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Rate the race: 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

2014 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Sepang International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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  1. Boring to watch, even more to listen to. Save fuel & tires to win. Insane. This is a very efficient way to kill F1. sorry if you don’t agree but thats my opinion.

    1. @aimalkhan I highly doubt fuel-saving is as big an issue as you’re making it out to be – Hamilton would have used more than 92% of his fuel if he was marginal.

      1. Agree with Aimal this time. I found it uninteresting o watch.

        1. Me too. It pains me to say it.

      2. Hamilton has had the advantage of being far ahead in the lead, i don’t if it was down to him (hats off in that case) or is it a problem on Nico’s car because the difference in performances and in fuel saving were obvious

        1. Perhaps it is all down to how efficiently you can lift and coast.
          Rosberg also had clear air ahead of him, after his early tyre problems he did stabilise his fuel consumption even if marginally higher than Lewis.

          1. I think that Hamilton had the best fuel flow meter, that they knew read 10% less than it actually was – that’s why they bought them all up. It allowed him to open the car up more, explains the fact that he was much quicker than his team mate, and finished with ‘More’ fuel! I can’t think of another explanation?

          2. If his fuel flow meter was that much out he would have probably run out of fuel. Measuring liquid flow rate is pretty easy, a magnetic flux meter is in the order of +/- 0.3% Don’t believe the hype

      3. @ciaran – Hamilton was coasting pretty much through the whole race. if he needed to push for real, how long do you think he could have done that before being told to save fuel?

        1. Considering he was coasting and still often the fastest car on track?

          1. More efficient lifting/coasting possibly and probably Hamilton saved fuel early in the race when he was ahead and Rosberg was closer to Vettel and was worrying about him… Then later in the race, Hamilton was probably using a similar amount of fuel per lap..

          2. The thing is, Rosberg had clear air for pretty much everything beyond the first lap. Even for that first lap, Hamilton was far enough ahead to have minimal impact on Rosberg. It’s all well and good saying that Rosberg used more fuel because Vettel was close, but Hamilton was actually going faster than both of those cars during that time.

        2. @aimalkhan If he was coasting, then why was he consistently posting fastest laps every few laps up until the end?

          1. Because Mercedes has a huge, homologated and now unassailable lead in performance. They only have two competitors, neither is even remotely close to them in performance (although a combination of Merc sandbagging and Red Bull flattering their utterly hopeless Renault powerplant somewhat hides that fact), and with homologation and no testing, there’s simply no opportunity for any non-Mercedes rival to catch up.

            Did you miss where Merc were not only coasting, but also had their engines turned down to save life as well at the halfway point in the race — and yet they were STILL the fastest cars on track?

            Merc are going to win every single race this year, barring weather, safety cars, or an extremely unlikely double-DNF. Mark my words.

        3. @aimalkhan fuel saving at this stage is nowhere near my worst fears, actually I don’t hear fuel saving messages more than last year. I rate this race a 7 and can’t go higher because Mercedes is too far ahead and no other team seems able to fight for the lead but racing good.

      4. I think it is. They are constantly saving fuel. Not pushing to the limit. But this was the case with the tyre saving, too.

    2. rated 7. pretty boring race. very few action. mostly processional race. i worry i may lose interest in f1 if it continues to proceed like this.

      1. A 5 for me. 7 is way to high i am afraid.

      2. Seven.

        There were nice moves and battles.

        1. No, no real fight. For the first 35-36 laps there wasn’t any racing. They just drove one by one.

      3. PJ (@pjtierney)
        30th March 2014, 11:18

        I fail to see how a “boring race” deserves a 7.

        1. @pjtierney I agree, everyone here votes 7 the whole time! I gave a 6 but I didn’t think it was THAT awful, it was a bit dull but I guess I’m biased due to the result.

        2. Yeah, that’s a weird logarithmic scale. That’s 7 points covering terrible to boring, but only 3 for alright to spectacular.

