Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Yas Marina, 2013

Double points to be awarded for season finale

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Yas Marina, 2013The FIA has announced drivers and teams will score double points at the final race of the season from next year.

The change, one of several items which the FIA said had been “unanimously approved”, has been made “in order to maximise focus on the championship until the end of the campaign”. It was agreed after meetings of the F1 Strategy Group and Formula One Commission today.

Points will be allocated as follows:

Position Normal race Final race
1st 25 50
2nd 18 36
3rd 15 30
4th 12 24
5th 10 20
6th 8 16
7th 6 12
8th 4 8
9th 2 4
10th 1 2

The 2014 F1 season finale will take place at Abu Dhabi.

Over to you

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Should double points be awarded at the season finale?

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  • No (91%)
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398 comments on “Double points to be awarded for season finale”

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  1. Not good enough. There was a game show for a while where two contestants were playing a number rounds of random mini games. For the first round, the game win was worth 1 point, for the second round 2 points, for the third round 3 points and so until 10 points for the tenth and last round. This ensured excitement until the end.

    This can be adopted to Formula One easily: the number of the round determines the number of points for the tenth place, with the other points scoring positions scaled as today. This means that the winner of the last round will not get only 50 points, but 475 points!

    Excitement guaranteed!

    1. I can see it now… “So you want to be a WDC?” Presented and syndicated globally. Celebrity guest drivers can have a go too.

  2. I really don’t know what makes me hold on to F1 right now. The noise will be reduced. The overtaking is artificial and as easy as jumping over a toppled down 20 cm high bench. The cars look increasingly ugly. Circuits are sterile and emptied of challenges. News like these make me want to slap each of the members of the Comission and Strategy Group repeatedly on their faces. This is getting ridiculous. I’ve never been so close to quit following F1. I really don’t have any hope for it right now.

  3. What a load of bull. As was said rightly in Autosport’s comment regarding the new rules this is like opening the Pandora’s box. No race should be worth more than the others this is a joke. With permanent driver numbers and the budget cap and the five second penalties they were talking a lot of sense, so they just had to ruin it with this stupidity. Typical

  4. I watch F1 because I like it as a sport. This. DRS. Mandatory pitstops. Excessive tyre deg. What is this? An 80’s American action film?
    Please. Stop.
    If the race was twice the distance, or that sort of stuff. Fine. But it’s not. It’s just to keep more people in the title hunt. Which just screams fake.
    Yes, yes, yes. Vettel has won a few championships long before the end. 2011 and 2013. He would have won those regardless of this rule. It would just have kept one or two drivers in the hunt a little longer. But it wouldn’t have changed the invertible.
    However, would the end to 2010 or 2012 have been more exciting as a result of this? No, I don’t think so. It was tense. As it was.
    F1 cannot be exciting every single time. It’s a sport. It should happen naturally.

    1. You’re right, especially if this is introduced as an entirely artificial way to prevent one driver’s dominance. If it is then a large part of me hopes that Vettel/Alonso/Whoever has the title secured before Abu Dhabi in 2014. It would be poetic justice of sorts for this atrocity of a rule.

    2. COTD here. Agreed in every word.

  5. Why is there a “Yes” option?

    1. @hairs It’s certainly not getting much use. Curiously out of over 100 comments (so far) none of them appear to be from the 8% (so far) who’ve voted “yes”.

      1. I’d check the server to see if there’s a glitch somewhere. Those posters could only vote yes if they were using the excuse

        “oh, I slipped, fell, and landed on his … Yes option”

  6. So, a point given for winning the qualification and an extra point given for the one with the fastest lap of the race, was a “stupid” idea…and now this is okay? Okay…

  7. I’ll be watching F1 from a LONG distance next season. Its an absolute joke now. Laughable.

  8. FlyingLobster27
    9th December 2013, 20:52

    This idea worked rather well a few years ago in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (now merged into the European Rally Championship where the practice is no longer used). Points were multiplied by 1.5 in Scotland for the penultimate round, and for Cyprus, the final event, points were doubled. As a result, six drivers had the mathematical possibility of winning the championship in Cyprus, and they weren’t all complete longshots. Sadly, not all turned up for the crunch, but it was still an interesting experience, in particular because it was a buildup. Also, the championship may have had the Tour de Corse, Sanremo and other fab rallies that the WRC had rejected, but the IRC didn’t have historical events, so it wasn’t too bad.
    F1, on the other hand, have some blue riband events. Although any win is worth taking, ask any driver “which circuit would you really like to win on?”, Yas Marina would likely not be even thought of. Double points or not.

