Sergio Perez, Force India, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

2014 Bahrain Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, Force India, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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442 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix”

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    1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
      6th April 2014, 17:47

      agree mate! that’s what we called a grand prix

    2. Absolutely fantastic race – I cannot imagine anything to complain about. The battles between team drivers were great.

      I just feel bad for the McClaren drivers.

      1. ……and the Ferrari drivers.

        1. Yeah, I don’t feel bad for Alonso (Hamilton fan), but Raikonnen really doesn’t look at home at Ferrari… Maybe he’ll be a McLaren driver next season?

          1. Raikonnen should never have joined Ferrari , Ferrari should have taken on great Hulk!

          2. What have you got against Hulk? :)

            He should be more than happy that Ferrari didn’t select him last year and he ended up where he is now. He is currently ahead of Alonso – something he would never have achieved if he was in a second Ferrari.

            #3 in WDC is still possible for him in FI and a Mercedes seat was never on offer to anyone. So he is relatively better seats of this season and I don’t think anyone else has hopes for anything better than #3 this year.

            As for Raikkonen, he wouldn’t be regretting much since Lotus is far worse now than when he left and Ferrari is still a better seat than Lotus.

        2. …. and the Williams drivers.

          1. …and the Caterham drivers (?)

    3. @grassyf1 Totally agree ! my first race of the season, as holidays got in the way. Loved EVERYTHING of it.

      The sounds, the racing, the intra-team fights, everything… Loving this !

      1. Yeah same here. Anyone know why the cars aren’t revving to their potential? Nico’s silver arrow peaked at 12k revs in qualli, surely the sound ‘problem’ would be solved by increasing the peak revs?

        1. The regulations limit the engines to 15k, unfortunately the effect of the fuel flow rate limit is around 12k.

        2. @williamstuart it’s just a quirk of the new torquey design – the produce most of their power at 10,000-12,000rpm. i actually thought they sounded ok in bahrain, particularly when the field was bunched up.

    4. It gotta be

    5. 10/10.Brilliant.Anyone who rates this race below 8 is an absolute *******

      1. I have already rated the race with 7, so I would like to understand what am I.

        1. Wow, someone is hard to please.

        2. @idr Seriously, what did you not like? There was so much action I’m simply curious why you would rate it as low as 7?

          1. It’s not low, I think a 7 is great.

            I never understood high rates people give any normal race. In the history of F1 there have been not as much great races as the ratings people give to the current races.

          2. @idr Well, we have different standards. Perhaps @keithcollantine should write something along the lines of “5-6: good, 7-9: really great, 10: 2008-finale-esque”

        3. oh @idr … thank you for being seemingly the only other person on this website who understands a scale of 1-10.

          This race was an absolute solid 7. 8 at an absolute push.

          What this race wasn’t was a 10.

          1. a 10 would be a race long battle throughout the field, with rain half way to mix things up, a huge crash of some sort, drivers pushing to the limit, a championship title decided on the last lap with an incredible overtake in the rain.

            thus the race was an 8.

          2. This race was a 9.
            + It had race longs battles throughout the feild.
            It had a continuously dropping on track tempreture meaning different cars got stronger as the race went on.
            It had a wicked, feisty, tense, on the ragged edge battle for the win.
            IT had great passing.

            – Didn’t decide a championship. Was considerably improved by an SC, otherwise probably would have been a little bit less intense. Only one of the out of position cars really did that storming the feild thing I love so much.

        4. you joking right?

          1. GB (@bgp001ruled)
            7th April 2014, 3:02

            @sato113, you are crazy man! it was an amazing race. it almost cannot get better than this!!!!

          2. @bgp001ruled Brazil 2008.

    6. Agreed.. So when are we changing this because it’s boring and no one likes it.

      1. loved the race 100%. But why did we ever change regs? so many great races in each era. sometimes the stars just align and we get amazing races like this one. could have been with any regs.

    7. Best race I have watched in ages. 10!

    8. An absolute cracker of the race!!! My heart was pounding and I was on the edge of my seat more than a few moments in the race! Job well done this weekend boys, job well done!!!