        3. I believe rating is strictly personal and one can use their own logics and philosophies to come with whatever rating they feel rightly deserve for a particular race. I rated like this: starting from average rating of 5, add 1 point for my passion for f1. So a pretty awful race will still get a rating of 6 anyway based on my rule ;P Nevertheless, today’s race is not that awful, there were a few action here and there. +1 for that, consolidates 7 as the final rating. Hope this explanation is satisfactory.

        4. I gave this a 6 for a little bit of action here and there . But yeah , the numbers are pretty high here.

        5. @pjtierney – I agree. I’m thinking that people may be looking at it from a classic grade school scale divided by 10. So a boring race but not a bad race = 70/100, which would be a C grade here in the States. I think this is misguided, but may be their rationale.

          I, too, found it pretty boring but not outright bad. I gave it a 5.

    3. It’s funny how some jump to knee jerk reactions after a race, Toto has just stated that fuel was never going to be a concern during the race. Not once during the race did I feel that everyone was trying to conserve fuel, what was interesting was to see who was using more fuel than others.

      As for tyres, more to do with the potential of rain than anything else, green track and high temperatures didn’t help though

      1. The teams told several drivers that they were good on fuel and could start to push. Which means they were saving fuel and not pushing up to that point.

    4. Yosi (@yoshif8tures)
      30th March 2014, 11:19

      This race made Australia look exiting. Before it was all about saving the tires, now its save fuel and don’t push.
      Let’s just say I’m looking forward to the Indycar race later tonight.

    5. Still in exploration phase. Needs few more races to stabilize fuel and tyre experience, then it we be back again to engine, aerodynamics, and driver efficiency. Don’t lose interest yet !

    6. Agree it was boring but I wouldn’t say it was because of fuel saving though. It’s more the large gaps between teams

    7. RE boring to listen to: FOM has definitely altered the sound levels on the microphones. In Australia you could barely hear the cars during the race while the commentators were talking, yet this weekend the cars sounded just as loud over the TV as they ever did last year – which obviously isn’t true in person. I actually like the sound of the new engines but it would be better if it was louder. Personally I don’t get why anyone even liked last years engine sound. It was just unrelenting, piercing noise – and not even decent noise, just a bland high pitched screech (and yes I have heard them in person).

      1. just a bland high pitched screech (and yes I have heard them in person).

        Completely agree. When you watch races live you understand that the V8s sounded like high pitched, ear tearing go kart engines on steroids. They sounded especially bad in 2011 with the exhaust blown diffusers.

        But I have to admit the V8s sounded pretty good on TV. The new engines probably sound much better live… but they just don’t cut through too well when broadcasted

      2. @nick-uk I am glad somebody else noticed the turned up volumes. But I believe they turned down the commentary volume a little bit . I don’t think that would do the trick as there are a lot of background noises that clearly shows that its the volume turned up . Let V8s be V8s and let us enjoy turbo whines and tyre screeches. Also , anybody else feel the Pirelli wet tyre is $^^!) ?

    8. One of the most boring races of recent years! The future of F1 is in trouble.
      All of the excitement and magic of F1 seems to have evaporated. Even the commentators are struggling to make it interesting.

      1. W (@yesyesyesandyesagain)
        31st March 2014, 3:49

        Agree, this race was garbage. Amazing how one sided Sky F1 is in favor of Hamilton and Mercedes. I know they are the national broadcaster but come on.

        1. @yesyesyesandyesagain I know that the race was not exciting . But garbage ? C’mon ! what would you prefer? what would you say if you were a broadcaster ? that it was boring and people should stop watching ? Merc have an advantage and because of their great engineering , they have gone up front . To be fair , Red Bull are about the best team to come back at them with developments.Sebastian has said that it is a question of time in his opinion. If it is an Engine problem , then Mclaren , Williams can try their best . Ferrari will also improve. This sport has always been about driver + car . Was 2011 any different ?

    9. I disagree with a lot of the griping about this race. There were several good batches of good racing going on throughout the field. Fuel saving never really came into it and the tyres performed quite well despite the green track.

      I was quite happy with the race as a whole.

