Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Albert Park, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Australian Grand Prix

2014 Australian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Albert Park, 2014

What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Australian Grand Prix.

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

236 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Australian Grand Prix”

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  1. 7 for the race, but I just had to give one extra point because of the podium.

  2. 9/10

    If this was race was that boring, why is the podium such a surprise?

    A battle for the podium until the last laps, 2 rookies in the top 10 and 1 on the podium, seeing Bottas moving up through the field was awesome and a few retirements to spice it up!

  3. A lot of feel-good results, quite a bit of wheel-to-wheel (particularly into T3) and some high-profile retirements – although they came too early to have any appreciable effect on the excitement – and arguably were to the race’s detriment. Vettel had no opprtunity to make a comeback and Rosberg went unchallenged due to Hamilton’s retirement.

    Very good start to the year I felt: the fuel saving cries were apparently just scaremongering, the tyres held up pretty well, DRS wasn’t too powerful (although it was entirely unnecessary), the rookies really shone which is a very promising sign for F1 and – besides the Mercedes being clearly a big step ahead – the field is pretty close. No Mercedes PU domination as was feared: the Ferrari can cut it considering their electrical issues and Red Bull were more impressive than even the best estimates.

    2014 is full of promise. 8.

  4. The sport has lost a lot of purity and simplicity.

    Then: “More accelerator, less brake.”

    Now: “Yellow gee nine.”

    1. And that would have been originally written on a pit board not via a radio!

  5. Decent race. Nothing to shout about but amazing effort by the engineers behind the scenes to make it all work. The cars were much closer than I was expecting.
    For me, the driver of the day was Ricciardo. His race was boring but we all know how weak the Renault engine is compared to the Merc’s and Ferrari’s, and he kept it ahead of all but one.

  6. Wow some people are quite hard to please, I don’t see how this race was anything less than an 8 and this is coming from a die hard hamilton fan. His exit though not completely welcomed made the race brilliant, in fact him winning would have made this somewhat dull. However the engineering struggles of the teams and the drivers being out in open waters with out a paddle made this a spectacle that hasn’t been seen in this sport for ages at least not that I can remember. The cars sliding around and locking up for both rookies and seasoned veterans as they fought for position, the climb back for Bottas and all the drivers between that didn’t make it easy on him though he was amazingly quick. Jenson’s strategy pit that helped him try to make a campaign for podium was wonderfully executed. The breakdowns and shunts, made for more drama and excitement too. Furthermore the downfalls of certain people that were once on top and easily on the ground floor was highly interesting and a simple part of motor racing.

    There was much emotion, if you know this sport you’d easily detect it. Magnussen not only finished on podium and pulled a magnificent drive that could be compared to his father’s pre-f1 career or the man he’s been compared to Lewis Hamilton, was amazing as well as being first Dane to make podium. DR drove a great race and did something no other Australian has in an official F1 race in their home country and that is Finish on the podium. However, the man of the hour was Rosberg while everyone placed their money on Hamilton and the reliability of Mercedes it wasn’t so and Nico became the driver that would win for MGP not Hami.

    This race had everything and as long as I’ve been on this blog, it had everything that some of you have complained was lacking in the past several year. Due to either big teams with big money, or one team domination and so on, and now I see some of those same users still looking for some fault? I guess it’s true what they say sometimes, fans aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about.

    1. Nice comment @magillagorill mate. It’s good to see positive vibes. I personally thought the race had everything and it’s going to get even better..

  7. 7/10. Good race in my opinion. No battle for first place, but it wasn’t entirely unexpected. There were a lot of cars battling for fourth place in the middle of the race, but unfortunately we didn’t see a lot of action. The only source of action was probably Bottas: two very good recovery drives, but one, very costly, mistake between them.
    In the end the race was a bit less unpredictable than what we expected. I have to say, though, that this race left me hungry for more. Yes, Mercedes looks untouchable ath the moment, but I’m really curious to see what Vettel and both Williams could have done with a smooth weekend. The battle between Rosberg and Hamilton is going to be interesting, Nico has already 25 points in the bag, Lewis will do everything to make up for his bad luck.

    So, closing thoughts: good race, some very surprising results, now I can’t wait for Malaysia.

  8. I gave that a 9, a week ago we would have been happy with 8 or 9 cars at the finish, Mercedes would be 2 laps ahead of the rest. We even seen some racing today. Putting it in prespective of the low expectations I had at the start of the weekend this turned out good. An indications show that the year can become a good one.

  9. This race has to be rated at the sharp end mainly because of peoples’ pessimistic predictions that “nobody will finish” failed to materialise. The fact is that even with these new rules and question marks over the engine formula, there were 14 finishers and Max Chilton didn’t come last with the promise of better things to come. 8/10.

  10. Really enjoyed that, especially the beginning. Good, clean racing, not too DRS-dominated and the tyre screams are fantastic to hear. Fantastic result though! Regarding tyres, good to see less marbles on the track, which seemed to encourage overtaking. Defending driving is still completely dead, as most drivers can’t be bothered to defend their position.

    However, the thing that ruined it most for me was the live timing: I don’t have an iPhone or iPad or anything like that, so I simply don’t have the possibility to get the F1 app. I used the free version they stream on, but it’s completely useless now they don’t show sector times, nor can you see weather conditions and race progressions. What’s worse, they don’t show the number of pitstops anymore, which gave me zero sense of strategy.

