Start, Yas Marina, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Yas Marina, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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  1. Very disappointing that Kimi retired after the first corner, I expected him to challenge the two Ferrari. After the first corner we all knew who was going to win. Still Vettel was incredible to watch, Ferrari’s comeback was nice, love the donuts, awesome to hear Vettel quoting Raikkonen on the radio.

  2. Vettel didn’t win! the other drivers lost! ;)

  3. 5.

    Don’t understand why people are saying +1 for Vettel dominance. It specifically says don’t include how your driver did. If everyone drove around one by one like a parade lap for 55 laps, but Vettel happened to win 10 in a row doesn’t make it a good race.

    1. @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1 exactly ! Never include your driver preference in your rating !!!! This rule is ignored as much as the track limits rule

      1. Agreed, +1

  4. 6/10. I enjoyed the Ferraris, Saubers, Force Indias and Toro Rossos battling it out down the field. The one stopping cars spiced things up a bit. Other than that there wasn’t anything to excite. The top four were locked into their positions early on and nothing changed for the remainder of the race.

    The circuit looks impressive in pictures, but when watching the races it comes across as watching an F1 race take place in a big, empty room. It’s utterly soulless.

  5. 4/5 honestly: nothing exciting happened at all.

  6. All those DRS supporters need to remember that if it wasn’t for DRS the race organizers were going to make changes to this track for 2011.
    Because DRS was generating passing, They dropped those changes just like the teams decided not to make the big aero changes for 2014.

    The longer we have this ridiculous artificial gimmick, The less push there is to actually look at car/circuit design that will actually encourage proper racing & real exciting overtaking.


    1. Someone should start a petition.

    2. +1, Maybe the Sheik should sue Tilke, no-one else to blame for this track on this site.

    3. The only way to solve this particular problem is to stop watching. 2014 will be tough ask with all the reg changes but if it turns out to be as uncompetitive as i think it will then it may be the year i stop watching F1, at least until DRS is banned.

    4. Agreed! Added to this the tires cannot be pushed to effect an overtake in non-DRS areas, so drivers don’t bother trying. So frustrating to watch…I’m fast falling out of love with F1, despite having watched it for over 30 years.

  7. 3% of people said this race was ‘perfect’, is Max Chilton on here again? xD

    1. @full-throttle-f1 Devout Vettel fans I say ! :-P

  8. Gave it a 5. Pretty typical 2013 race, but because of the track and the nature of the DRS zones, all passes were pretty predictable (although a handful had great execution) and due to the nature of the tyres, Alonso’s surge was kind of uninspiring, much like the differences between new vs/ old mediums, leaving no fun in the strategy department as well.

    If I didn’t like COTA and Interlagos as tracks, I’d probably skip the final two races.

  9. I’m the guy who didn’t think Spain was THAT bad, but this? This was borrrrrring. 4/10.

  10. 5 out of ten because Sebastian Vettel cheered me up. If it wasn’t for him, I would have given it a 3. I am certainly looking forward to COTA and Brazil for my F1 fix.

  11. Race ? What race

  12. I found the race strategy really interesting, except for no fight at the front but there was lots of battling lower down.

    Just have to think of each race as a two class race, class 1: Vettel; class 2: everyone else then it is not boring!

  13. 5/10 is too generous . But I am in a good mood today . It was a “mickey mouse” race as Webber would put it . Boring layout . No charge from behind . Grosjean and Alonso with fresher rubber were the only ones to save the race after hulk’s penalty droped him into oblivion .

  14. Michael Brown (@)
    3rd November 2013, 16:17

    Bring on 2014

  15. The race was dreadfully boring and it was easy to predict who was going to win. I think we should revert to the old points system when it made the championship more interesting. Now it is too easy to win a world championship, with the big difference between 1st place and second etc.

  16. Funny how people say it was a boring race. I must have seen something different. I saw a tight start, then a lot of action all over the field, then we got Vettels pitstop, and a lot of battles again. Massa shutting off his hears for team messages, Alonso making a pass he shouldn’t have gotten away with, a solar eclipse, a bit of action towards the end and Vettel donating another 10000 EUR to the FIA with his celebrations. Beats the finger by miles IMO.

    I will give this race a solid 6/10 it was by no means tedious or boring. It wasn’t a great race, but what would you expect on this track.

    1. but what would you expect on this track

      Therein lies the problem, then you add DRS and clown tyres.

      1. I think it is hard to get excited over a race dominated by the guy/team who has already won both titles. Even when he pitted and there were ‘a lot of battles again’ there was no doubt how it would all come out in the wash.

  17. and I thought the Singapore race was boring… 4 out of 10…..

  18. Missed the first hour due to DST (oops!) so I didn’t vote, but what I did see didn’t look terribly exciting…

  19. No way the worst of the season, but still another boring couple of hours – too hungover to really comprehend what was going on anyway to be honest. 5/10

    Any chance we can put them Indycars for the next race?

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