  9. I can see why they’ve done it (money) but it just makes F1 that bit faker as a relevant competition. It’s heading more the way of “sports entertainment” than it is sporting competition.

  10. This has got to be a joke, how about the first 18 races are just practice races for the last one, F1 just lost a fan :(

  11. So a driver with a 49 point lead going into the last race might lose the championship thanks to a mechanical failure. Cue a whole grid full of cars being nursed gingerly to the end of the GP for fear of breaking something and losing two races worth of points.

    On a dreadful circuit where you get very little overtaking.

    I’m not sure F1 has any feet left to shoot itself in at this point..

    1. @mazdachris

      nursed gingerly to the end of the GP

      Oh noooo :(.
      If that happens I will switch off instantly . I really mean it . We have had enough of ‘gingerly’.
      this is racing,not some cookery competition . Where’s the aggression?

  12. The decision to award double points at the end of the season is obviously an idea to keep the lesser fan interested until Abu Dhabi, But what if then Vettel wins it in Russia? Personally; the idea of 1point for pole, 1 point for FL 1 point for leading most laps is a better way of doing it. Similar to the way IndyCar do it and they always have an exciting end.

  13. This is not NASCAR. This is F1.
    I do not want or need gimmicks to keep me interested. I want engineering brilliance and the best drivers battling it out each race. Yes, my F1 would be boring to some, but at least I can go and watch NASCAR and Indycar when I want an alternative.

    We may well have seen different drivers winning, if this had happened in the past. But we would also have missed out on some classic final races. I was already struggling to watch F1 with DRS and this has now sapped my enthusiasm even more.

    1. Felipe would be a WDC

  14. This is complete ********.

  15. Even when the rules meant only the best results counted towards the championship at least all the rounds had the same weighting.
    This just skews the scoring unfairly.

  16. On a quest for the punchline of this very bad joke foisted upon us by the FIA.

    • Just a bad joke designed to make us forget about the mandatory 2 pit stops rule.

    • Applies to all races except at Monte Carlo the drivers must go to Casino and spin the Roulette wheel to see how many extra points they get.

    • Triple extra points are to be awarded for extra special acrobatic dismounts by drivers in parc fermé.

    • Extra points also awarded for post race doughnut competition.

    • Teams on double secret probation not eligible for double points.

    • Ferrari gets double points every race. – FIA says, ha ha, just kidding on that one. Everybody knows there is no preferential treatment in F1. ;)

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhh! – Sorry, that was just me venting at some of the most ridiculous rule changes we have seen in some time.

    1. FlyingLobster27
      9th December 2013, 21:09

      Or we can just hand the punchline to Alejandro Agag, promoter of Formula E, when he announced the “vote to pass”; in substance:
      “Obviously we have some problems with this idea with the hardcore racing fans… but we are focusing on the 10-14 year olds here.”

    2. • I heard Monty Python were getting back together. I had no idea it was going to be at the FIA.

    3. @bullmello Thank you for this. You made my day. It’s nice to see that the FIA has a sense of humor, or maybe they are on drugs.

  17. I almost didn’t mind the two-stop rule. I voted “No” but I think that wouldn’t change the races too much. But this is just a terrible idea. I want to know what are these people smoking.

  18. F1 has become LAUGHABLE!!…this is NOT racing,It is all fake!

  19. I, for one, would like to propose a fan boycott for the last race of the season. Not only will it, if supported in numbers, show the importance of pleasing devoted fanatics of the sport, but will also save us the time we would have lost watching both a farcical event and a likely boring GP.