      1. The first stint and first round of pit stops created some fantastic battles that weren’t ruined by DRS. Also the start of the race I thought was better than usual. I really enjoyed Ricciardo taking it to Vettel. The Hulk vs Alonso. Williams vs Mclaren and of course the Williams in-team battle/tensions. Also very encouraged by how close Vettel got to Rosberg.

        I was very generous and give it an 8, mainly for the above reasons but also because we now know what order the teams are in terms of out-right speed. A very interesting race for me.

    10. Agree with Aimal, very boring race. No one were pushing and basically no racing in the top while the Merc guys were only cruising. Sound, well that part is sooo bad – the cars sounds like 125cc road racing bikes.
      Sad times.

    11. No passion, too many things: mgu h, mgu k, tires, fuel, penalties, strategy , Massa let pass bottas. And so on.
      No passion, no enjoyment

    12. I don’t think this one really had that much to do with fuel saving, most drivers were fine on fuel, I think just nothing interesting happened that was able to keep us interested for more than 30 seconds.

    13. This is “Accountancy F1” I’ve been obsessional with F1 at times, Love driving, have a pile of F1 Ps3 sim games and still find that exciting. The cars just don’t look that quick and the sound has no excitement or passion. The commentary is like someone going over a balance sheet.
      I pray this same fate doesn’t await Moto GP which at present is in a different league of visible racing talent, real action and entertainment.

      1. I think you are being unfairly harsh. The circuit had more to do with the outcome than anything else. Read about the Tilke designed circuits, everyone seems to have forgotten about the effects of these

    14. Couldn’t agree more. I am already at the point where I can no longer be bothered to watch these yawn-worthy processions live, and yet even watching it mid-morning I struggled to stay awake.

      This is, most likely, the second-last race of F1 I will ever watch, after a quarter-century without missing a single race, and watching almost every single one live. I will give it one more chance next weekend, and if — as I fully expect — it’s yet another snoozefest, then that’s it.

      There’s no longer a shred of excitement or sporting fairness in this formula. We push-to-pass-without-talent, we team-order from the first race of the season, we homologate an utterly unfair advantage for one engine manufacturer and then don’t allow rivals to do anything to catch up, and the cars don’t even sound or look good any more.

      Literally the only good thing in this race was Felipe Massa refusing to abide by team orders. I’m sure soon enough we’ll have a push-to-team-order button in the pitlane to prevent such defiance, as well.

      Formula One, you are a pathetic shell of the sport I once loved.

    15. Boring…. fuel wasn’t an issue – they all had fuel left at the end so if they were lifting and coasting to save fuel, they did it more than they needed to and should have driven faster.

      The problem was the lack of racing action – the same problem that F1 has had for the last 15 years – namely that if you make the rules ever tighter then the cars will be ever closer in spec and performance…. and aero is still a dominant factor so there is no close racing any more (not seen since the 70s and 80s).

      1. I thinks its probably to early to tell if this season will be boring due to the new regulations although this race did seem to drag on forever. I just wish they hadn’t changed the aerodynamics of the cars. Reducing down-force has made the cars slow into long sweeping corners and unable to change direction like they could in the past. In my opinion that’s what made the cars look so fast and amazing on the track. I don’t have a problem with any of the other changes at this stage but I could see the fuel saving being a problem later in the season when they really start to push the performance out of the cars.

    16. Yep. Crap engines, crap sound, crap rules.
      I’m glad Lewis won but my god, every time I hear those engines and watch the onboards I just want to vomit! Partly because it gives me something more pleasant to listen to!

    17. Totally agree. Snoozfest. Had to rewind it a couple of times after I fell asleep

    18. Yeah.. I can’t tell how much it gets the testosterone going watching fuel percentages and hardly hearing any noise for two hours … Seriously?? Balls to walls racing is about conservatism???? Rock n’ Roll!!! Oh wait, that’s dead too….

    19. Found my self pondering as to why am I watching this Formula 3000, turned it off.

    20. Jorge MacNAIR
      31st March 2014, 15:39

      The new Formula 1 is too boring to watch, but I want to go beyond only watching it on TV… just think about watching it on the circuit, If you have the opportunity to go to the circuit and your grandstand does not have big screen to watch the race the MAIN attraction was the sound of F1 … now, what is the main attraction in the circuit? If we have luck and with this new saving/non-attack-because-you-are-going-to-be-run-out-of-fuel rules, maybe we can see one or two overtakings at the turn you are sit.

