Ferrari F14 T and F138 - front

Ferrari F14 T and F138 compared

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The Ferrari F14 T is the fifth new car for the 2014 season to appear.

By comparing it with its predecessor, the F138, we can see evidence of many of the major changes in rules for the coming season, and Ferrari’s solutions to them.

Ferrari F14 T and F138 - front

As with the other cars seen so far, it’s the treatment of the awkward rules governing the dimensions of the nose and the crash structure which attract immediate attention.

While other teams so far appear to have gone down the route of using a long, thin addition to the nose to satisfy the rules, Ferrari’s drops down sharply at the front.

However the front-on view reveals another interesting aspect of Ferrari’s car, and potentially a more significant one. The cooling vents in the side pod are noticeably smaller than those seen on other cars such as the McLaren MP4-29, whose vents look more like something from the V10.

Cooling is a major talking point this year as the high temperatures generated by the new turbo and uprated engine recovery systems. Have Ferrari found a more efficient solution than Mercedes, whose powertrain is in the McLaren?

The pull-rod front suspension, which Ferrari began using in 2012, remains on the car. However McLaren, who switched to pull-rod last year, have reverted to push-rod for this year’s car.

Ferrari F14 T and F138 - top

The side and top views of the car reveal the enlarged dimensions of the rear of the car. Although cars have less fuel to carry this year – they are limited to 100kg per race – the new engines and ancillary components take up more space.

Ferrari F14 T and F138 - side

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Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo