $150,000 in 2 weeks that come immediately to mind.
      Where does this money go, the FIA is a non-profit organisation so it’s not distributed to shareholders, maybe it’s champagne and caviar boardroom lunches.

  6. At least Williams aren’t the only ones paying for the FIA election.

  7. They seem pretty chill about it, I don’t have a problem with that. Something had to be done, and they chose the smallest possible option. All is fine.

    1. Right. Vettel did what he had to do and the FIA did what they had to do. I would expect the next driver to win 4 championships in a row to celebrate as well.

      1. The FIA didn’t have to do anything, that’s the problem. People with power who don’t use discretion are just machines.

  8. Didn’t expect anything less, or more; Alonso got a similair penalty for Valencia 2012

  9. Rules were broken, so I can understand why they had to do something. It’s an insignificant amount of money for the team, it’s mostly symbolic. They even fined the team for “failing to instruct the driver sufficiently” instead putting the blame on Vettel. I wouldn’t judge FIA too harshly on this one, they let it slide as much as they could.

    1. @ironcito – agree on the rule thing. But they could also add one where stewards are allowed to waive a penalty and give teams a chance to protest anonymously, which would automatically void the waiver (to avoid abuse).
      Sometimes the FIA should be more concerned about image and fans than rules – they already deprive fans from a championship celebration by giving the trophy during a suits only event at the end of the season – so there is room for improvement.

      1. Can you imagine how much Valentino Rossi would have had to pay throughout his career if MotoGp had the same rules?

        For those who don’t follow MotoGP V.Rossi has since he was a teenager finished his on track celebrations the way Vettel did, Rossi usually stopped on track to change into fancy dress first though.

      2. @tmf42

        the FIA should be more concerned about image and fans than rules

        I couldn’t disagree with this statement more – the FIA’s job is to set and enforce rules to make sure that we have a fair and safe sporting competition. In this case I think they did a good job, they didn’t set a silly precedent by giving no penalty and at the same time they gave a penalty that wasn’t excessive. I expect both Vettel and Red Bull are happy to accept what was given without argument.

        Vettel knew he would get a reprimand or more when he did it but clearly judged that it was worth it. Moreover this outcome was consistent with the Webber/Alonso taxi ride – a slap on the wrist was given and no more.

        1. @jerseyf1 – I think you misunderstood. I’m not saying that it’s wrong that they did enforce the current rules but they should give the stewards some leeway.

    2. Good point!

    3. @ironcito +1 – they have to be consistent, so we should be applauding them for that instead of deriding them. Maybe the reprimand is a bit harsh but it’s likely inconsequential, so I don’t think Vettel or Red Bull will care!

    4. Yep…. rules is rules


  10. Michael Brown (@)
    27th October 2013, 14:33

    Wow, that is so unfortunate.

  11. This is awful…… I mean F1 suffers as a sport to attract more fans and here we are

    Reprimands for taking a flag, Giving a ride and a Doing a Donut….. Please let there be some emotion in the sport….

    It was such a cheerful crowd, it was the last visit for F1 there and there was a Fourth WCC, WDC championship won !!! Wow….. I thought a reprimand would be the max. While $25K is loose change in RBRs pocket, it does not send the right message to the teams and the fans…..

    1. What? It sends the right message… a rule was broken and the un-biased Stewards have to enforce rule breaking, regardless of the reason.

      They could quite reasonably have thrown the rulebook at Vettel and Red Bull for numerous health and safety rules, such as reckless endangerment and the infamous ‘entered the track without the marshal’s permission between the commencement of the formation lap and the time when the last car enters parc ferme’ ruling – numerous infractions that could have well gone as far as exclusion from the event.

      As it stands, they found the most vague rule that they could, which resulted in a team fine.

      As much as it’s seen to be killing the joy, law enforcement officials have to enforce the law regardless of the context or situation.

      1. So maybe they should lighten up the rules or issue exemptions, Bernie would, he will no doubt launch a spirited defence of Sebs celebration and chide the FIA for being Killjoys, I wouldn’t put it past him to offer to pay the fine, good PR for F1, good PR for Red Bull.

        1. @hohum

          Issuing exemptions?
          It’s not like they get criticized on being inconsistent or anything.

          1. If you have permission (an exemption) you are not breaking rules, no inconsistency there.

  12. Utterly laughable.

    Get with the times, F1! Jesus!

