Red Bull RB10, front three-quarter, 2014

Red Bull RB10 “still being completed” as test begins

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Red Bull RB10, front three-quarter, 2014Red Bull’s new RB10 Formula One car was still being completed as the first day of testing began, team principal Christian Horner admitted.

“The car is still extremely new and is still being completed as we speak,” said Horner during the first day of testing. “I think there’s a small set-up issue that the guys want to have correct before we go out on track.”

However Horner praised his team’s efforts in getting the car ready to run: “The effort that has gone in from the team behind the scenes has been quite outstanding.”

“You think that we only started our crash testing ten days ago while others have been doing that for several months, it’s been a Herculean effort by every member of the team at Milton Keynes to have a car here at the first test is an achievement in itself.”

Horner said the cost of building a car to the new regulations would be 20 to 25% higher than last year, and suggested the rules change has come at the wrong time.

“I think the problem with the rules change at the moment is it’s probably exactly the wrong time to do it because it’s hugely expensive. It’s probably the biggest rules change, the most expensive rules change we’ve had that I can remember in Formula One.

“Obviously Formula One has to move with the times, has to be relevant to the automotive sector to remain interest from automotive supplies.

“But one has to question perhaps the timing of this introduction because, you know, there’s a lot of cars without stickers on there and it’s inflicting a great deal of cost. Particularly for the customer teams – for the works teams obviously less so – but for the customer teams there is significant input.”

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