      It is as absurd as if in football the FIFA asks Ronaldo or Messi not to touch the ball many times, or not attack the other team.

      the nature of Formula 1 and all sports is to compete, not to save energy (fuel) to win, the main purpose is to strive yourself to be the best, to beat your opponents, yourself… this is not F1, this not a Sport any more.

      And in sustainability/green manners it is not going to destroy or world 20 cars spending to many fuel and if this is the case, F1 should work on new fuel regulations instead of killing the competition.

    21. This is getting really sad and pathetic. I only started watching F1 in 2004 and it has been run into the ground since then.

    22. The “race” was basically a leisurely, albeit high-speed, Sunday drive for Mercedes. Much better racing competition was to be had on the NASCAR and Indy circuits.

  2. Better than last year’s average, though the worst Tilkedromes are still ahead of us.

  3. Not much, really…

  4. Last 18 laps or so were pretty good but the rest was boring.

    Average race.

  5. Utterly boring race, only hope was rain and that didn’t come either. Yawn.

    1. I don’t know when he will get his chances in a Top Team

      1. sorry the reply was on @joshua-mesh

  6. The Hulk never stops impressing everyone, yet still cant get into a good team.

    1. Force India IS a good team. Better than Lotus, Sauber, Torro Rosso, Caterham, and Marussia at the moment.

      1. @sushant008

        True. Hulkenberg should be in a top team, a good team is not good enough for the Hulk.

        1. @baron-2 Ya. That man is a future champion. Reb bull or Ferrari must consider him seriously after a season or two.

          1. @sushant008 Yes, but it’s already his fourth…

      2. Better than Williams and Mclaren? On par with Ferrari?

        1. Did you just see the race? He finished AHEAD of both the Mclaren and Williams and only few seconds behind Alonso. Atleast he has got a ride capable of finishing in top 10. Better than sitting outside and waiting for a seat in a top team.

        2. I don’t think anyone here would say Force India is on par with Ferrari and better than Williams and McLaren. Force India seems to be 6th quickest team atm, and Hulkenberg is really doing great with that car. Force India might be better than Williams in wet, but certainly not in dry.

    2. Imagine if he had gone to Lotus like everyone wanted…? He dodged a hell of a bullet this year!

      1. Indeed, he made the right choice this year, force India is a better team than lotus and Sauber at the moment.

    3. It’s so annoying because he deserves a top team, but he’s unlikely to get one just because of his height. Let’s pray one of them give him a chance next year.

  7. “Felipe, Valtteri is faster than you.” Massa keeps his seat in F1 because he has backing, not because he’s good enough. To be fair Massa isn’t that much slower than Bottas but reality is Massa is not F1 grade and people shouldn’t be sympathetic with an egotistical surrealistic driver.

    1. Track position shows he was faster overall than Bottas.

      1. He wasn’t faster than Bottas overall: Starting 5 places further up, Williams denying Bottas to fight Massa at the first laps when Bottas already catch him up. Massa was very average at best this race.

      2. Williams didn’t allow Bottas to fight Massa at any stage, he could have had him, probably Button too.

        1. Yeah, that’s the sad bit. Bottas could have really taken the fight to Button. Massa was just cruising behind Button.

          Williams could really have used the extra points Bottas could have brought them.

          Bottas has the problem that Massa is pretty much a qualifying specialist. Poor at racing, but good at qualifying. He can’t attack Massa (wasn’t allowed to do so even until the last few laps) so he’s pretty much stuck if he can;t qualify ahead of Massa.

    2. I disagree with that. Massa showed he wants to race and proved it by speeding up and staying ahead.

      1. @bascb Massa was very average, Williams themselves denied Bottas for overtaking Massa at the start of the race.

      2. How did he show he wants to race? The only time he “attacked” Button was after the pit stop put them side by side. Besides that forced incident, he didn’t even bother pretending to attack Button once.