  13. its all in the manner of safety. plus rules r rules, nobody is exempt. im glad they enforced the rule; donuts and not coming directly to parc ferme. they should of penalized him for getting outta the car too. did he leave the engine running? what if a crazed or mentally unstable fan somehow got on track and tried to operate the car…

    1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      27th October 2013, 15:15

      ‘Unstable’ fans would probably be too busy complaining about the driver doing donuts in the first place.

      1. +1 LOL, literally LOL.

      2. Oooh! Somebody call the burn ward.

        Nice one. :)

    2. No, he switched it off. It would have got damaged otherwise

    3. @scuderia_fan85
      Haha you must be having a laugh.
      Even if you let a guy get into a running F1 car the first thing he would do would be to stall it. There is no way someone without training could just jump to the track, get in the car and drive off.
      But all that is irrelevant as there is no way he would let the car sit there with the engine running. It would just overheat, damage the engine, use fuel needed for the fuel sample, and at worst catch fire. Plus, why would he? It’s not like he planned to drive it back..

    4. And got the fastest lap back off Kimi!!!

    5. This is awesome. You realize that it takes a team of bad asses to start those things right? I mean… someone literally has to crouch down behind it, and stick a big motorized wand up the cars rear end to crank it. No way a crazy fan is going to go out and start it on track.

      You could have said “oh the increased load on the rear wheels as a result of the donuts could cause the tire to delaminate and send Pirelli death shards into the stands”. That would have at least been smart. But no, the real risk is apparently an over excite-able crackhead blitzing the grid.

  14. Thats the kind of **** that puts me of F1. Cant even do donuts without getting penalised. #********

  15. As far as I understand from the text above, only the team has been penalized for not telling him to park the car at parc ferme. So effectively, Vettel got not penalty at all.

    For me this sounds like the best the FIA could do in this moment.

    1. He got a reprimand

      1. effectively

        1. only the team has been penalized

  16. Oh ! I thought F1 had character and charm !

    This comes as a shock news…

    What a bunch of… seriously.

    1. We could learn so much about NASCAR in this aspect. Most of the times, when I try to watch it, I get the feeling it’s “overdone”.

      But at least they let the guy celebrate as he wants… In America, that’s celebrated. In the F1 world, we get reprimands and fines… same with Massa grabbing the Brazilian flag from a marshall in Brazil 2006.

      Utter dissapointment.

      1. @fer-no65
        I agree. I am no fan of NASCAR, but they sure knows how to set up a show for the fans. Both in terms of fan involvement but as you say, in the celebrations as well.
        The fans pay quite a lot to be there and watch it first hand. I don’t get what the problem with a doughnut and a bit of messing about. The track was completely empty and the fans hadn’t invaded the track either. It’s just a bit of smoke and noise. And it makes F1 seem so much more fun and real.
        And now it’s just the same clinical and over regulated cr*p like always.
        Let the guy off, he has not only won a race, but also a championship.
        Give him and his team a break.

        1. The track was completely empty and the fans hadn’t invaded the track either.

          That’s why them giving the team a very small fine. It was the minimum they had to to with keeping with the rules.

          Remember the last time something like this happened? Webber getting a lift from Alonso, he almost got hit.

          If the FIA drops it’s guard, a driver will do something stupid and get themselves hurt. And what happens then?

          Everyone complains that the FIA was too lax and demands change.

  17. Oh come on cut him some slack he’s just won the WDC for the fourth time in a row!! They should have an even bigger celebration that is held immediately after the WDC or WCC are won. He should pick a flag, do doughnuts, and celebrate as he wishes.. The official award ceremony in December should at least be live for us fans to enjoy and see. We watch every single session all season, and when it comes to the prize in the end we see nothing. Hope they change their ways and cheer up a little =)

    1. The FIA are going to have an official presentation, where no doubt Jean Todt will host a couple of hundred lackeys and influential associates to a smack-up dinner and ****** while all dressed in “Black Tie”, Sebastian will love it, he should have waited till then to celebrate and the EU25K will make a great tip for the waiters.

  18. If Vettel had see this coming and knew this would happen and still put up such a show, we should commend him for it. Not many times we get to see a driver winning 4x in a row. Such spectacular feat should celebrate in style.

    Nonetheless, the donuts, bowing to his very car and fans did spice F1 up this year.

  19. Rules are rules so it’s no surprise and even Vettel himself probably expected to get some kind of a penalty for his celebrations. However, some other racing series do allow drivers to celebrate before they “return to post race parc ferme”. Why can’t F1 do that? Is it believed that someone could do some changes to the cars / drivers before scrutineering and weighing?

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