      1. Yeah that conclusion was epic!!! I wasn’t on the edge of the seat, I was literally standing behind the seat!

    9. As the Brian Johnsos said it: fantastic racing, me son!

    10. 8/10 Brilliant fighting …intra team battle …SC spicing up things….underdogs shining … and most importantly after a looooong time BATTLE FOR THE LEAD ! fantastic !!!

      1. @hamilfan What is a 10 then?

        1. @hunocsi Brazil 2012 .

        2. Although Merc had team battles, but others weren’t near.. ROS and HAM nearer to the 3rd place Sergio.. and a scrap among all the teams…would probably be a 10..

        3. Brazil 2008.

      2. First since Malaysia 2013?

      3. Definite 10 for me, there were so many battles, and there wasn’t a dominant front runner, so everyone could enjoy it.

    11. Agreed, Hamilton and Rosberg are going to be fun to watch. Rosberg clearly didn’t like the result…

      1. Though he did enjoy it. Great reaction from them both

    12. Lewis Hamilton vc. Nico Rosberg… ALL. YEAR. LONG!!!!

    13. What a race! You write F1 off at your peril!

      1. Yosi (@yoshif8tures)
        6th April 2014, 18:15

        More like this please!
        And to think I almost skipped this one too.

      2. Yep! The new regs are exactly what they needed, now all they need is to take the rev limiter off and make them sound more like the mp4-4…

        1. actually, the mp4-4 wouldn’t have revved higher than around 11,000rpm because they were still using steel crankshafts, which wouldn’t withstand higher revving.

    14. Yup, what more could we possibly ask for? Absolutely fantastic.

    15. yeah amazing race… until you see the times.
      mercedes made a 22sec gap to the next team in 10 laps and at some moment lewis was 3sec faster even with medium tyres.!! No wonder why toto wolf dont want enything to change..
      Nico was 10sec behind HAM before SC and was gifted this time and also was on softer tyres.. even so he failed to overtake his teammade (with 2s slower tyres)?
      I knew the TeamsCh was over after australia, today is also the DriversCh over.
      Rosberg reminds more and more Massa in ferrari. What wonders me is why he was so happy??Because he was not overtaken by cars 2sec slower than his merc?

      1. @cosmas, And your point is?

        1. @hohum , My point is the greater picture.
          That both championships are over in the 3rd race of the season.
          I hoped after malaysia that maybe Rosberg could challenge Hamilton for the title but after this race ( for the above reasons) i am convinced that this will not happen.
          My point is that i lose interest watching a championchip with a predetermined outcome.

          1. Your point isn’t greater picture. 3/8 of your lines are about greater picture but the rest 5/8 lines are about LH and NR difference.

    16. I’ve only listened to the race so far as I’m in the UK where only half of the races were broadcast live, free to air but, what a race. From the first lap my heart rate was elevated. Can’t wait to see the action, even if it is a second hand recording!

      1. You are so lucky to have free to air! The only “free” channels in my country is the news lol

    17. 10/10!! Great race and I was so happy to see the teams let everyone race. Fantastic race.

    18. I gave it a 9 and that was mostly from pure adrenaline. I knocked off a point for the relative lack of inter-team rivalry at the front. The intra-team rivalry was electric but it would have gotten the full 10 had there been more teams in with a shout of a podium. I’m glad to see that Checo (Perez) was able to reward my faith in his abilities. Just like Hulkenberg is undoubtedly glad he didn’t go to Lotus, I imagine Perez is thanking the blessing in disguise that was being dumped by McLaren for 2014.

    19. Looking at these comments, what will Bernie say now?

    20. I hope this will stop all the hue and cry over banning Bahrain GP

      1. @egorov thats less to do with the race itself then the bloody awful regime that puts it on and the massive security crackdown needed to make it safe.

    21. What a superb race! We have seen in the past two races how there is so much action at the start and finish but thanks to Gutierrez and Maldonado’s coming together, we had a cracker of a race! Monaco 2013 may have been the best race for some last year but that was only because there were crashes and no overtaking. But this year, we had a race with lots of overtaking and a few crashes. That is what Formula One should be about.