    1. I doubt that would make a difference. If you watch on the BBC then your viewing habits are only recorded if you have a special box anyway (they extrapolate from those who do to provide viewing figures you hear about). I’m not sure if sky is the same though- they might record what you watch through the sky box rather than the system used by terrestrial channels. Basically, what I’m saying is that if you stop watching the powers that be probably won’t even realise.

    2. @hobbsy009 +1
      @matt90 I would say if a million people decide to do that , it would make a difference.Let us follow the race onlin . Just make sure you don’t fill Bernie’s pockets . I think most of us crazy f1 fans would do it . Something ought to be done . Unfortunately it has to be switching off your tv or not attending the GP .

      1. @hamilfan Like I said, how? How would anybody even know that you weren’t watching?

        1. @matt90 If a single person does it , no point .

          If a million do it , then they will have some revenue loss in tv coverage . If people stop going to the race in question ( Though I doubt this will happen ) , then a lot of money will be lost and Bernie will have to rethink . That is the only way they will listen .

          We can always follow the race online . I will not watch the final race on TV . I have almost made up my mind . I will follow it online , that’s all .

          1. @hamilfan Like I said (again), how? How would anybody even know that you weren’t watching? You keep repeating yourself without understanding that nobody will miss anybody not watching, because unless you are in a household with one of those devices the viewing figures will not change. 99% of the population could stop watching and it would go unrecognised.

            About actually going to the race you have a point, although like you said I doubt it would affect many people’s desire to go to that race.

          2. @matt90

            I don’t get you . Do you mean to say if there is a steep decline in TV viewership across the world , it will not affect FOM’s income through viewership ?

            I don’t watch it online . I watch the races on TV in a household ( we guys in Asia don’t need to buy sky to watch f1 , majority of the viewership comes through regular channels which almost everyone has and which are priced anyway ) . Suppose a lot , by lot , I mean A LOT of people stop watching on TV , then won’t it have any effect ?
            Am I missing something here ? FOM surely gets some of the money through viewership right ? Even though it may be a pittance compared to money earned from race organizers .

            Bah , irrespective of that , I don’t think this can improve.

          3. @hamilfan Okay, it may be different wherever in Asia you are, but, in the UK, the broadcasters can’t tell what you are watching unless you are one of the tiny number of people who have a special recorder device. About 5000 households- supposedly representative of the UK’s demographics- in the country have a box that records their viewing habits (including how many people in the room are watching the TV), and then they extrapolate the numbers to estimate viewing figures for the entire country. Each house with a box represents 5000 other houses. 22+ million households in the country do not actually have their televisions monitored- so only people with the box can make a difference to viewing figures, and if aren’t one of those people, you can do whatever the hell you like and the viewing figures won’t change.

            It may be different where you are, or it may be the same. But certainly in the UK, unless you are in the tiny minority with a special box, nobody even knows what you watch, and so if millions of people without a box stopped watching something, nobody would know so long as those with a box keep watching. I’d check how it is with you, because if the only reason you won’t watch something is to reduce viewing figures, it might not make a difference.

            Do you understand?

  20. Is it me, or F1 is trying to copy the stuff of NASCAR??? Permanent numbers and double points for the season finale? That last one is like The Chase on NASCAR. Way to go Bernie, way to go….

    1. In defence of Nascar, the chase format works!
      A bit artificial .. maybe .. But it creates something.
      It hypes up driver rivalries, stories.. always exciting championships.
      And in the end it’s always the deserving driver winning.

      1. Agreed. And does this points system help F1??? I thought that, it might be a little bit exciting if in the final race a driver that it’s seconds in the standings wins the race and takes the championship with 50 points plus! But that idea gets ruined with the fact that the finale will be held at Abu Dhabi. Impossible to overtake, impossible to crash, impossible to make a mistake…. the system in that way is nonsense.

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