Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

2013 Brazilian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

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  1. Bahrein is actually the highest rated race, I want to change that. Gave it a 10 :P

  2. 7/10 Definitely a good race for 2013 standards, but still… dreadfully dominated by DRS. Wanted to make a couple of comments.

    I understand that Massa’s penalty was completely legitimate, and I also see that the FIA had made it perfectly clear before the race what the limit was. But the only question is: why didn’t drivers get penalised for the exact same thing in Abu Dhabi? Before qualifying it was made perfectly clear that you were not allowed to cross the white line on the exit of the final turn, and yet we saw drivers get away with it. Where does this harshness come from?

    What I enjoyed most were the post-race celebrations. Vettel doing donuts, Massa trying to do donuts as well, and Webber taking his helmet off. I realized something during those celebrations: the racing can make or break a race, but what really keeps me hooked on Formula 1 is emotions. The interaction between Alonso and Webber is something I will never forget, and so are Ferrari’s tributes to Felipe Massa.

  3. I would rate most of this season as a 6/10 ( I LIKE Vettel! But this is boring! We need SHOW, we need EXCITEMENT… like in 2012! And this was not the worst thing, the worst problem of F1 these days is the whole tyre managing! Whatever happened to RACING???).

    Why ? Because the second half was boring, because we still got the fake overtaking thing with DRS, because F1 is STILL 90% STRATEGY and only 10% race! The tyre managing needs to end, Iwant to see drivers at the limit again, fighting!

  4. I quite liked it, some good battles. Sad to see Mark go, but he’s not getting any quicker so the time is right. Thought Hamilton’s penalty was totally deserved, much like Spa 2011 when he drifted into KOB. Now I know he was opening up the corner, but he should have seen the other driver. If Di Resta isn’t on the 2014 grid but clowns like Maldonado and snails like Chilton are, I’ll be really sad. I’m exited by next year, but I want Di Resta and Hulkenberg to have good drives.

  5. Hands down the best race of the year. It had excitement, overtakes and a beautiful Webber podium. Gave it a 7, but wanted to give it a 7.5. Drawbacks that kept it from being a 8 were the absence of rain, Vettel’s dominance and the ridiculous penalties that Hamilton and Massa got. The latter wasn’t creating any danger by crossong the line (which is why the rule exists), while Hamilton’s crash was just a race incident, which can happen when you’re wheel to wheel at 300 km/h. A great closure for a pretty ****** season

  6. Happy for Mark Webber, still a little bit of umbilical cord intact with F1, having to appear in the award ceremony for finishing the season on 3rd. Having said that, I loved Webber’s ‘Taking off the Helmet’ act, it looked wonderful. I always wondered how an F1 driver would look without the helmet driving a car.

  7. 8?! Unbelievable, I live in Brazil and was out of home, and instead of playing the BRAZILIAN grand prix, the restaurants were on random soccer match.

  8. I think it was probably the best race since the summer break, but still not a classic. Mostly they have been dull, I felt 7 was suitable rating.

    About the Hamilton/Bottas clash, Finnish commentators made clear that it was Hamilton’s fault, but also that it wasn’t really worth of penalty. Not stating clearly why, perhaps due to Hamilton getting puncture so he lost time there, although of course he was the one who suffered less as Bottas was out of the race.

  9. 8.

    If the rumours are correct then the Mercedes engine will be the most powerful next year. Ross Brawn has said its looking good but who knows until testing.

    My money is on Lewis Hamilton for next year. i think he could have a very strong car underneith him and its time he won again, Yes i am a Lewis fan but i still think it would be nice to see the likes of williams win again.

  10. 5/10, very dull race, once Vettel got past Rosberg the race was done, Grosjean retired early so one less challenger for the top 3, weather forecast couldn’t have been less accurate, really needed some rain at some point to mix it up a bit and the Massa penalty was a joke, although he did deserve it, so I should call it a legitimate joke. There were a few good moments, Webber overtaking Alonso on the outside and Perez proving that Whitmarsh made a wrong decision and showing Button is overpaid.

  11. nmsi (@nmsi) said
    Thank god this season is over and may we have a someone else winning GP next season :P

    You’ll get your wish. They have just found a young hotshot driver named Assebanti Tetlev. I think he might be an Armenian.

  12. Thank goodness that’s over. Finger Boy demonstrated perfectly just how much he’s had in his pocket since Pirelli caved in by cruising past Rosberg as if he was going past a Marussia. Driving genius? Yeah, right.

    1. Rosberg had a wet setup.

  13. Really enjoyed it. 8. Would have been higher with a better battle for the lead, a longer battle between Hamilton and Massa and more vortices.

  14. fantastic last drive for Webber, sad to see him go after a good career. Bit of BS call from the Stewards to penalize Massa for crossing the white lines to the pit lane, but other than that. It was better than the past 8 races, where Vettel has beaten everyone by 30 seconds, or so

  15. One of the best races of a season, a solid 8. Some good fights and some genuinely exciting moments… just wish the rain had turned up, Webber had won and Bottas had grabbed enough points to beat Gutierrez.

  16. 6. First half was an 8, second half a 3. Rounded up for the post-race celebrations/goodbyes.

  17. Surprised at all the 8 and 9 ratings. Didn’t think it was that great a race. Virtually nothing happened after lap 1 when VET zoomed off into the sunset, nobody could get near him after that, even after a botched pitstop. The HAM – BOT incident I’m very surprised at, BOT was a lap down and should have stayed out of HAM’s way, instead of trying to fight him through the corner as if they were competing for the position. Ultimately it highlights the fragility of the tyres when just gently brushing together completely delaminates one and rips the other clean off the wheel. I would have classed this as a racing incident and in mitigation, HAM was effectively out of the race at that point, losing 30-40 seconds having to limp back to the pits on 3 tyres so the DT penalty was a bit unnecessary in my opinion.

    That was the only bit of excitement in an otherwise dull race.


  18. I rated the race at a 5.5 rounded up to a 6, it was better than some recent Grand Prix but I still wouldn’t class it as a good race.

    From all the coverage and forecasts I was hoping it was going to be wet race but it wasn’t, and that disappointment probably affected my overall enjoyment of the race.

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