  1. You know what guys this new F1 is boring………

    1. I assume this is some form of sarcasm

    2. LOL I want to see the comments of Bernie and all the whiners now! I know that Luca is really unhappy, but is he ballsy/stupid enough to blame the rules at this point?

    3. Yep, somethings gotta be done about it.

    4. The race was entertaining but where would it have been without the late safety car? I don’t think we can depend on a safety car in the last third of the race leaving drivers on different tires sprinting to the end of the race. We were lucky to get a good race but the fact of the matter is it’s not likely to be the trend.

      1. Except it was already exciting before the SC.

        I though my heart would burst when the SC came out, I almost couldn’t take anymore! :)

        1. I didn’t find it exciting prior to the safety car. It was interesting as the only real question was whether Rosberg would be able to make up the gap and pass Hamilton towards the end of the race. Other than that it was pretty much the same as always, exciting at the beginning as the drivers fight for early positions, then the field pretty much strings out and there are a few DRS passes thrown in.

          I don’t see what everyone is getting so crazy about when 1 in 3 races was exciting and the excitement was generated by a late safety car. I’ll need a larger sample and hopefully one without the safety car bunching up the field ala NASCAR or IndyCar.

          1. There was loadsa battling before the saftey car!

            The williams, FI, Redbulls and even the Ferrari’s were battling like all hell. It was wicked.

  2. 9. Easy, almost 10. Was holding my breath the whole way (as a Ricciardo fan), and battles all over the place!

    1. Yeah, gave it a 9 as well. The only time without tension was the SC period really. Great race from Ricciardo. And from both FI guys as well as Mercedes showing their real pace

    2. 9
      Just because I lose connection couples times :-(

      1. So what do you guys need for a 10 ???

        1. Exactly what I thought!

          1. I gave a 9 , if there was another driver battling for the lead then 10 would have been my score . It was a fantastic race , and Maldondo the crash king needs to be put on a leash .

          2. @keirdre I applied the same metric as @greg-c and awarded a 9; it would have been 10 had not the Mercs been quite so dominant and someone else was in with a chance.

            I do think that 2014 could be a replay of Prost-Senna (no prizes for guessing who’s who!)

        2. @moumny 10 is something I generally reserve for the really, really spectacular races. I voted Brazil 2012 a 10, but no others since I actively joined the site in 2011 (though Canada of the same year could qualify).

        3. No safety car.

        4. More than a 2 way battle for the lead. I’d say a 3 way battle for the lead would have made it a 10. Even better would be if we had RBR, Ferrari and Merc up there fighting for the lead, instead of just merc.

        5. A race I’ll never forget. This time next year will be the last time I think of this race, as I look back and go “Last year’s Bahrain was pretty good…” and that’s it.

          That isn’t to say it isn’t a bad race – it was great. But it wasn’t a 10.

    3. Yeah he’s outperforming Vettel! Maybe Vettel really isn’t as good as everyone seems to think. I know Monza 2008, but surely if he’s being thoroughly outperformed by Ricciardo it raises some questions?

      1. his DRS is not working properly, have you watched the race, without team’s instruction he himself moved over by the time before team order received.
        Without few components not working he managed to show what a good race, instead of some of our samurais complain about the cars..
        He didn’t moan about the car, he showed his WDC character, if he has the good car he might fight for 3rd place..
        RIC is great, but I believe VET is still smart and has talent..its not about the car..

  3. Vic (@hendrix666)
    6th April 2014, 17:45


  4. 2014 is boring? Not so much. Fantastic battle for the win between Rosberg and Hamilton!

    1. This season is going to be a blast if just to watch these teammates.

  5. PJ (@pjtierney)
    6th April 2014, 17:45


    That was much better than expected; good to see team-mates having a go at each other too.

  6. owsm race… <3'd it

  7. 10. There’s nothing else to ask from a race.

    Hamilton, brilliant.

    1. Could have been another bit of dicing right until the line. But having times jojo between 0,5 and 1,03 seconds for those last 3 laps was close enough.

