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Dull Abu Dhabi Grand Prix gets very low rating

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Start, Yas Marina, 2013While last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was the second highest-rated race of the season, this year’s received one of the lowest scores we’ve seen in Rate the Race.

F1 Fanatic readers gave it an average rating of 5.017 out of ten, the lowest of the season so far and the worst of all the previous events at the as Yas Marina circuit. It is also the seventh-lowest score since Rate the Race began in 2008.

Sebastian Vettel won his seventh race in a row as he pleased. One of few notable moments in a largely incident-free race was Fernando Alonso’s off-track antics following his final pit stop.

Before the race began Kimi Raikkonen looked likely to provide much of the interest as he started at the back, like Vettel did last year. But his first corner exit put an end to that, and was followed in short order by his departure from the track and then a farewell to his Lotus team as well.

That disappointment was one of several reasons given for the race’s low rating.

Monotonous lap after lap of drivers having to wait for DRS zones to overtake. Track awful. Thought a fair few drivers were very average. Vettel brilliant.

Feel like the strategic aspect of the last few races has been over-hyped, most drivers follow the same strategy after ten laps anyway.

Plastic race at a plastic venue. DRS, tyres, more DRS and penalties. One or two nice moves (Massa) but precious little racing.

But well done Vette ?ǣ can?t see anyone beating him any more this year.

Funny how people say it was a boring race. I must have seen something different.

I saw a tight start, then a lot of action all over the field, then we got Vettel’s pit stop, and a lot of battles again. Massa shutting off his ears for team messages, Alonso making a pass he shouldn’t have gotten away with, a solar eclipse, a bit of action towards the end and Vettel donating another ??10,000 to the FIA* with his celebrations. Beats the finger by miles in my opinion.

I will give this race a solid six out of ten: it was by no means tedious or boring. It wasn’t a great race, but what would you expect on this track?

There was actually some decent racing in the lower half of the top ten, Massa?s move on Hamilton was brilliant as was Alonso?s bravery when coming out of the pits.

But it is very difficult to get too enthused when after 20 laps Vettel has a 22 second lead over the guy in second place, who by the way happens to be driving the same car. The dominance today was comparable with Singapore, probably even greater as Webber in the same car, and in clear air could get nowhere near Vettel?s pace, even with Rocquelin for three-quarters of the race telling Vettel to take it easy.

The perennial thorn in the side of the 2013 season has been DRS, once again it failed to impress.

If anyone is rating this race higher than a five I think they need remember the DRS passes. Nobody wanted to pass before the second DRS zones (stupid implementation). Nobody was defending against a pass (need to save tyres).

What?s the point of having a second DRS right after the first one? It seems totally self-defeating. DRS seems to work best in a race where it barely has any effect at all..

The first lap loss of Raikkonen was a source of frustration to many:

I was anticipating a great recovery race by Raikkonen. Sadly, it didn’t happen.

I was hoping Mark would be able to hold on to first a wee bit beyond turn one. He didn’t (but no big surprise here).

Would be a one, but gets a two for the last stint by Alonso including the bravest exit from the pits I?ve seen in a long time.

Very disappointing that Raikkonen retired after the first corner, I expected him to challenge the two Ferraris. After the first corner we all knew who was going to win.

Still Vettel was incredible to watch, Ferrari?s comeback was nice, love the doughnuts, awesome to hear Vettel quoting Raikkonen on the radio.

The domination of the Vettel / Red Bull combo seems to be a factor in the low scores of late however many gave credit were credit is due.

The dominance of Vettel is expected but often there is still some entertaining battles further down the order, however nothing got me excited during the Grand Prix.

There may have been quite a few overtakes throughout the race but most were due to DRS and for me they provide as much excitement as a driver being lapped.

Another boring race, can?t deny Vettel?s greatness though

At least one reader saw an entertaining race in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, it was a repeat.

Yesterday, I enjoyed watching Sky?s replay of the 2010 Abu Dhabi GP. In particular, it was refreshing to see a race without the gimmicks designed to improve racing ?ǣ DRS and rapidly degrading compounds.

When compared to today?s race, it is easy to see how lost F1 has become.

That race scored 6.6 out out of ten.

While some were getting nostalgic for the past, this year’s disappointing race left others hoping next year will be better:

I don?t think anyone is happy at the moment in F1, except Vettel and Horner.

Alonso, Raikkonen, Webber lost interest.
McLaren well off where they should be.
Force India, Lotus financial woes.
Back teams making pretty much zero progress.
Fans not seeing any real competition for some while while paying sky high ticket/TV prices (there?s a pun in there!)

I love F1 and it’s sad when it’s not the spectacle it should be, I just hope that the rule changes, and mixing up of teams/drivers will make it a whole lot better in 2014.

*On this occasion Vettel and Red Bull were not fined for their doughnut celebration.

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