McLaren livery, 2014 Australian Grand Prix

McLaren reveal livery for Australian Grand Prix

2014 Australian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

McLaren livery, 2014 Australian Grand PrixMcLaren have revealed the colour scheme they will use for the first race weekend of the season in Australia, having used an interim livery during testing.

The team will use the livery to mark 20 years of support from sponsor Mobil 1.

“We are privileged to have worked closely with ExxonMobil over a very successful 20 years and counting,” said chief operating officer and acting CEO Jonathan Neale.

“During 332 races together we have achieved four world championships, 78 wins, 229 podium finishes and 76 pole positions, which is testament to our powerful technology partnership. Seeing the Mobil fuels branding alongside Mobil 1 on the MP-4 29 is a great recognition of the relationship’s contribution to performance over our two decades together.”

McLaren are without a title sponsor this year following the departure of Vodafone at the end of last season. Last week McLaren Group CEO Ron Dennis said he expects to have a replacement in place “in the new few events”.

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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Image © McLaren

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  1. This is a black and white photo, yes ?

  2. The main thing for me is that their testing Livery made the car look like a Mercedes. This now looks 100% McLaren.

  3. … Until i see it on track I’m going to keep hoping that McLaren just sent over a black and white photocopy…

    1. McLaren banned photocopiers after 2007…

      1. Nice COTD for me!

  4. It looks like someone took a good colour photo and then desaturated it in Photoshop.

    1. Not saying it hasn’t been photoshopped, but it’s a colour image (5535 colours) and the FR wheel nut is definitely gold (well in colour anyway — tech regs don’t allow exotic materials and cost-cap rules it out too…)
      I rather like its classical appearance, very Merc-like.

  5. McLaren have revealed the colour scheme they will use for the first race weekend

    I can’t see any colour.

  6. I presume McLaren are working on new body work so the extra kilos of paint wont matter on the final car/sponsor package.

  7. And the McLaren badge is where?
    Anyone not familiar with the teams would take this as a Mercedes, with the Tri-star on the nose and Mercedes-Benz in large letters right behind the cockpit.
    Is Ron telling Mercedes to make sure McLarens engines are as good as the works team engines?

  8. It’s very… Mercedes-y.
    Nonetheless it’s pleasing on the eye.

  9. They’re hoping to bland the other teams into submission.

  10. Well, meh.

  11. Why It couldn’t have been orange?

  12. I will greatly miss the orangey-red stripes. Especially on the nose tip.

  13. So, where are all the sponsors?

  14. I had to look back at the testing livery as I couldn’t remember the differences, though I knew it looked better. The black now more clearly reminds me of the late 90s and early 2000s McLarens, though I must say I rather liked the chrome testing livery to this black one.

  15. Nice that they took the color-blind into consideration. On a more semi-serious note, I’m a sports photographer, and the old McLaren electric orange drove most photographers absolutely nuts, especially when we all went digital, since even the high-end cameras had a hard time capturing that color without having it blow-out. (I use a Foveon sensor, so no problems.)

  16. It’s certainly an improvement, but why are they still running the chrome at all when there is a full fledged factory Silver Arrows team? Could’ve been much better if they had gone with something orange. If this is a one-off livery just for this race though maybe there will be something else new for Malaysia.

  17. A bit basic, but nice for a one-off. I’m more curious as to who the new title sponsor will be!

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