      3. He didn’t show that he wanted to race when he asked that Bottas be restrained early on. He only wanted to race when it suited him.

      4. But wanting to race your team mate sometimes, means the team loses more points than was potentially available. But the team missed the right message which was Bottas had fresher tyres and could more aggressively attack Button which had the potential to open up 6th and 7th places for Williams.

      5. Sorry if you guys are fine with team orders, I do not think they are appropriate @lari, @matt90 and OOliver.
        Now, I certainly liked Bottas reply when he was asked not to push Massa as much at that time, and good on him, and I think Massa asking the team to have his teammate backoff rates as high with the duds for me as Button asking his team to hold Perez back last year (wasn’t that also in Malaysia?).
        But why do you guys think that if one is fine (Massa not wanting to lose his spot because the team tells them to right at the end of the race) I also think I would endorse the other (Massa asking his team to have his teammate not race him earlier), especially as at that early moment in the race, it might have been a good idea to let Bottas past and see if he could get anywhere when he was faster.

        1. I’m not saying I like team orders. I’m not really commenting on the orders themselves, just Massa’s convenient use of them. I’m saying Massa was being a hypocrite. If you whine and try to get orders used in your favour then you are a terrible team player when you ignore some against you. The idea that he wants to race doesn’t stand if he explicitly tried to stop a race when it suited him.

          1. I think there is a whole load of difference between not wasting effort on inner team battle early on / mid race (meaning in this case that they should have put Bottas in front when Massa was holding him up earlier on) and changing the race results a couple of laps from the finish @matt90.

          2. I don’t. Massa wasn’t concerned about the team, he didn’t want somebody to pass him when it suited him. I still don’t see how “Massa showed he wants to race” can possibly be true.

        2. @bascb I’m not okey with team orders, not in the slightest bit. Doesn’t matter if the order is to keep position, let someone trough or anything else. I say let them race from start to finish. Williams was also very inconsistent with their orders, first not wanting to fight and then later on trying to make the other driver let his teammate pass him. I think this teamorder partly ruined Bottas’ gameplan, because I’m pretty sure, give the pace he had at the start, he would’ve passed Massa and Magnussen at that point. That would’ve made his plan and outcome a whole lot of different than what it is now. Trying to “give back” something in the last laps of the race after that kind of screw up is not the right thing either. So I’m furious that Williams denied the racing at start and also furious that Bottas seems to be too much of a teamplayer, he needs to be a bit more selfish. World champions are almost always somewhat selfish people…

    3. Does anyone know why do the williams cars use so little fuel? Seems such a waste, they had used about 86-87% if i remember correctly. Boring race, btw, gave it a 4.

      1. They have the most experience with energy harvesting as they have the special company for hybrid technology and Porche have used their KERS in endurance racing.

        They will also supply batteries for inagural Formula E championship.

      2. @gicu

        Probably their fuel gauge system was inaccurate, maybe it was provided by the FIA ;)
        Agree with your race rating, a bit dull so slightly below average 4 seems about right.

    4. an egotistical surrealistic driver

      Gotta ask – how does one go about being that?

    5. Ok, but faster drivers can overtake without team orders…

      1. Who says F1 doesn’t move with the times? We used to have the ‘Trulli Train’, now we have the ‘Massa Monorail’!

  8. Mediocre race – Merc absolutely dominant and really awesome performance by HAM. But battles for the positions weren’t there and the gaps in the field too large.

  9. Good for Massa. Glad he kept the spot. If Bottas cant event overtaken Massa then what chance did he really have overtaking the faster Button?

    1. RE: He wasn’t faster than Bottas overall: Starting 5 places further up, Williams denying Bottas to fight Massa at the first laps when Bottas already catch him up. Massa was very average at best this race.

      1. At least next races Bottas will know to race against Massa.

      2. @lari
        Sorry I don’t quite get you, at which earlier stage was Bottas near Massa? He only caught up in the later stages and Massa defended very well. Yes, Bottas had better race pace but you know, it’s his own fault for qualifying behind Massa and picking up an additional 5-grid penalty on Saturday… IMO Massa did the right thing, as if he needs any more psychological damage like he did in Ferrari and it’s not like Bottas was entitled to be in front of him.