    There is absolutely no need to stop streaming sector times and pitstops on the free website; it’s just to make you buy the app, which I heard isn’t particularly impressive either. I know it’s just luxury issues, as I’ve got used to the old version, but it’s just a huge and unnecessary step backwards.

    1. I also noticed that the new interface is still a bit work in progress. There is no info on throttle, brake usage and RPM in the onboard shots, we had to wait for the end of the lap to see the positions and gaps, while last year this info was on the bottom of the screen and it was updated very frequently.

    2. Most of the time I don’t have access to TV or streaming video and have to follow the race on Live Timing and Keith and the BBC’s live commentary.

      Not having sector times and a lap chart is a big blow. I wrote to them and asked them to bring them back and add a column that tells us who still needs a compulsory tyre pit stop.

      Let’s start a write-in campaign. Their email address is:

      1. This was my email to them, enjoyed writing it, hehe:

        I just wanted to stress how disappointed I was to see the backward step taken by the F1 site’s Live Timing function for the 2014 season. The absence of sector times, whilst horribly misguided, is almost understandable, from the perspective of either de-cluttering the screen, or attempting to gouge ‘profit’ from the die hard F1 fans by selling an overpriced app to 0.0001% of the TV viewers, which infuriatingly expires at year’s end. But removal of the column displaying the number of pitstops each driver has had is absurd, as that was a critical tool for understanding who is actually effectively winning the race at the time. Last year it was utterly indispensable with so many pitstops, and whilst there will probably be fewer this year, without this aid it takes an exceptionally astute and focussed viewer to keep up with how many stops every driver in the field has had. So that leaves the remaining 99% of viewers rather puzzled as to what’s going on.

        F1 is complicated enough to the broad public without you trying to confuse and alienate them further with a pathetic gouging strategy. I know you have vast dividends to investment bankers that you simply must pay, over and above the bankrupt teams which actually make up your product, but this tactic reflects the broader malaise of Formula One Management’s short term outlook destroying itself to turn a quick buck. Except in this case, that really may be all the money you make…

    3. The live timing app isn’t all that great either…on my iPhone at least it showed massa in P9 throughout most of the race…

  11. Fun. Great drives throughout the field, the rookies are both excellent aren’t they? Nice battles, but no fight for the lead, both mercs will have to be reliable or the others will have to catch up for that happen, but Rosberg earned that win fair and square.

  12. I had no access to visual so I had to revert to radio comentary. The puttering ‘new’ engines sounded like mopeds with a broken exhaust. By the way has ‘Greedy Bernie’ put a block on access to the proper live timing screens unless you pay? This crap just gets worse!

  13. I liked the way the cars moved around more, on the whole I appreciate being able to hear the tyres, pit radio and spectators (well, here, will be a bit quiet at some of those newer tracks?); the V8 wail was a bit boring to me (sitting next to track with V12 going past – great, but not really something I need the most 60 odd laps to be honest) so this engine sound is nicer, with headphones and sound turned up a bit.

    Not the best race I could have imagined, but for an opening race I think it was quite adequate. The rookies did show they can race at least.

  14. I gave an 8 – mainly because the pecking order is yet to be established and nothing could be taken for granted. Kudos to Ricciardo, Magnussen and Bottas. Kudos also to all three engine providers; wartime is the only other environment that sees complex hardware developped at this pace.

  15. Much better than I expected. Really miss the scream of the engines on the grid at race start tho.

    Tyre squeals are weird to hear too.

    By the end of the race I was really enjoying the sounds coming out of Bottas´cockpit view.

    Great to see a bit of a change in the pecking order, Williams resurgent, the fruit of Ross’ labour at yet another team starting to pay off, Mclaren looking hopeful.

    And with Bottas, Magnusson and Ricciardo showing so well I think we are in for an interesting year.

  16. I give it a 5. The major reason is this: the f1 “revolution” fail to bring us more competition. Yes, I know, it’s just the beginning. But, as we’re asked to vote for this first race, the truth is that nothing changed for better. The race was boring. There were no true racing competition aside from a 5 pilots-race, for a good part of the time, and even that I believe it was due more to the lack of reliability of the ferraris.
    Well, all in all, a bad beginning, not so catastrophic as said before tough, but still lots of work and improvements to make. Sad but true, The F1 is at this very moment failing, not at technological and efficiency level, but at the competition level. And for that contributed Hamilton and Vettel’s absence as Ferrari’s lack of competitiveness.

  17. F1 has lost its balls. I give it a 1. nuff said.

  18. What a bombshell to end the weekend on though. It will be horrible if Ricciardo is DQ’d.

  19. Ehh gave it a 7.

    It was pretty good but after the first couple of laps there was a real lack of overtaking unless Bottas was involved. Not to mention the Hulkenberg train where it seemed that everyone was just too afraid to attempt an overtake.

    Rosberg strolling it was another negative. I don’t want F1 to go from one team running away with it last year to another doing the same this year. Hopefully the other teams can catch Mercedes sooner rather than later.

  20. Interested to see Kobayashi’s crash into the back of Massa.

    It shows the new noses are doing what they are supposed to do — keeping the car on the ground in a crash instead of flipping it up in the air a la Webber at Valencia.

    1. @aardvark But did Kobayashi’s head hit Massa’s rear end?

    2. What the nose did is just as predicted, sub-marined Kobayashi under Massa. Had the speed differential been greater Kamui may have had a gearbox coming down on his head.

      It’s non-sequiter to refer to such a design as a reason to prevent flip ups, when a safer, more logical solution would be to put guards on the the back of the wheels.

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