Andrew Green, Force India, 2013

New nose a “stand-out” feature on Force India VJM07

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Andrew Green, Force India, 2013Force India technical director Andrew Green admitted the nose of the new Force India VJM07 is the “stand-out” feature on the car.

Amid speculation over the designs of the 2014 cars Force India only showed the nose of their new car in profile when it was revealed today.

“The nose is a stand-out,” said Green, “but from the nose backwards it looks quite similar [to last year’s car].”

However Green added the design was likely to change once the team begins testing.

“Our nose is a launch spec and later we will have an updated front end of the car, which potentially is quite different.

“We had to take quite a pragmatic view of it and say we’ve got to go testing so we’ve got to get a car out of the door. As much as we want to push the boundaries of the impact structure, because we know how important they are for the whole car, we don’t have the resources to push it to the limit in our first iteration, so we need a banker. The nose that is on the launch car is a banker.

“We’ve got ourselves a car that we can go testing and racing with. Several weeks ago we started pushing the design boundaries because we think there’s performance in it. There are new concepts coming through.”

Green added a lot of work had gone into recovering the downforce lost by the narrowing of the front wing, which regulations have cut in size by 150mm this year.

“The front wing change is significant,” said Green, “it’s a completely different concept for 2014”.

“Visually it’s one of the biggest changes. That was a big task, rebuilding all those aerodynamic structures from the front to the back to complement the smaller rear wing.”

The regulations have forced further changes at the back of the car as well: “The loss of the lower rear wing, or beam wing, leads to a significant loss of performance.”

“That lower wing helped connect the diffuser to the top wing and gave those two areas a lot of support. Without it, it’s become very difficult to extract performance and it’s going to be quite a tricky area to keep stable. So there was quite a dramatic loss in headline downforce numbers, while there was also a drop in drag, which has fallen quite dramatically as well.”

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