        1. You must’ve missed it, but Bottas and Massa were 9th and 10th in the beginning of the race, and Bottas who was catching Massa was specifically told to wait for Massa to overtake Magnussen, which he never did.

          1. @eskopeso If Bottas and Massa were 9th and 10th as you claim, how could Bottas catch Massa? By reversing on the track? :P

            (PS. Don’t take this comment seriously)

        2. @woshidavid95 Bottas was right behind Massa at lap 3 (?) or so already and if you did watch the race and listen to the team radio, Bottas was told NOT to attack Massa then. They were both driving behind Magnussen at that point. Massa couldn’t overtake Magnussen and Bottas already catched Massa up despite starting 5 places further down.

          Bottas got 3-place penalty, not 5-place.

          As for the end of the race, I agree that you should be able to race, so it was right for Massa to race Bottas but it wasn’t right for Williams to deny them racing at the first laps.

          1. +1, Bottas own fault that he didn’t take Massa early in the race, where he also could or should have done it. I can fully appreciate however that Williams altogether lost out on a chance of overtaking BUT, but that is part of the game. Team orders always bring additional hidden costs, because of the people involved. Williams used team-orders twice this race and now they will have problems with a kind of war between the 2 sides of the garage for the rest of the season?

        3. @woshidavid95

          Sorry I don’t quite get you, at which earlier stage was Bottas near Massa?

          Before first pit stops, I believe. Massa even complained on the radio about Bottas being too aggressive so I don’t know how you could’ve miss it, if you watched the whole race.

          1. @lari @hotbottoms

            Ah oops my bad.

          2. Sorry my brain wasn’t working just now, those things slipped my mind

    2. Bottas agreed with team orders towards the start when told just to follow Massa past the McLaren and not attack his teammate. So he could be forgiven for thinking massa would play ball the other way around.

      But I think the pit wall screwed up. As soon as they repeated almost word-for-word the phrase he got at hockenheim they lost him. If they’d have elucidated the situation a bit better, perhaps even touching on his earlier request that bottas obeyed, he might have yielded.

      1. Yeah they definitely needed to use different wording, that was amazingly stupid. Must’ve been brutal for Massa to hear those exact words.

        1. What Williams needs to do is stop saying anything like that, in either way. No “don’t overtake” and no “let xx overtake”. Both of those messages are just stupid. LET THEM RACE!

          1. @elbasque @lari

            Massa didn’t play ball like Bottas did but given his previous treatment in Ferrari, I’d forgive him… though yes, after some previous clarification I agree that Bottas would have finished ahead of Massa had there not bee any team orders to begin with.

      2. @elbasque

        But I think the pit wall screwed up. As soon as they repeated almost word-for-word the phrase he got at hockenheim they lost him.

        It was weird. I was watching the race with my father and we were joking about whether Williams should tell Massa that Valtteri is faster than him and then they did exactly that. Williams could’ve told Massa that “Bottas has a better chance of overtaking Button” or something like that, using those famous Hockenheim words must’ve been humiliating for Massa.

        1. Yeah, like @woshidavid95 said if you can forgive anyone on the grid for ignoring an order to cede a place then it’s Massa, especially when the call comes through so callously (considering his history).

          It must stir up a whole host of ghosts from his past, and whilst I understand massas racing in no small part because of his backing, and bottas is a kind of Williams chosen one, it doesn’t help drawing comparisons to his Ferrari experience in any way over the radio as we all know he’s a fragile guy after taking that spring to the skull.

      3. Exactly!!
        They should have enphasised Massa’s worn tyres compared to Bottas’ fresher looking set.

  10. Great drive by Hamilton, a pity Rosberg couldn’t take the battle to him today but we’ve got 17 other races for that. I imagine there’ll be a bit of fallout from that Williams team message as well…

  11. Pretty average! No real battle for lead. RB and Ferrari. Great to see Massa defying team orders! need to catch up fast! 6/10

    1. sorry the ctrl-x and and ctrl-v were in the wrong place lol!