      1. Nah, if it was dicing up until the line they would have to make an 11 option…

    2. Lewis is very good at positioning his car to retake position when passed, he just gives you space preparing his next move instead of compromising his exit. That’s really clever.

      1. neuralfraud
        6th April 2014, 19:02

        …clever indeed. And to think people on this very site once made the comment – and I am paraphrasing “Nico is more cerebral”

        1. + 1 @neuralfraud i really want to know where all this stuff abut Hamiltn not being abe to think for himself came from.

          1. Not to talk Hamilton down in any way, but to be able to position yourself properly for a retake of position when You can see that You are probably going to be overtaken isn’t exceptionally brainy – we have often seen F1 rookies do exactly that and we saw it many times today. Its mere a question of training and having been in the situation often enough. The technique seem quite simple actually, but it also depends on the next turns of the track.

          2. @palle it looks easy but most drivers defending position over defend to the point of compromising a clean exit that usually helps beating the late braking from the attacker. I like to see Kimi defending because his approach is quite different from Lewis. Kimi usually slows the pursuer down with good positioning almost like a SC restart under braking but Hamilton kind senses when he’s lost and just gets his car in a position to attack supported by better traction, he did it twice today if I’m not mistaken and in the past vs. Button we could see the same move.

        2. @neuralfraud I did think that Rosberg would have done a better job of playing a chess game against Hamilton in those last few laps after the SC. But it seems that Hamilton’s tyres held out better than Rosberg or his engineers anticipated. I do think that Hamilton has more of the killer instinct about him. Rosberg sounded a little passive-aggressive in the interviews afterwards.

          1. Driving in the slipstream of another car kills the front tires, as the lost downforce makes them slide much more.

      2. I expected nico to finally learn and just park on the apex of 1 and stuff the over-under. He needs to watch some Senna on YouTube. Or NASCAR

    3. Great race, but can’t be a 10 without a battle for the win to the end.
      Grade inflation should be reserved for the 21st century classroom.

  8. I’ve only been watching F1 for about 8 years but I don’t think I’m overstating this when I say that I think it was one of, if not the greatest race I’ve ever seen.
    an easy 10/10

  9. Great race
    Some absolutely brilliant drives…watching Ricciardo cut through the field was a joy to watch.
    Battle of the teammates, with many drivers fighting for dominance over their team mates.


    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      6th April 2014, 18:12

      Agreed. That was an absolute cracker! I kept waiting for the mid-race lull, as so often happens, but it just never came!

      The wheel to wheel action from Nico and Lewis like a much longer version of Multi-21, but without the Multi-21. Lol. To in this case, Multi-449.

      Also, what a drive by Ricciardo! 13-4th, probably my DOTW.

  10. Three things are certain in life. Death, taxes and Massa vs Bottas.

    1. And Alonso vs Hulk at some point.

      1. I bet the Chico is patting himself on the back for leaving McLaren last year and Hulkenberg for having the forth-sight to leaving Sauber and jumping to force india.

        im baffled at the size of the nose on the force india


        1. Indeed. I Hulk and Massa have thrills when they remind their moves trying to get the Lotus seat…

          Those twin tusks are build to turn other cars around…

        2. Perez could have already been on the podium in Aus if he had stayed with McLaren though. At the very least it hasn’t been as disappointing move as most people expected.

        3. Jon, it’s a macho thing.

    2. LOL, that has got to be one of the funniest stuff I’ve heard this year.

  11. Absolute stunner, 10/10 easy

    1. it had to be one of the best battles for the lead we have seen since the days of senna and prost absolute 10/10

  12. First half of the race was mediocre at best but after SC, wheel to wheel exploded. at least we had Ham vs Nico. also Ricciardo was really impressive.

    1. Is that a joke ?

      If you find team battles all down the grid and an amazing fight for the lead mediocre then you sir are watching the wrong sport.

      1. Don’t get me wrong. It was fun surely. but I expected more than just pass and repass again. also I think clear difference between teams made it less convincing.

        1. You expected more than pass and repass?? What like lockups as drivers fight for position, rookies fighting veterans, car spinning in the air, different tyre strategies, cars on track limits or what?

    2. the race was already good before the SC – it just got even better afterwards.

    3. Really mate? I was already giving this race a 10 before the SC. The last laps where the cherry on the cake.

      1. Yeah same here, the silver arrows were making it immense even by themselves before the SC.

    1. Hell YEAHH !!!! To HELL with team orders

      Finally a race where we can see a battle between teammates.

      Simply stunning. =DDDDDDD

  13. Incredible race! Unbelievable, what more could you want! These team dynamics are fantastic: Massa/Bottas, Perez/Hulkeburg, Hamilton/Rosberg, such potential for conflict! Just superb driving from all involved. And no team orders!

    1. Totally agree, the team mate battles were epic all through the field. Fair play to Mercedes to let them race all the way to the flag.

      A quick mention for the disaster that is Pastor Maldonado; he’s very quick, but clearly he’s not a good enough racer to be in F1.

      1. God that was quite a deadly incident. Thankfully Esteban got out unscathed.

      2. Hope he gets 6 penalty points in his licence… and harsh penalty for the next race!

        1. I think he should get a race ban like Grosjean did for colliding and launching over Alonso in Spa.

        2. Yeah, I think that it should be a bit more severe than 6, but I don’t think it was as bad as Grosjean’s at spa, so maybe 10? Is that possible, then if he holds someone up in qualli in china then he will get a ban.

      3. Unbelievable how he lacks sufficient spatial awareness in corsa, just wait for his justification as to how he expected whatever. Very glad GUT is fine, really sad he got taken out while driving above avg

      4. I think Gutierrez should also take some blame because he didn’t seem to pay attention to what was happening on his inside. He should have also given some room.

        1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
          6th April 2014, 18:18

          he did gave some room. more than enough to me.
          it just Pastor carried too much speed after leaving the pitlane

      5. gasped at the replay .. that was shocking to watch . What did the bulldozer driver get as punishment?

    2. Dont forget Vettel and Ricciardo. Ricciardo is really doing very good job against Vettel.

      1. He sure is. But Vettel has had trouble with his car. He is still the team leader.

        1. I don’t know, the laps after the safety car show how much more hungry he is than Vettel, and I don’t believe there were any issues with Seb’s car at that point.

          1. There were. Vettel told the team he was down on power on the straights immediately after Ricciardo passed him. Same problem that Alonso had in qualifying.

        2. @magon4

          What troubles did he have this time??? I saw the race and besides him saying he was slow right after he got passed by his team mate I saw nothing else… to me he was just making up an excuse!
          I think Riciardo just set him straight! (I´m not even a Ricciardo fan, fact is I can´t stand him anyways.)

      2. GB (@bgp001ruled)
        7th April 2014, 3:21

        apparently didnt have drs. but i agree: ric is going to be a handful for vettel. way stronger than poor old webber…

    3. Don’t forget Alonso/Raikonnen, that hasn’t even started yet! So much potential!

  14. The raciest race I’ve seen in a good while. Excellent racing action all-round except for Maldonado. A brilliant drive from Ricciardo and superb action from Hamilton and Rosberg. The Maldonado-Gutierrez incident once again proves Adrian Newey’s point that the low noses are more dangerous than last season’s higher noses.

    1. Ant Davidson just showed on the skypad that it was wheel-to-wheel contact that flipped Gutierrez, not Maldonado’s nose going under the car.

      1. I think a high nose would be more dangerous in that situation then. It’s odd how high and far the car flew though.

  15. 10/10 brilliant race. I’m exhausted

  16. 9. Nearly a 10, but there were some boring parts!

    Maldonado should have been disqualified in the end.

  17. 10/10
    absolutely brilliant, coming from a Rosberg fan.

    1. 10/10, coming from a Rosberg/Hulkenberg/Räikkönen/Williams fan :P

      Amazing race!

    2. Yeah, this season looks really promising. Hamilton has so often been a really good one lap racer, but fallen back when it matters, today shows how much he has improved over last year and the years previously.

  18. 10/10, I almost had an heart attack! What a stunning race!

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