      It should read: **RB and Ferrari, need to catch up fast**

  12. Your average GP. No particular drama. 6/10

  13. Happy for Lewis. Average race.

  14. Boring race 5/10 for me, Mercedes “En plein” Lewis got the job done with ease Roseberg was struggling, Red Bull could have been better for both Vettel and Ricciardo if it wasn’t for the yellow flag that saved Roseberg and the disastrous pit stop. Ferrari clearly down on power Alonso was flying in his final stint but the problem is that the hybrid system could not hold that level of performance for the whole race, Raikkonen simply unfortunate. Great to see Massa ignoring team orders and the tifosi cheering for Alonso after overtaking Hulk who is another time taking the car in places that shouldn’t belong. Watch out for Vettel his fuel flow meter failed, let’s see if Horner will maintain his words and ignore the FIA directives

  15. A Good race i give 6/10
    Great Performances by LH, SV, FA showing what they are

    1. LH, SV and FA all showed what they needed. LH didn’t have any competition as NR was struggling with tyre deg. SV and FA just held their position, nothing spectacular. Only NH really impressed me in this race, he was again punching above his weight.

      1. With a Fastest car and Getting clutches into Some second per lap slower car is impressive
        Not taking any thing from NR but i don’t think he was impressive this race

        1. @harsha I didn’t say I was impressed by NR, I said NH.

          1. Im sorry i thought it was NR
            Pardon me for my mistake

          2. @lari
            I agree with you about NH though

    2. Ricciardo was impressive too. Until they started to gamble with his strategy and then completely messed things up.

  16. 5
    Decent first lap, and some determined racing by Alonso, Grosjean and Kobayashi.
    But way too much managing, saving, team orders and engineers meddling with the show.
    Long, boring middle of the race, and double points isn’t gonna fix that.

  17. didn’t think the race was that bad, some nice scraps through the field & some good racing went on.

    its also so much more fun watching the drivers have to drive these cars, for all the whining about noise these new engines/power units make the cars so much better to watch, especially from the onboard cameras with drivers fighting them again.

    not much lift/coast fuel save was going on from the onboard shots i saw on sky’s ipad app. tyre saving was much more of an issue going by pit channel radio messages, they were all trying to stretch stints to cover off the chance of rain so were trying to eek out tyre life.

    7/10 overall.

  18. 6/10 ok start , enjoyed Ricciardo putting it up to and beating Vettel at the start, boring middle parts with the customary mid-race scraps. Hulks strategy worked well and Lotus looked ok.

  19. Feel really bad for Ricciardo, hopefully he will have better luck next time :/ Also what the hell Williams, you’re asking Massa to move over? So glad he ignored that, as if he needs any more psychological damage from moving over for Alonso so many times before… plus he outqualified Bottas for both races already so it’s not like he’s underperforming like he was in Ferrari.

    1. He wasn’t faster than Bottas overall: Starting 5 places further up, Williams denying Bottas to fight Massa at the first laps when Bottas already catch him up. Massa was very average at best this race.

      I agree that he should keep fighting for position, but Williams already helped Massa by NOT LETTING Bottas fight him at the start when Bottas caught Massa up despite starting 5 places further down the line.

      1. @lari
        RE: Sorry I don’t quite get you, at which earlier stage was Bottas near Massa? He only caught up in the later stages and Massa defended very well. And at which stage did Williams told Bottas not to race Massa? Yes, Bottas had better race pace but you know, it’s his own fault for qualifying behind Massa and picking up an additional 5-grid penalty on Saturday… IMO Massa did the right thing, as if he needs any more psychological damage like he did in Ferrari and it’s not like Bottas was entitled to be in front of him.

        1. @woshidavid95
          Bottas had a great start, he was right behind Felipe after the first few laps. And yes, on that occasion Williams asked Bottas not to race Massa.

          1. @yobo01 @lari

            Ah yes I remember, sorry my brain wasn’t working just now

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